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April Fool's 2009 - The God must be Loco!

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4/25/2009 1:43:43   

April Fool's '09 - The God must be Loco!

Level Requirement: Level 11+ (recommended)
Quest activates if you log in for the first time. Also accessible through Event Button in Battleon.

You can skip the cutscene at anytime

«Scene: Dungeon»

Radagast: So what do you think this will do?
Khold Staeirgh: I dunno. The scroll just said that it would be the ultimate prank.
Radagast: Huh. That's vague.
Khold Staeirgh: Well, the circle's drawn. Let's get started. One broken mirror.

«Khold throws in a broken mirror»

Radagast: One Shadowcat... You think it'll be a giant water balloon?

«Radagast throws in a Shadowcat»

Khold Staeirgh: Nah, it'll probably be more like a soot bomb hidden in Battleon. One horseshoe...

«Khold throws in a horseshoe»

Radagast: One whoopee cushion... Oh! Maybe it's an exploding pen!

«Radagast throws in the whoopee cushion»

Khold Staeirgh: ...That's just silly. One seven-leafed clover.

«Khold throws in the seven-leafed clover»

Radagast: Guess you're right. They'd probably never get the cap off of the pen. Maybe it'll cover Isle D'Oriens in Braken Ink instead. One giant two-headed coin!

«Radagast throws in a giant silver coin»

Khold Staeirgh: Now THAT'S a prank!
Radagast: So what's left?
Khold Staeirgh: Salt, a plank of wood, a red rubber ball, a tube of super glue, and thirteen wishbones. Then all that's left is the invocation!
Some salt, a plank of wood, a red rubber ball, a tube of super glue, and thirteen wishbones later...
  • Continue

    Khold Staeirgh: Ready?
    Radagast: Ready.

    «Radagast and Khold Staeirgh chants the invocation in unison»

    Great lord of fortune ill and benign,
    Hear our prayer from across this time;
    God of mischief, king of thieves,
    Give us the prank held up your sleeves!

    Give it to us that we might fulfill,
    That great mischief of your will;
    Let chaos reign till break of day,
    And let not the memory fade away!

    Great god of pranks!
    We invoke you by name!

    LOCO! Let us play your great game!

    «Right after the incantation, black fumes start filling the room from the magic circle, until the whole room is covered with the fumes.»

    Radagast: Uuummm... Is it supposed to do that?

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «The scene shows a Battleon in chaos, with warped trees and Artix chasing Hans. The scene zooms in to Warlic, Falerin and Kalanyr.»

    Warlic: I see. So he is responsible for this?
    Falerin: Yes. The pantheons have confirmed it. There is no doubt that this is his handiwork.
    Kalanyr: This is troubling. The world has hardly had time to recover from The'Galin's arrival. Can Lore really survive another god's influence?
    Falerin: The planet is resilient enough. The people... I will not venture to say.

    «You enter»

    «You»: Whoa! I've never seen so much gray hair before! And-- What happened to Battleon?
    Warlic: Loco.
    «You»: ----Who?
    Falerin: A demigod sealed long before your time. Loco was the god of mischief and fortune on Lore.
    «You»: God of mischief? Why haven't I heard of him?
    Falerin: About five thousand years ago, he almost started a god war when he attacked Baldric-
    «You»: Baldric?
    Warlic: He's a god of another realm.
    «You»: Caelestia?
    (In unison) Warlic: That's all you need to know...
    (In unison) Falerin: No not Caelestia. Coincidentally, we do have a deity named Loco Strongarm, but he is of no relation.
    Warlic: Continue Falerin. You are being distracted by a tangent.
    «You»: He often is.
    Falerin: Er, yes... As I was saying. Loco attacked Baldric with what he called a TOW missile. Thankfully, it didn't do any real harm. Just got him wet.
    Kalanyr: Wet? Are you sure it was a missile?
    Falerin: That was Loco's little joke. The TOW Missile was a dud, little more than a giant water balloon. Baldric, however, remained furious.
    Falerin: In order to appease him and prevent a war between the pantheons, the Elemental Lords sealed Loco away for eternity. I suspect they weren't exactly sad to see him go.
    «You»: And he's responsible for this??
    Warlic: It would seem so.
    «You»: This isn't a joke? Like Twig being the master of Evil or everyone dressing up in stick figure armor?
    Falerin: Not a joke. A prank, but no joke. Not that I see that Twig being a master of Evil as a joke either...
    «You»: ..................................
    Falerin: I have eaten one of his sundaes...
    «Scene: Back in the dungeon»

