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Clyde -> =AK= MQ Gameplay Feedback Thread (5/18/2012 17:47:43)

Here's the thread to express your opinion about MechQuest in general. Whether you like it or not tell everyone why here. While Negative feedback is appreciated be a tad civil when giving it, there's no need to burst out in a rant.

Random sample questions:
  • What do you love about MQ?
  • What do you hate about MQ?
  • Why do you think MQ is good?
  • Why do you think it's bad?
  • What makes you play MQ over other games?
  • What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
  • These are some example questions to think about when posting. Here's the place to express your opinion about MQ in general.

    *I'll remind you to keep this clean, no SC vs Non SC flaming, and no spam. Keep it civil and constructive.*

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  • Fyreshadow -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 14:18:32)

    I play it more then other games..

    MQ has more eye candy then the other games. Which really sets it aside.

    I love the gameplay and everything, but someting that can be really approved is not so predictable storylines, and more planets that are like... planets.

    Its so addicting.

    Sky Ever -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 14:20:50)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    Well its good since MQ is one of AE's game, the animations, graphics are great!

    Why do you think it's bad?
    I think its bad cuz its not as funny as DF, im not really into Robots/Mechs... and the story line isn't that intresting

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    I only play MQ barely, i mostly play AQW&DF... although i found MQ better than AQ!

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    Hmm I think I got bored >.> and im quit busy now, than b4, (I barely post here O:)

    *These are just my opinions about MQ, I know most members here that usually post in MQ section prefers MQ
    than other games...

    Kuld -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 14:26:01)

    First of all...MQ is just generally great; sure, the other games all have a number of very good features as well, but MQ is the one I always return to. In comparison to the other games, the combat is fun, the quests aren't just tedious killfests* and I actually find myself not dreading the time I have to enter combat*. At the top of this; the art in MQ is just great, especially the design on characters and of course, the mecha***.
    I'm also quite fond of the main storyline...It may be rather cliche, but I still think that MQ manages to pull it off in such a manner that it gives off a feeling of uniqueness.

    Oh, and unlike most of the other games, the spoofs aren't thrown really, really hard in the players face most of the time...They're usually kept subtle enough to feel like a tribute, rather than just a stupid parody.

    *they are killfests, sure, but they're not all that tedious in comparison to AQ and DF.

    **Seriously...What's up with the enemies in AQ and DF? It almost feels as if defeating one single foe in AQ takes an entire lunchbreak sometimes.

    *** The Pirate Admiral, Arthurian Ram, Volt Lance, Dark Rider...They're all quite damn awesome.

    Greystar -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 14:37:27)

    Well first I must say that I love Robots, Mecha, Lightsabers, and all the rest of the SciFi stuff, so that's what got me interested in MQ. Then I stayed for the two updates a week. I loved playing on wednesdays, It was a really cool distraction in the middle of the week. My favorite parts are all the innovation like the Music, Galactemecha, and little things (Like Selina transforming, Sys-Zero not in the SC Club when he's kidnapped, The Ambassadors leavin Alamonia to Khaeldron).

    There's not much I don't like, I mean I know some people didn't like Westion, or Zargon, but I loved those. I'm liking Gark and Lagos so far too, hope Arthuria will be this fun too. If I have to pick one thing, that would be the 50/50 rolls or the zargon 100 rolls. They are pretty annoying, it'd be cool if they used stats like AQ or DF, but they don't have too. The SC Bonus and the Costume Bonus are nice.

    Lazo -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 14:51:23)

    I like pretty much everything but I prefer AQ and DF (not into mechs) AQ I donīt know why the storyline just trapped me in it and DF but mostly DF because its funnier than the others

    Darius -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 14:52:29)

    I like MQ because you get to pilot and battle anime-style mechas. The explosions are fun to watch, as are the mechas' weapons and attacks. I also like the inclusion of fantasy elements into the scifi atmosphere, like mana-powered mechas and dragons. The energy blade duels, while the battle system still needs a lot of refinement, are a nice deviation from all the mecha combat in the game.

    cheese4432 -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 15:08:42)

    I like Mechquest because it a sci-fi theme, G-rated and fun with awesome cutscenes and animations.

