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Sir Ano

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Sir Ano

Location: Entrance of Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2), Nose for Trouble, Major Mayhem, There's No Place like Oaklore, Victoria's Secret

Quests given
Nose for Trouble
Major Mayhem
There's No Place like Oaklore
Victoria's Secret

Shops owned

Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2)

Sir Ano: Greetings, <Character>, and welcome again to Oaklore Keep. Rest a bit, I'm sure your travels have tired you and I have a proposition for you.

Sir Ano: You've always seemed a generous sort of <Class>, so I thought you might be willing to consider my proposition.

A proposition?
Sir Ano: Some people are born attractive; some have connections. And then there are those like me, making their own way in the world.

Who are you?
Sir Ano: Ano de Berg'rac the Sixth. Lately a simple Squire, I was knighted along with others of my class and inducted into the Pactogonal Knighthood.
Sir Ano: I come from a long and illustrious lineage, a clan of uncommon Knights. You may have heard of my great-grandfather, Sir Ano the Second.
Sir Ano: He wooed the princess of a neighboring country and finally won her hand. My family has fallen on hard times recently, but I have a LOT to live up to!
Sir Ano: I... could use a little help not falling flat on my face as I climb my way up the ranks of the Knights.

And that's where I come in?
Sir Ano: Exactly! I've studied your recent adventures and it seems that beyond your talent, good looks, and gorgeous singing voice, you lead a charmed life.
Sir Ano: How would you feel about lending me some of that serendipitous success?

Lending you success?
Sir Ano: Well, I just need a bit of an edge to get noticed by the right people at Court. Sir Emony is the Knight in charge of visitors to the Court.
Sir Ano: He refuses to even consider introducing a new recruit to the King and his daughters.
Sir Ano: But I know if I had some heroic deeds to my name, I'm be summoned on my own. And then she'd notice me for sure! I mean, uh...

What about the princesses?
Sir Ano: The eldest is so beautiful that half the Knights in the Keep spend their days off trying to impress her with their bravery.
Sir Ano: Then there's the youngest. Far too clever for her governess' peace of mind.
Sir Ano: And then there's the middle daughter; you couldn't find a more perfect princess. She's her father's pride and joy.

How can I help?
Sir Ano: Come with me, show me firsthand how a hero... heroes? Does his hero thing. Knight training focuses on fighting, but not how to BE a hero.
Sir Ano: And, uh, if you could kind of stay in the background when we go back to report to Captain Rolith and the patrol leader...
Sir Ano: They'll never think I've done the deeds if you're front and center. I'd let you keep all the gold and any booty we find, of course.
Sir Ano: Once my fame is established, we can come out and call you... my mentor! You'll be known as <Character>, the Hero-Maker. Fancy, huh?

Sir Ano: I'm sure that with your help, I'll learn just what I need to become a Hero and catch the King's attention!

Nose for Trouble
Sir Ano: A monster has been terrorizing the townspeople who supply the Keep with food.
Sir Ano: Captain Rolith is planning on sending out Knights to take care of the creature. I know if I- we- take care of it, it'll bring me to his attention.
Sir Ano: What do you say, are you up for helping me?

Major Mayhem
Sir Ano: I didn't get to tell you how impressed the patrol leader was when I told him about slaying the gargoyle! He says if I keep on like this...
Sir Ano: He'll make sure to speak to Captain Rolith about me! I know with your help and teaching I will surely to become one of the most heroic knights ever!
Sir Ano: And now there's another chance to stand out. One of the women who works in the kitchen sent her daughter out to pick mushrooms yesterday.
Sir Ano: I'll stand out and the little girl is saved. It's win-win. Will you help me hunt? One of the stableboys said they saw her go off into the deep woods.

No Place like Oaklore
Sir Ano: <Character>, you've taught me so much these past weeks! All about perseverence, keeping cool under pressure, and laughing at danger...
Sir Ano: But every hero can use a bit of magical intervention, right? I mean, you've had Warlic and Cysero to help you, and look how well that's turned out!
Sir Ano: I've heard of a Wizard reknowned for his advice. From his Tower in the Jadeite Ruins, it's said he'll dispense great wisdom if one is worthy.
Sir Ano: From the storiest I've heard, he's great! And pretty powerful, too. Surely it couldn't hurt to have him use his wyrd, wizardly ways to tell me my future.
Sir Ano: And if he has a spare enchanted weapon or two laying about, accepting those couldn't hurt, either.
Sir Ano: What do you say, will you journey with me?

Victoria's Secret
Sir Ano: The King is coming for a visit, <Character>! This is my chance! But before I can worry about that, there's something I need your help taking care of.
Sir Ano: Captain Rolith himself has asked me to deal with a group of bandits which has camped out in the middle of a swamp a ways away.
Sir Ano: He says it shouldn't be any problem for someone of my skills. I- ah- haven't mentioned yet that you've been helping me...
Sir Ano: But I will, I promise! In fact, if - when- I get presented to the King, I'll tell him all about you then.
Sir Ano: You've taught me so much already. But will you help me, this one last time?