    Loco: Much better. You have done well, my loyal minions. Now, begin the final preparations.
    Khold Staeirgh: As you command.
    Radagast: Would you like pies with that, master?
    Loco: Pies? For a spell of this magnitude? Do you have any idea how much mayhem that would cause?
    Radagast: ......................
    Loco: Of COURSE I want pies! Now get to work!

    «Loco fades away»

    Radagast: TOLD you it was a good idea!
    «Scene: Battleon»

    Falerin: So we're all clear on what needs to be done?
    Warlic: Yes. I'll try to find where the seal was penetrated.
    Kalanyr: Beleqwaya and I will start preparing a spell to reseal it.
    «You»: And I'll try to keep Battleon from getting destroyed... again. Loco's forces are already on the move.
    Warlic: There's something that bothers me about that last part. How did he gather an army so quickly? It's almost as if-

    «A pie is thrown at Warlic's head from nowhere.»

    Kalanyr: .....Well, that's new.
    «You»: Actually, that's pretty funny.

    «A gigantic pie falls on you, killing you in the process.»

    «You»: ...................ouch.

    You are brought to Battleon - in the world of Loco!
    Battleon in Chaos!

    BattleOn News!
    Battleon is in trouble...crazy trouble! The trickster god Loco has rearranged town to his liking. Talk to Twilly to find out what you must do in order to save Battleon-- and all of Lore-- before Loco can become too powerful to stop!

    Also happening now: Use the Event button below to join the war against the Red Herring!
  • Today's Event
  • Travel Map
    The Travel map of Lore is currently being redrawn by Loco...
  • Guardian Shop

    Also, the place where you are brought to when you click on an area has been shuffled.
    • Aria's pet shop has been changed to direct you to Isle D'Oriens, but...
      This should take you to Isle d'Oriens instead of inside Aria's pet shop, but Isle d'Oriens is broken right now.
    • Warlic's magic shop will still take you to his shop.
      *** Changing your face in the Magic Mirror will result in In game , Up close
    • Clicking on the inn will instead take you to the Guardian Tower.
    • Clicking on the Guardian Tower takes you to Aria's pet shop.
    • Clicking on the rip to the sky will instead take you to Battleon Inn.
    Certain areas are now restricted:
    • Battle monsters - Normally you can battle random monsters anytime you wish. Loco says no to that.
    • House - Loco has quarantined your house. Even if you don't have one.
    • Guardian Tower Armory - Loco's magic has turned the armor in the armory into Gello!
    • Stables - The stables are full of minstrels singing 'Neigh Neigh Neigh Neigh, Hay Hay Hay, Goodbye'....

    Speaking to Twilly: How can I save Battleon?
    Twilly: Don't worry-- I know you can save us from Loco! There are 5 missions you need to complete.

    One: Save Hans from Artix!

    Two: Destroy the pie-launcher!

    Three: Find 13 black cats hidden around town and take them to Aria!

    Four: Create a focus to ward off bad luck and set it up to prevent future mischief! Talk to Warlic to quest for this.

    And finally, number five: Save Galanoth from the love potion he drank! Talk to Galanoth in town to go on this quest.

    Once you complete them all, visit Warlic again.

    You might have to go collect a few more black cats for Aria though, before Warlic can help you! Those cats are tricky!
    Some interesting dialogues can be found in various areas:

    Battleon Inn

    Speak to Yulgar: Where is Hans?
    Yulgar: What? You didn't see his ghost outside being chased by Artix? Actually, he only LOOKS like a ghost. But Artix is a Paladin, after all, and is trying to exorcise him anyway.

