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The Basic Rules

  • This is a reply-only forum. As such, you can not post new threads here. So don't panic when you don't see the "New Thread" button at the top of the page.

  • If you want to create a new guide for this forum, it should be done in the Pending Guides sub-forum. Before you start working on a new guide, it is recommended you check here to make sure it doesn't already exist, as well as checking there to make sure someone isn't already writing it.

  • If you see a guide that has not been updated in a timely manner and may be out-of-date, please report it here. If you wish to take over a guide that has been apparently abandoned, include that in your report and we will get back to you if a new author/guide is needed.

  • If you are the author of a current guide, and you will be inactive or wish to retire from updating it, please let us know in the Inactive/Retiring Guidewriters thread. That way, we will know if we need to find a replacement.

  • See MechQuest Guides: The Rules in the Pending Guides forum if you're looking for more specific rules for writing new guides for this forum.

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