    The reason I don't like Mechquest is because of the massive amounts of xp required to level up compared to the amount of time to complete a battle and xp received.

    SlyCooperFan1 -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 15:13:42)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    The Sci-Fi setting makes it different from the other games, so we can enjoy a break from swords and staves but still enjoy AE goodness.

    Why do you think it's bad?
    Purchasing a Star Captain-ship or Star Armada-ship is a great deal, as is the upgrades in the other games (not so much AQ...)! But the NG benefits is what ticks me off. Free Players and Star Captains both lose some benefits due to the gems that you need to pay for over and over and over...every single release, I get dissapointed because there's NG items I can't use. Don't talk to me about AExtras, it stinks. Don't talk to me about effort and raising money, my parents think it's a waste to spend money on this.

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    Like I said above, it's the Sci-Fi setting and the fact that it was made by a company like AE (actually CARES about the players) that seperate it from the other games. Swords, staves, daggers, and machinery. [:D]

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    The only other games I play are made by AE or on the PS2. I play the other AE games to continue the storylines (since there are some crossovers, I need to play them all!) and I play PS2 games to get a break from the computer.

    There's my 2 cents.

    TW25 -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 15:14:56)

    I like the story of MQ the best. Because it has a sci-fi theme the story has a lot of different possibilities and you can't tell what will happen next. The combat system is excellent because it is constantly being added upon and is very interesting. The new fights on Zargon, Gark, and Lagos require strategy. MechQuest is also friendly to new players because the entirety of Soluna City is made for new players. It gives them a lot of things to do before they begin the main story and get to other planets.

    @above Don't bring RuneScape into this because it is an excellent game and they also care about the players. It just has a much larger community so it is hard to listen to everyone.

    sjra -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 15:24:08)

    MQ is good because of several things.
    1. Its plot. MQ actually has a plot that you can keep track of. DF tends to ramble a bit when it comes to the plot, AQ's storylines are often drawn out and, in a way, look like "plot torture" - running out of loose ends so trying to make some more up.
    2. Its graphics. MQ has graphics that, in some slihtly twisted way, can be considered "real". I suppose this is because of the occasional 3D elements (e.g. the SS on the cliff, the WB light beam) that the other games lack.
    3. Its animations. MQ has amazing animations. You can look at an enemy's death and think "he's not getting up now". AQ and DF death animations usually follow the lines of enemy collapses/disintergrates. Admitedly, some of MQ's animations haven't been up to scratch recently (pirate sniper, etc) but they are generally good.
    4. The battle system. MQ makes you think about battles. It makes you plan ahead, and have plan B's and C's in case of problems such as stuns. In some cases you are forced to construct a new strategy while in battle (e.g. when your weapons get shot off). AQ and DF do not have this level of strategy.
    5. The basic ideas. The idea of an unstoppable alien race invading the universe and the only people who stand in the way are a bunch of university students who barely even knew what a mech was before they had to fight in one is good. Slightly cliche, but AE has a habit of making cliches good. The idea of a science/magic world is slightly twisted, but good. MQ doesn't follow the same theme as the other games, which is "we're not going to die because this guy with a sword is going to save us". There are points in MQ (Tibattleonia, Sys-Zero etc) where the theme is "we're going to die anyway but we'll go down fighting". It does anyything with a plot good to have suicidal moments. AQ and DF just have "Everything's fine, we're going to win" moments.

    There are a few other reasons, but I can't think of any right now.

    Vadriel -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 15:26:39)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    Well, it's an AE game...which means it's going to have AE's classic sense of humor. That's pretty positive for any game not intended to be "Mr. Srs", and it works well for MQ. On top of that, the artists who make it are quite talented and much of the game is very visually pleasing. It's a nice blend of its inspirational parts, while staying unique...MechQuest is what it should be, an Artix Entertainment game set in a futuristic setting where big robot vehicles blow each other up.