    Guardian Tower

    Speak to a weirdly dressed Nimrod
    Nimrod: Hail and well met! Sorry I'm distracted, but somebody came in and said I would be perfect for their upcoming movie. ...Those are the things Ballyhoo shows, right? Anyway, he gave me the costume in advance!

    Evil Red Herring!
    Can be accessed by clicking the Event Button.

    The Evil Red Herring have over taken the waters of Lore. They seek to gain revenge on the humanoids that have fished them almost to extinction. Can you save us from their evil and defeat the horrible Gefiltefish, the Red Herring Boss?!?
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 5 on hand.

    Twilly: Oh no's!!! Everywhere around town is being attacked by stinky Red Herring!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!
    To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Artix Krieger
  • Warlic
  • Robina Hood
  • Vampireslayer E
  • Galanoth
  • Mercuria
  • Aquella
  • Zorbak
  • By yourselfThe War counter displays random numbers, making the "war" is impossible to beat. No boss fights are available! This war is a red herring as well!

    Write up from whackybeanz.

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  • AQ DF  Post #: 1
    4/25/2009 1:46:36   

    Quest One: Save Hans from Artix!

    Click on Artix chasing Hans to begin this quest

    «As you enter, Artix is still chasing Hans»

    «You»: STOP!!
    Artix: GHOOOOOST!!!
    Hans: I'm not a ghost! I work at Yulgar's! Don't you recognize me?!
    Artix: Stop running away! I can't exorcize you if you keep dodging!
    «You»: Okay, I've got five gold that says this is Loco's mischief. Are you alright, Hans?
    Hans: *gasp* Can't... talk. Running from... *wheeze* paladin who thinks I'm... *pant* undead.
    «You»: Well, you do look a little pale.
    Hans: Just help me, please!
    «You»: ARTIX! Could you stop for just a second?!
    Artix: Good idea. This ghost is pretty fast. I'll wait near Aria's shop, you herd it over to me...
    «You»: Yeah, look, about that... that's not a ghost. It's Hans. You know, the little guy from Yulgar's Inn?
    Artix: Don't be silly. It's pale, it floats, ergo: It's a ghost!
    «You»: Maybe it's an illusion. And besides, he's not really floating.
    Artix: How many illusions have YOU seen, «You»??
    «You»: ...Moving right along... How about a challenge? Winner exorcizes the ghost, loser takes 50 laps around the Granemor Cemetery?
    Artix: Well okay then. If you can slay 3 undead in Darkovia before I exorcise this ghost, I will leave him alone.
    «You»: Well, I guess that's a challenge then. You got it! Don't worry, Hans!
  • Go!
    «Artix continues chasing Hans»«You»: I did it! So, what do you say? Will you leave Hans alone and give me a chance to fix this?
    Artix: Alright, I know when to admit defeat. Now, if you'll excuse me, there are some zombies in Granemor begging for me to put them to rest. ZOMBIEEES!

    «Artix leaves»

    Hans: Thanks, «You»... You weren't serious about exorcising me, though, were you?
    «You»: Of course not. You'd better hide, though. Artix might be harder to distract next time.
    Hans: Got it! I'll be as silent as the gra... ...INCOMIIIIIIIIIING!!

    «A pie flies towards Hans and freezes close to him.»

    «You»: ... Huh. I've heard of "pie in the sky," but this is pretty ridiculous.
    Hans: Let's just back away slowly.....

    «Hans moves a little and the pie immediately splats him.»

    Hans: Akk!
    «You»: I have really got to fix that...
    Hans: It came from THATAWAY!! Go destroy that Pie-Launcher!
  • Go!
    Quest Two: Destroy the Pie-Launcher!

    «A short cutscene shows the Pie-Launcher automatically loading a pie filled with cream and firing it into the distance.»