Nose for Trouble

Sir Ano: There it is, and it's asleep. Let's go! I've got my warcry all figured out! *takes a deep breath*
Sir Ano: Good point. I will practice stealth! Like ninjas, I will become one with the with the air, with the shadows, with the cave itself-
Sir Ano: *inhales deeply* Eeeew, you're ri-i-ah-AH-CHOO! ... 'scuse me.

Sir Ano: Whoops.

Sir Ano: That was exhilarating! Training was never like this! I dodged, I weaved, I struck, I-

Major Mayhem

Sir Ano: Where would I keep it? It's not like metal armor provides much of an opportiniyu for pockets...
Sir Ano: No, no, you're thinking of the squadron of Squires who scout ahead patrols.
Sir Ano: I still remember some of the tracking tricks we were taught. And some of this spoor looks spore-like.
Sir Ano: So, is making bad jokes part of a Hero's standard repertoire? Like putting on emotional armor?

Sir Ano: We saw some with their caps pulled over their eyes, napping. you might want to work on that.
Sir Ano: *snicker* I think I see what you mean about humor.
Sir Ano: But about Jenny? What use could you have for a little girl?
Sir Ano: You know, I can almost sympathize with your reasoning. I net you're a pretty fun guy when you aren't kidnapping little girls.
Sir Ano: So you're saying we shouldn't truggle with you, is that it?

Sir Ano: How's that for a morel to the story?

There's No Place like Oaklore

Sir Ano: Don't you know her? You're the one who's been going around being a hero. Have you killed any yagas lately? Maybe she wants revenge.
Sir Ano: Well, I do love a good nonsense song. But no! I would never betray the trust-
Sir Ano: Nope!

Sir Ano: Excuse me? Sir Wizard?
Sir Ano: Look at all his stuff! Stuffed bird on a stick, potion bottles, crystal ball...
Sir Ano: His laundr- Did the curtain just move?

Sir Ano: I was, uh, looking or you! Er, a note. A note from you. Saying when you'd be back.
Sir Ano: Uh...
Sir Ano: Your wisdom and, uh, wonderfulness is widely known! I wanted to ask you if you could tell me about my future, and what in store for me.
Sir Ano: I'm afraid I'll never be able to be a real hero, and do all the brave and noble things a hero is supposed to do!
Sir Ano: You give pep talks to bad guys, too!
Sir Ano: Riiiiiiight.
Sir Ano: Um. Er. Thanks for your... help... I guess, Sir Wizard. I think we're going to be going now, though.
Sir Ano: I'm sure we've been missed by now, and I miss it! The jousting, the jesting-
Sir Ano: Really, when you think about it, there's no place like Oaklore!

Sir Ano: Do... do you hear something? A sort of whistling sound?
Sir Ano: OW.

Victoria's Secret

Sir Ano: Huh?
Sir Ano: Why, yes. Yes I am!
Sir Ano: *whisper* Nope! But who says I can't think fast? Carpe Opportunitas!
Sir Ano: Nothing. Just sneezing. Both of us.
Sir Ano: Thank you! I've come with a message from a fellow chief. He, uh, wants me to give it to your leader in person. It's very important.

Sir Ano: Yep. Lee. Wes Lee.
Sir Ano: The guy you met in that one?
Sir Ano: Er, sure.
Sir Ano: *whisper* Shh! Trust me! So... what did you have in mind, Dready?
Sir Ano: You mean... Oaklore Keep?
Sir Ano: You're going to kidnap one of the princess?
Sir Ano: Dready, I'd love to help you, really, I would. There's just one little problem.
Sir Ano: My name is Sir Ano de Berg'rac. You're planning to kidnap my princess. Prepare to die.

Sir Ano: I am truly honored, Sire. I have dreamed for about this moment for years. And, to be honest, I have to thank <Character>. Without the hel-
Sir Ano: You just make it so that the Adventurers who slay the monsters bothering the townspeople get a little something for their troubles, right?
Sir Ano: I mean, if Robina the Hood- er, if you didn't do that, being a hero would be much less profitable, wouldn't it?
Sir Ano: And the way I see it, that would be bad in a couple ways.
Sir Ano: Well, if the heroes didn't see slaying monsters as profitable, the number of active heroes wou;d decrease. That would do two things:
Sir Ano: It would make more trouble for your subjects since monster attacks would become more frequent...
Sir Ano: ... and it would mean there were fewer heroes spending their hard-won gold in the shops and Inns throughout your Realm.
Sir Ano: So, really, when you think about it, Victoria's actions as Robina's benefit your kingdom's economy.
Sir Ano: Why, I, uh... yes. Yes, I do.
Sir Ano: *blush*

Thanks to
-- wolfman_naruto for links.
-- Stephen Nix for links.
-- atticus239 for links.
-- ArchMagus Orodalf for original entry.
-- Dwelling Dragonlord for correction.

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