    Why do you think it's bad?
    Wellll...as visually pleasing as it is, it's just as hard on your ears. Play MQ with the sound off IMO. The explosions are decent, but they're too loud compared to the rest of the game. And the victory/defeat SFX just drive me mental after two or three fights. Another thing: prices are ridiculous. I haven't bought like anything in a month or two, because I'm max level and something of an update player...and anything new is going to cost ridiculous amounts of Credits to the point where I'm so sick of farming that I just don't buy anything anymore. I've all but quit MQ because there's nothing new to offer me that I can't get without wasting a lot of time I'd rather spend doing other things.

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    Honestly...it used to beat out the other AE games because it was different and something I hadn't played before. However, it doesn't have a whole lot of hold on me anymore.

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    To continue off of my previous answer...it's the lack of any real draw anymore, at least for me. I'm max level, have my stats worked out, have all the gear I want (or at least can afford), and updates generally take about 20 minutes to play through so that I can look at a bright glowing price tag on the new gear that I just have zero motivation to farm for. I'm finished with the initial "gotta 'finish' the game" syndrome I get when I find something new...and so the game has really lost its luster for me. I barely ever even log in anymore.

    Zodiac of Runehawk -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 15:37:42)

    Why I think MQ is good(reall,the best) is the well-done weapon style, beautiful mechas and amazing animation(smooth,fluid and clean,too).
    It's one of the only games I can play with my 6 year old brother that he actually can get into(usually its a Spongebob game...ugh), and he has as much fun as I do playing this!
    The comedy is fun and different, and a lot of the parodies are unexpected for the games setting,but still work very well.
    Yes,I am level 30 but does it matter? Each release usually has something new to work for!
    Will I play another artix game over this one?No.Not at all. I do like the look and premise of AQ,DF and AQW, but they lack one thing(in my opinion):Uber awesomesaucepwntacularocity!

    EinhanderX01 -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 15:45:15)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    Quick to load, quick to play, easy to navigate and complete quests. Has mechs.

    Why do you think it's bad?
    Not 3D or pseudo-3D, click-mashing, level grinding/farming, repetitive, needs some "grittiness" (w/o violating the rated E for Everone) or seriousness, and a few other things which may or may not be corrected in future releases.

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    Though I like Medieval-ish games, I'm more of a robot/mecha/sci-fi/anime person. The reason I chose to not only stay with MQ but also upgrade and play it is because it's one of the few games that can be accessed quickly and with little to no load times; especially during busy vacations.

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    There's a limit to how many times I can run K&S for cash and EXP; not to mention the number of times I use the exact same weapon priority strategy... Also, I'm a bit more of a 3D lover, and would like to see some 3D or pseudo-3D elements. If I have time, I'm usually playing Armored Core, Steel Battalion, Virtual On, or a few Japanese-only Mech games.

    ZamuelNow -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 15:49:03)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    It has great animation, a plot that's starting to shape up, an excellent combat engine that keeps improving, and the right mix of humor and seriousness.

    Why do you think it's bad?
    I don't think it's bad but I think there occasionally seem to be a few planning issues though this seems like a common trend in all of AE's games. I will say that I wish there was more SC content which I think that DF's DragonLords cleary outshine MQ (though admittedly it has been out longer).

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    MQ seems to have a vastly superior battle engine in comparison to DF or AQW (I don't play AQ so I can't make a fair assessment). Enemies force you to think and with the exception of a few older quests with monotonous enemies you get a variety of unique enemies each quest unless it is specifically a boss fight. Also, it seems to be doing a better job of fixing it's problems NOW (Tweak Week and the current rebalancing project being done by blues and Maegwyn) as opposed to waiting a long time down the road.

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    Nothing really. The only thing I'd say is that since the other games ARE fun I do tend to play them as alternates to MQ.

    What do you think could be improved?
    The team seems to being a good job and a couple of things I would have addressed at the end of 3008 (lack of Design Notes, the need for more in-game tutorials, etc) are being taken care of. I will say that the combat for the Energy Blades system needs an overhaul. Also, there's an issue of release size and planning. I fully understand that releases are difficult to make and I'm quite proud to get another SC only event, it's a mild concern that non-SCs didn't get anything this specific week. Plus, there's the need for more "warning labels". The recent releases are intended for higher levels, require energy blade training, and can cause players to lose money if defeated. There needs to be a heads up on these kinds of things. This might be solved by improving/updating/revamping the C-Mail system for the game.

    danutter -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 15:59:11)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    Because there are releases every week, even if they do not advance the storyline I love to see how the game is progressing in maintenance as well. The theme that AQ gives is, frankly, amazing and it has left me logging on everyday.