    «You enter»

    «You»: No waaaay.... That thing defies logic!! And I have to stop it!!
  • Fight!
    Pie Launcher: THREAT DETECTED! PREPARING DEFENSIVE COUNTERMEASURES!«You»: Scratch one logic-defying pie launcher!!

    «You return to Battleon.»
    Quest Three: Find 13 black cats!

    Speak to Aria: What do I do about the 13 black cats? to begin the quest

    Aria: Whew-- I'm so glad you asked!! You need to go find 13 black cats hidden all around town and collect each one. When you have them all, bring them to me!
  • Okay-- I'll do that right now!

    «You play a minigame to look for 13 black cats around Battleon. Click on the black cats to collect them, and click on the arrows to move to different areas.

    "Meow! You caught one of Loco's trickster cats!" appears if you successfully find and click on a black cat.

    Once you have successfully found all 13 cats, click the back arrow to return to Aria.»

    Aria: You did it! Now that we have all 13 black cats, I can place them in a magical pen that will prevent them from warping town any further!
  • Great!

    «Aria leaves for a short while to place the cats in the pen and returns.»

    Aria: All done! Now Loco's hold on Battleon is a little less tight!
  • Thanks!

    «You return to Battleon.»

    Quest Four: Create a focus!

    Speak to Warlic: What can I do to help stop Loco? to begin this quest.

    Warlic: Create a focus to ward off bad luck and set it up to prevent further mischief. This focus is in the form of a horseshoe which you will find in the mountains! Find it and take it to Yulgar at the Inn. He will know where to put it.
  • To the mountains!

    1 BATTLE
    Earth-based monster from your RA list
    Full Heal

    «A Thunder Steed appears alongside with the horseshoe.»

    «You»: Oh-- Does that horseshoe happen to belong to you?
    Thunder Steed: It does. This horseshoe is my LUCKY horseshoe. And you can't have it.
    «You»: I REALLY need it, though, to save Battleon from the trickster Loco! Please-- can I borrow it?
    Thunder Steed: I say NEIGH! If you want it, you'll have to TAKE it.
  • Fight!«You return to Battleon. Proceed to the Battleon Inn and pass the horseshoe to Yulgar.»

    Yulgar: Why, thank you for getting that Focus! This horseshoe will ward off bad luck brought on by Loco-- that sniveling coward! I placed the horseshoe facing up like a "U" because that is the right way to do it!
  • Thanks!

    «You return to Battleon.»
    Quest Five: Save Galanoth!

    Speak to Galanoth in Battleon to begin the quest

    Galanoth: «You»! You have to help me!
    «You»: What is it Galanoth? Is another army of dragons about to attack Battleon?
    Galanoth: Worse! I'm in LOVE!
    «You»: You--you're kidding! Right?
    Galanoth: I'm afraid not. Someone tricked me into drinking a love potion.
    «You»: Oookay... And who's the-- lucky woman?
    Galanoth: Oh, how shall I describe that radiant goddess, whose beauty catches the very breath in my throat--
    Galanoth: -- whose azure skin accentuates her svelte figure and whose horns would pierce me like an arrow of love?
    «You»: Huh, I never figured you for the poetic type, Galanoth.
    Galanoth: I'm not! It's all the potion!
    «You»: Wait a minute, Azure skin? Horns? You can't mean... SHEILA? Cyrus the Dracomancer's SISTER??
    Galanoth: Ah, the Creator has truly blessed a name as sonorous as-- I mean, yes!
    «You»: Wow, that has to be awkward. She's a Vartai and a Dracomancer... able to harness Dragons' powers and even become half-dragon. And you-- are a Dragonslayer!
    Galanoth: Hence my dilemma. I need you to help me fall out of love with her. I can't... SLAY dragons with these emotions!
    «You»: Fall out of love... and how do you expect me to do that?
    Galanoth: I don't know! I can't even work up the will to try myself!
    «You»: Alright, Galanoth-- I'll fix this somehow.
    Galanoth: Excellent! I'll be waiting at Dragonstone. Bring me some good news soon!
  • Okay!

