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Resolute -> Cookies! (12/23/2008 23:06:03)


Location: Frostval 2008 -> Chapter 3 -> Act 5 -> Chilly -> To Quests! -> Cookies!,
Frostval 2008 -> Chapter 3 -> Act 6 -> Maya -> To Quests! -> Cookies!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Holiday Visit
Release Date: December 23rd, 2008

Objective: Help Sally make cookies... and escape with you life!
Objective completed: You're getting closer to a cure for the people of Frostvale with every step. Now, to find out why Noxus did this thing and find a way to reverse it!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) DOOM Dradle
(4) Paindeer
(6) Snowball
(1) Gingerdead Man - Boss


Slay Bell

On Act 5
Chilly: So Noxus is who changed everyone into coal? But why? I guess we have to find him first.
Chilly: You've got to find him, <Character>!

On Act 6
Chilly: This chapter details how you journeyed to The Necropolis and spoke to Sally.
Maya: She would only help you find Noxus if you did a favor for her.

  • Quest!
  • Done

    Maya: Once <Character> and Chilly found out that Noxus, former lord of the Necropolis, was responsible for the trouble in Frostvale...
    Maya: ...They began trying to find him. Noone had seen him since he was removed from his seat as the dean of Necromancy U.
    Maya: But with no other leads, <Character> set out for the Necropolis to see if he had left any clues or a forwarding address.
    Maya: Once he/she arrived, the hero had no choice but to ask for help from the new master of the Necropolis.... Sally.

    Sally: Hi <Character>! Happy Frostval! Did you come to see the decorations in my playhouse?
    <Character>: Sally, the place looks great... in a creepy sort of way. But I didn't come to see the sights. I need your help.
    Sally: My help? GOODY! Are we going on an adventure? I'mm get my things. Can I invite my friends?
    <Character>: NO!!!! I mean... I wouldn't ask you and your...uh, friends... to go out in the cold. I just need to know whee Noxus is.
    Sally: Noxus? Oh he's hiding.
    <Character>: Hiding? He was beaten pretty badly, but I didn't think...
    Sally: *giggle* No silly. He's not hiding from YOU. he's hiding from VAYLE. She's really mad at him.
    <Character>: Oh yeah. I bet.
    <Character>: So you do you know where he is?
    Sally: SURE I DO! I'll even tell you but you have to do something for me first.
    <Character>: Uh Oh. What do you have in mind?
    Sally: I want to make COOKIES! I want you to help me and then I want you to try them.
    <Character>: Cookies? is that all? That sounds.... nice, Sally. How can I help?
    Sally: First, I need you to clear a path to the ingredients. The Necropolis cafeteria had to feed a lot of necromancy students.
    Sally: There is a ice cave near here that they used as a huge walk in feezer. Somehow a lot of monsters got in there.
    Sally: I need you to clean it out, then I can make the cookies and you can try them and tell me how good they are!
    <Character>: Sally, I really don't have time for this... but I guess I have no choice. Lead the way.

    After defeating all monsters:
    Sally: WOW! That's great! You did it!
    <Character>: It wasn't that bad down there. You could have made your friends clear it out.
    Sally: Yeah, but then who would you play with?
    Sally: Now that I've got all the ingredients I'm going to go make some cookies for you to try.
    <Character>: Ok but be fast, I really need to know where Noxus is.
    Sally: I won't take long. The oven is already warm! You wait here... and NO PEEKING!

    ... A Few Moments Later...

    Sally: Cooking is so fun, cooking is so fun...lalala...It's ready!
    <Character>: GHWAAAA! What is THAT!?
    Sally: This is my cookie! He came out a little bigger than I expected...
    Sally: ... and some of the ingredients smelled a little funny...
    Sally: ... But I think he's the best cookieman ever, and I made him just for you!
    Sally: Now you get to try him!

  • Gingerdead Man - Battle!
  • Heal
  • leave

    After defeating Gingerdead Man:
    Sally: So.... What did you think?
    <Character>: What did I think???! WHAT DID I THINK??!?!
    <Character>: ... I think it was a little tough.
    Sally: *giggle* Ok, I won't cook it as long next time.
    <Character>: ..."Next time"?
    Sally: Thanks for trying it out for me. I'm really glad you came to visit! I drew you a map to Noxus. I hope you find him.
    <Character>: Thanks, Sally. Happy Frostval!
    Sally: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

    To Be Continued...

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: NoX-Mas

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix and Karika for a banner.
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for additional dialogues.
    -- SalvationXI for dialogue and other corrections.

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