    Why do you think MQ is bad?
    Well sometimes the game can slow down in plot advancement but I know there is a legitimate reason for it. Sometimes the witty/pun is used to cover up for the lack of effort obviously put in and sometimes it's not as subtle as needed.

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    The theme of AQ represented in MQ is unique and the gameplay, although simple, is addicting.

    legomaster00156 -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 22:10:59)

    Big. Explosions. Are. Awesome. Really, you blow stuff up in a 20-story mecha! How cool is that!?! Also, graphics aren't bad, the storyline is pretty gripping, it's a fairly easy game, etc. The list of good stuff goes on and on! And, whenever something like a glitch or game balance issue is found, the staff will get onto it ASAP. This game absolutely rules.

    sunblaze -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 22:37:10)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    I love the tactical approach with various effects from the weapons. Makes you think twice about keeping even old releases.

    Why do you think it's bad?
    While I understand that MQ has less found than the other games the constantly the "buy ng's to get the REAL good stuff" is annoying. Sometimes ok but not everytime.

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    I play them parallel so no preferance to any of the 3 single player games. On a side note I like the setting and the (sometimes a bit think) puns.

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    The bad point is the fast leveling and fast release of new ones. You are either complaining about not having the current max level or hopeless behind reaching it ever.

    Icy -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/2/2009 23:53:12)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    I love the variety of quests and mecha, great design, graphics and animation.

    Why do you think it's bad?
    It gets a little tedious farming for level after level, but I do it anyway. ;)

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    If I had to rank the games. MQ/DF, AQW then AQ. Although I love AQWorlds, it is still a new game, so DF and MQ remain on-top for the moment because of everything that happens in them. MQ I play most right now because my 3rd character needs to get higher ranked.

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    hmm...well, when I get bored from farming exp. I play AQWorlds to get rep or farm PvsP in DF.

    dark_one -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/3/2009 12:38:41)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    There's some pretty impressive visuals and the story line is kinda cool..

    Why do you think it's bad?
    Well, i'm a fairly high lvl (22) and it can get VERY annoying fighting some of the enemies, because when they are scaled a lot of them seem WAY to powerful. so i find myself constantly being beaten. But what can be most annoying is the millions of status effects enemies can cause on you. (And most of them make your accuracy suffer.) They also have become next to immune so status effects you can affect them with. You might be trying to make it a challenge, but there is a fine line between challenging fun-wise, and it just being plain stressful. And for me, unfourtunatly, you have made it stressful. Games are not meant to be stressful..

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    I don't. I play MQ less then all the other AE games. And I have already said why.. Mind you, I'm playing it right now.. [8D]

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    Already explained. Stress seems to come with high lvl's, which is completely different to the other AE games. It could be just my mech, but i doubt it..
    I tend to only play it when there is a new release, because i can't be bothered. It's my least fave AE game. [&:]

    Fisto -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/3/2009 12:57:56)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    I love the animations. I've never been too interested in thing's such as Gundam but I cannot pull myself away from MQ. I also love the dedication from all the staff members, knowing they care so much makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside which inspires me to play more and help when I can in the MQ Forums.

    Why do you think it's bad?
    Too many mechs become obsolete. We NEED more mechs to be able to increase in levels such as our /house and Seppy mechs. I spend a lot of money each month buying Nova Gems, even though I know I'm buying a mech that in a month or so something better and higher in level comes out.

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    The staff!

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    Nothing to say here...this doesn't pertain to me.