    «Galanoth leaves»

    «You»: Hmmm... Now WHO knows the most about love potions??
  • HANS
      Hans: Love potion? Now why would I know anything about something like that. I mean, it's not like I'd try to get Aria to drink one or anything...
    • What is that behind your back?

      «Hans continues hiding his hands»

      Hans: I'm just a shopkeeper. Even if I did have a love potion - WHICH I DON'T - I wouldn't know anything about how they work.
      Hans: Maybe someone more magically or potion...ly inclined would be able to help you?

      «Hans opens his mouth widely in shock»

      Hans: NO! My potion!! *gulp*
    • WARLIC

      Lucretia: So Galanoth run afoul of a love potion? And people wonder why I don't deal with those things. There's just so many things that can go wrong and it's hard to make a counterpotion of it.
    • But-- it CAN be done, right?

      Lucretia: Had you asked me a year ago, I'd have said no. Love is a pretty sturdy emotion. I think some of the more recently created monsters might make it possible--
      Lucretia: --but a simple potion maker like me couldn't possibly get those ingredients. But I'm sure a powerful adventurer like yourself could help me...
    • Well, I have slain a monster or two--

      Lucretia: Wonderful! I'll need a feather from an Ebil Cupid, a petal from the Mighty Mandrake variety of plants, and a tuft of hair from one of the moglins infected by Visia's magic.
      Lucretia: Hurry now! Magical Love tends to get stronger over time. If we want to counter it, we have to do it soon.
    • Okay!

      3 BATTLES (Non-random)
      Level 0-19: Ebil Cupid (10)
      Level 20-44: Ebil Cupid (25)
      Level 45-69: Ebil Cupid (50)
      Level 70-94: Ebil Cupid (75)
      Level 95+: Ebil Cupid (100)

      Level 0-21: Brawny Bellflower
      Level 22-38: Strong Sunflower
      Level 39-55: Potent Poppy
      Level 56-75: Mighty Mandrake
      Level 76+: Power Flower

      Level 0-19: Moglinator M-1
      Level 20-44: Moglinator M-70
      Level 45-69: Moglinator M-600
      Level 70-94: Moglinator M-800
      Level 95+: Moglinator M-1000

      Full Heal after each battle

      Lucretia: Wonderful! This will just take a second...
    • ..................

      Lucretia: There we are! One Anti-Love potion. Some effects may include crankiness, sudden slaps to the face and destruction of love letters.
    • Thanks!

      Warlic: I'm a bit busy at the moment, as you are no doubt aware. Surely there's someone else you can ask.
    • HANS
    «After you have obtained the potion, the scene shifts to Dragonstone, where Sheila approaches Galanoth and the Love Potion takes effect again...»

    Galanoth: My dearest! You've come!
    Sheila: Dearest?!? Did you suffer a blow to the head, dragonslayer? And, by the gods-- WHAT is that thing emanating from your chest??
    Galanoth: Uhhh...no... But I would suffer a thousand such blows for your sake, radiant creature. And this thing emanating from my chest is my heart, aching with love...
    Sheila: How sweet... and unexpected. I thought you hated my kind.
    Galanoth: That I do, but how could I hate one who kept me from certain doom? Would that I could convince you of the depth of my feelings, oh queen of my heart.
    Sheila: Are you saying that saving you from that fall* made you fall... for me?
    (*See Part 2 of the Xerxes quest at Dragonspine)
    Galanoth: Well... this emotion didn't exist before that event... so sure, let's go with that.
    Sheila: That's very romantic... Galanoth, but I could never be with a man who kills my kin.
    Galanoth: Then I shall renounce my ways! If that is the only way we can be together, I'll change!
    Sheila: You'd DO that-- for me??
    Galanoth: Of course! From this day forward, let it be said that I, Galanoth---

    «You enter»

    «You»: Galanoth! I've got the counterpotion! Here!

