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Guardian Joy Buzzer

Also see other Joy Buzzers ( Shocking Pen, The Zapper, Super Joy Buzzer).

Level: 62
Price: 25,000 2,286
Sellback: 12,500 1,143
Location: The God Must Be Loco

Type: Melee
Element: Energy
Damage: 6-25 8-33
BTH: 13

Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Energy
Damage: 465% Base, Random, and Stats
BTH: +35 plus Stats
Rate: 10%

Deals (85/90)*100% damage (to compensate for the accuracy).

Loco supercharged this toy to lethal levels!
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Stats from Dragon Archmage. Numbers from Aelthai (via TheDemonHunter_Rulz) and Yagno2000.

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