    Fuzzfuzz900 -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/3/2009 16:30:43)

    I play/like MQ because seeing as it is turn based and not timed, you do not need to have a large chunk of time to be able to play. (And I just like Giant Robots)

    Madrias GoldStrike -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/3/2009 17:00:21)

    I like MQ because:
    We have huge mechs that blow things up.
    Jobs to do on every planet.
    Turn Based
    Decent graphics
    a wide selection of weapons with varying effects

    What could be done better:
    More mechs/weapons in all categories (levels) so that players aren't stiffed cause they don't have a mech with that level.
    With pirate-quest, you can lose money at a rate that overpowers everything you just did, even at level 30.
    Warnings to tell you when you may need a certain class/require certain classes to do certain quests.
    Newbatron trick needs to be put back in (I'm thinking of the lower levels here) and just set up wars with this new crappy scaling. Leave those who want to just battle for fun with low credits able to do so. (I don't do this, though, I just don't like the removal of it for two or 3 complainers)
    Need more character work. Meaning in this case, revamp the energy sword fighting to more than 'spam the strong till you run out of energy, then spam attack'. Or release some cool guns.

    What's just terrible:
    So far, I haven't found much. My biggest pet peeve so far was that, while I know AE had a reason for it, they killed the Newbatron trick, which was quite helpful to newbies. In fact, I took my Newbatron all the way to level 12 cause there weren't any worthwhile mechs until then that I could afford so I saved my money after buying a level 8 Shining Electron Sniper until I was level 12 and could buy a house mech (when they came out, that was.) Needless to say, you try that these days and get your butt kicked. Instead of facing a level 1 or level 3 enemy, you face one that will tear you up like tissue paper.
    Also, fix the rolls! Your random number generator is not random enough. It gives me consistently low rolls on everything. Damage, chance to critical, do the same job for 4 hours and go up one rank. My luck is currently at 130, and that's as much as I can go without retraining at level 30.
    Again, another complaint: The stats do NOTHING. Or if they do anything, not enough. Nowhere near enough.
    Some of the battles are a little lengthy, not from the hard battle, but the animations. Average animation time should be 0-2 seconds, not 3-7 (I'm talking to you, Desmodus), at least in my opinion, with specials able to take more time. I see no reason for shooting a gun to take longer than stabbing the guy with a laser sword. Nor a firework blast where the effects don't go away quickly enough.

    However, compared to the other games:

    MQ > AQW > DF > AQ

    The reasons:

    MQ is turn based and also moving in a theme I like.
    AQW is a full MMORPG but AE wants too much to play it out of F2P.
    DF is good, but getting money is hard and EXP even harder.
    AQ is bad. You'll spend a month leveling up, another 3 months planning in advance on what you want to save to buy, and the plotline is, need I say it, nonexistant.

    Voltron -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/3/2009 18:07:53)

    Why do you think MQ is good?

    This being the only AE game with Giant Mech robots is very interesting and also makes MQ very unique.
    The storyline reminds me of the classic mecha anime "Good beats Evil" theme.

    Why do you think it's bad?

    Some of the recent releases did not seem to add too much to the main storyline of the Shadowscythe versus the Soluna City.
    The Zargon Superheroes mainly were not needed I believe. However, prehaps AE will implement them into the main Storyline in the future.

    What makes you play MQ over other games?

    The graphics are very well done, and the character's are interesting.
    Coming up with different mecha configurations is also very interesting.

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?

    Once you are at the Level cap (Which I am) and have all the quests finished, there is not much to do.
    I think that PvP in this game would be increble, but it needs some work from what is now.
    I think having where you could battle other players for real live, not computer controlled would improve the PvP in this game very much.

    darkman alex -> RE: =AK= Why do you think MQ is Good/Bad? (3/3/2009 18:27:42)

    Why do you think MQ is good?
    Great,storyline, love the animation, great cutscenes, overall a great game

    Why do you think it's bad?
    well the only thing i really dont like is that i havent got my Guardian and Draglord stuff yet =(

    What makes you play MQ over other games?
    well i play AQW the most, but MQ ties for second

    What doesn't make you play MQ over the other games?
    well AQW is a MMO i like being able to talk to to others while farming..and im slighly bigger RPE fan

    What do you think could be improved?
    my Guardian and and Dragonlord upgrade lol

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