    «You pass Galanoth the counterpotion»

    Galanoth: Oh thank goodness!! I'm cured! I don't feel a thing anymore!
    Sheila: You were saying, Galanoth--?
    Galanoth: Ah...well, this is awkward. «You», can you help me explain?
    Sheila: Explain what?
    «You»: Well, um, Galanoth was under the effects of a love potion and well... it focused on you... so...
    Sheila: .................I see.
    Galanoth: .............run.
    «You»: Huh?
    Galanoth: RUN!

    «Galanoth retreats and the scene zooms in on Sheila, showing a fire which burns the trees...»

    «You return to Battleon.»
    Write up from whackybeanz. Monster levels list from fenmeisterkronos.

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  • AQ DF  Post #: 2
    4/25/2009 1:48:58   

    Once you have completed all 5 quests, redoing Aria's 13 black cats quest once more is required. You will complete the quest without finding 13 cats this time. Return to Warlic to end Loco's mayhem.

    Warlic: Good job! You have managed to stave off the worst of Loco's tricks and given me time to track him down! I can teleport you into his lair now so you can put an end to his plans and save town!!
  • I will stop Loco!

    «Scene: Battleon»

    Warlic: So what you're saying is that Loco can reach into our world at this time every year?
    Falerin: Correct. This is the time when his prison is weakest. As a failsafe, the enchantments holding him reconnect with Lore to replenish their power supply.
    Falerin: Unfortunately, this also means the borders between this world and Loco's confines are close enough for him to extend his influence into Lore.
    Falerin: Last year he altered the nature of the self-proclaimed "Nerflord," the year before that he created the grand illusion of Lore being destroyed based on his limited knowledge of The'Galin-
    Warlic: I get the picture, Loremaster.

    «You enter»

    «You»: Battleon's under control. You two have any luck?
    Falerin: You should know better than to ask, «You».
    Warlic: I've prepared a spell to transport you to Loco's location. All we're waiting on is the containment spell from Kalanyr and Beleqwaya.
    Falerin: They had best hurry. Time is running out.
    «You»: Huh?
    Falerin: The mischief Battleon has experienced so far has been a distraction. His real goal is the void moon, which he has turned into rotten cheese.
    «You»: Ew.... Why rotten?
    Falerin: Apparently he, er... Voided its shelf life. In any event, the stench is powerful enough to melt Lore itself when it crashes.
    «You»: WHEN? You mean he's going to--
    Falerin: He plans to destroy the planet. If he manages to do so, his bindings will be unable to recharge and will break in a matter of months.
    Falerin: I must say, his level of planning is surprising. I didn't think he was capable of this kind of forethought.

    «Kalanyr appears»

    Kalanyr: The containment spell is ready, but there is a complication.
    Warlic: What kind of complication?
    Kalanyr: Loco has help. Radagast and Khold.
    Warlic: ............ Not them.
    «You»: Don't tell me, let me guess. They're megalomaniacal fiends who tried to harness Loco's power for their own purposes only to be enslaved themselves.
    Kalanyr: Not really. They're pranksters, but not evil. It's unlikely that they know the full extent of what they've done.
    «You»: So-- they're brainwashed?
    Kalanyr: It's very probable. In any case, it's unlikely that they'll willingly let the seal take hold.
    Falerin: Need I remind you two that we're short on time?
    Kalanyr: Right. «You», we're going to need you to distract them.
    «You»: Somehow, I knew you were going to say that.
    Falerin: Moving along. Archmage Warlic, if you'd be so kind as to teleport our friend to Loco's Lair...
  • !!!

    «A small glow envelops you and you disappear.»

    Warlic: Done.
    Kalanyr: You forgot to teleport Falerin and I as well.
    Warlic: Oh. Do you suppose our friend will be upset at your delay?
  • ...............

    «Scene: Loco's Lair»

    «You»: ....................... Hello? Falerin? Kalanyr?

