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Tentei Sword

«Melee Wind Blade. Triggers against Absolix monsters.»

Also see other Tentei Swords: Sword, Guardian Edge, Edge, Guardian Katana, Katana, Razor, O-Wakizashi, Daito, Tachi

Location: The Bloodline!

Level 	10	
PowLvl 	10	
Price 	36	
Sell	18

Type: Melee
Element: Wind
Damage 	4 - 13	
BTH 	1

Hits: 5
Type: Ranged
Element: Wind
BR%	50.40	
LS%	33.20	
+BTH	5
Rate: 20%

  • Against Abolix Monsters: Deals 110% damage and element seeks from among the eight standard elements
  • Against anything else: Deals 97.5% damage

    All Normal Player Attacks (No Weapon Specials) receive +3 BTH and deal *85/88 damage. (Not Factored In)

    Forged by Tentei, last of his bloodline, this blade gains power against beings not of Creation.


    Image from feral__john. Stats from Scar Magista and Necrophades. Triggered image from eddywardster. Damage update thanks to jsrjohnny. Updated Numbers thanks to In Media Res.


    Special Starts out with:
    BR%	252	
    LS%	166	
    +BTH	5
  • With 5 equally powerful hits, each hit does 20% damage.

    All this has ALREADY been factored into the numbers above.

    March 26, 2009: Weapon Released

    April 20, 2010: Weapon damage updated. Old Stats were:
    Damage	3-13

    June 7, 2012: Price and sellback updated. Values before the update:
    Price	800	
    Sell	400

    August 15, 2013: Weapon was updated with new Stats and Trigger. Old Stats were:
    Damage	4-17	
    BTH	2	
    Hits	5	
    Type	Magic	
    BR%	25	
    +BTH	5	
    Rate%	28
    Triggers on Absolix monsters - 110% damage and element-seeks. On anything else, it does *0.95 damage.

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