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Shadow Claws

Location: Planet Thoh - Frostval '08 -> Odessa
Objective: Excellent! You defeated Shadow Claws and retrieved the Gift! Unfortunately, Shadow Claws has not given up and has a sworn revenge!
Requirements: Completion of Deer Bait
Release Date: 12/23/08

  • Shadow Claws

  • Odessa
  • Shadow Claws

    Odessa: <Character>, while you were battling the reign terror, Shadow Claws made his move!
    Odessa: He is in this town now! You must go to intercept him before it's too late!!
    Shadow Claws: Muohohoho! Happy Frostval, <Character>!
    Shadow Claws: You are too late! I have the Gift! Now the Shadowscythe empire is unstoppable!
    Shadow Claws: Unfortunately, you stand in my way! I will crush you and your puny resistance!
    Shadow Claws: Unless, ofcourse, you wish to join the Shadow side? No? I didn't think so! Muohohoho!

    Battle Shadow Claws

    Shadow Claws: What is this? I sense something, a presence I've not felt since....
    Shadow Claws: We shall meet again <Character>. You don't know the power of the Shadow side! Muohohoho!

    Rewards Shop:

    Thanks to Viking_Jorun for link.

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