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You Never Asked

Location: Frostval 2008 -> Act 5 -> Chilly -> To Quests! -> You Never Asked,
Frostval 2008 -> Act 6 -> Maya -> To Quests! -> You Never Asked
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of NoX-Mas
Release Date: December 23rd, 2008

Objective: It's beginning to look a lot like Duex Ex Machina!
Objective completed: Thanks to you and Chilly, (and a little help from Cysero) Frostvale has been saved again! Hurry to town or you'll miss the party! Happy Frostval!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Icemaster Yeti


On Act 5
Chilly: The Life Essence was destroyed! We're back to square one!
Chilly: I just know what to do!

On Act 6
Chilly: This is is the last portion of this Chapter.
Maya: It details how you found a way to have us all returned to normal. If not for you, we would be stuck as coal... or worse.

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  • Done

    Maya: <Character> returned to Frostvale with a heavy heart. Chilly ran to meet the hero at the village entrance.
    Maya: When Chilly saw the look on the hero's face, the young moglin knew that the news was bad.
    Maya: He listened raptly to the tale of how Noxus has tricked the hero into destroying the Life Essence.
    Maya: <Character> assured Chilly that they would continue searching for a cure...
    Maya: ...But Chilly had begun to lose hope...

    Chilly: I know it's not your fault, <Character>. You didn't know.
    <Character>: Thanks for understanding, Chilly. Don't give up yet! There has to be another way to change them back.
    Chilly: Maybe, but we have to start all over again with no leads.
    <Character>: We'll keep looking...
    <Character>: ... You can never fail if you never give up. As long as we keep looking, then your dad has a chance.
    Chilly: Yeah, if we can find a cure before Noxus comes back for everyone.
    <Character>: We'll think of something before that happens.
    <Character>: Maybe if we...

    *Cysero pops out from the side of the screen*

    Cysero: Hi guys!
    <Character>: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Cysero: Wow, you guys are kinda' jumpy.
    Cysero: I thought I'd come by and see if you had any of those statues left. Seems like you've got a bunch...
    Cysero: Hey... Why is everyone so gloomy?
    Cysero: It's Frostval! It's a time for cheer, hope and goodwill!
    <Character>: Hi, Cysero. This is Chilly, The son of the moglin that I brought you to see.
    Chilly: Hi.
    Cysero: Nice to meet you! So why the long faces people?!
    <Character>: Cysero, everyone is still made of COAL. I ruined the one chance to change them back to normal.
    Cysero: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh oh oh oh oh oh! I get it now. Why didn't you say you wanted to change them back?
    <Character>: I DID!
    Cysero: No, you just asked me what changed them... so I told you. I can change everyone back if you want.
    Chilly: You can!?
    Cysero: Sure! I just need a little Life Essence and presto...
    <Character>: NO! That's the problem! I destroyed the little bit that Noxus had.
    Cysero: Oh, well I can just make you some more if you want.
    Chilly: But <Character> said it was rare and expensive.
    Cysero: Kid, "rare and expensive" is what I'm all about. have you ever seen the prices in my shop?!
    Chilly: No.
    Cysero: The make sure you check it out when you get some Dragon Coins.
    Cysero: I can make you some Life Essence... But I'll need one of you to lend me a small portion of your own life force.
    <Character>: That's amazing, Cysero! I'll do it. What do I need to do.
    Cysero: Just agree to it. it has to be given freely.
    Cysero: YOINK!

    *A small ball of fire emerges from your body*

    Cysero: Ta-Daaa!
    <Character>: I didn't feel a thing... How much of my life did I just give up?
    Cysero: People underestimate how much life a real hero has in them. A hero's heart is a great source of magic....
    Cysero: ...I mean it's not as great as hugs or anything but it's still good...
    Cysero: ... to answer your question... you probably waste more of your life on an afternoon doing my laundry than you just gave up.
    Chilly: Thanks, <Character>! Now we can change everyone back to normal! Right, Cysero?
    Cysero: Thanks to <Character>, we have more than enough here to return everyone to normal...
    Cysero: ... then everyone can stop being so emo. HERE WE GO!

    *Flame rises up into the sky*

    *Icemaster Yeti reverts from being coal*

    Icemaster Yeti: Whoa.... where did I go just now?

    *Maya reverts from being coal*

    Maya: Oh my, I feel funny.

    *Blizzy reverts from being coal*

    Blizzy: ...Chilly? What...
    Chilly: PAPA! You're back to normal! I missed you!
    <Character>: You did it! You changed them all back! Thank you!
    Cysero: Me? All I did was some magic. You risked your life... even gave some of your own heart... to save your friends.
    Cysero: You are a true hero.
    <Character>: Are you staying for the party?
    Cysero: Nah, I had some cocoaberry juice while everyone was watching the cutscenes. I think I'll head home.
    Cysero: My work is done here.
    Cysero: Unless you think one of these little guys would WANT to be a statue... I could always...
    <Character>: Happy Frostval, Cysero.
    Cysero: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

    Happy Frostval...
    ...To One And All!

    The End!

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    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix.
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for additional dialogues.
    -- SalvationXI for info.

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