    «Falerin and Kalanyr teleport in»

    Falerin: We have arrived. Archmage--
    Kalanyr: Already on it. «You»--
    «You»: I know, I know. Just point me in the right direction!
    Falerin: They're in the next room. Good luck!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Confrontation with Loco, Radagast and Khold»

    Loco: Looks like we have company. Minions, make this adventurer feel welcome!
    Khold: Yes master!!
    Radagast: «You», is it? Can I get you something to drink?
    Khold: I make a wonderful puree of Seedspitter, if you'd like one.
    Loco: ...Good minions are so hard to find these days. I meant get this would-be-hero out of my sight!
    Radagast: Ooooh-- As you command!!
    «You»: Hmm... they don't seem very smart. Maybe I can use that.
    Khold: Hey! We heard that!
    «You»: Note to self: Stop thinking aloud...
  • Try to trick the ensorcelled Radagast and Khold!
      «You»: Alright, looks like there's only one thing to do here. And that's-- By the Elemental Lords! Is that the Libri locus?
      Khold: The Libri locus? The fabled book of pranks?
      Rad: No way!!!

      «Khold and Radagast abandon Loco and go off to look for the Libri locus.»

      «You»: ......I can't believe that actually worked.
      Loco: Yeah. Neither can I. Bravo, I'll have to remember that one. I really should read the fine print on those brainwash spells.

      «The dialogue that continues is the same as after fighting Radagast and Khold.»
  • Try the direct approach! (2 challenge battles in a row!)
      «You»: Can't you see you've been brainwashed? You have to fight it! Don't let Loco control you! We can't let him destroy the world!
      Radagast: Aw, why-- so-- serious?
      «You»: I guess there's no getting through to you. Time to try the old-fashioned way.
      Khold: Hold on for a second.
      (In unison) Radagast: Rock, Paper, Scissors--
      (In unison) Khold Staeirgh: --SHOOT!
    • Fight!Loco: It doesn't matter, though-- My spell is nearly complete! In just moments I will crash the rotten cheese Void moon into Lore! Muahahaha!!!
      Electronic Voice: This spell has performed an illegal operation and must reboot. Recontainment in 10 seconds.
      Loco: No! How can this BE?? You-- you've TRICKED ME!! You won't send me back! I've waited too long for this! All my plans, my spells, my pies!
      Electronic Voice: 9.... 8..... 7.....
      Loco: I won't forget this! If it takes me another 5000 years, I will get out, and then I'll make your descendants pay!
      Electronic Voice: 6..... 5.... 4....
      Loco: They won't be able to find a single chair without a whoopee cushion! You'll see, you'll all see!
      Electronic Voice: 3.....
      Loco: And then I'll get even with Baldy! He thinks he got the last laugh, but no...
      Electronic Voice: 2......
      «You»: Wow, this guy talks fast.
      Electronic Voice: 1.....
      Electronic Voice: Have a nice day.

      «The magic circle glows and disappears along with Loco. Falerin, Kalanyr and Warlic enter.»

      Falerin: I see Loco was as cliche as always.

      «Radagast and Khold enter»

      Radagast: Hey, Kal! What are you doing here? And who are your friends?
      «You»: You don't remember? Anything?
      Khold Staeirgh: .....Remember what?

      And so, after one LOOOONNNGGG explanation...
    • Continue

      Khold Staeirgh: So you're saying that Battleon was reduced to a state of total anarchy?
      Radagast: And the moon was rotten cheese and was about to crash?
      Khold Staeirgh: And we were brainwashed?
      «You»: Yes, yes, yes and yes.
      Radagast: You know what this means, Khold?
      Khold Staeirgh: Yes. Indeed I do...
      Radagast & Khold Staeirgh: BEST PRANK EVER!!!

      «Radagast and Khold exit»

      Radagast: ....But how are we ever gonna top THIS??
      «You»: ....Are they SERIOUS??
      Kalanyr: You know-- I can never tell...
    • !!!
      April Fool's Day 09

    • Loco's Gift
    • Shocking Pen
    • Toy Gun Z
    • Loco's Favor
    • The Zapper
    • Phony Gun
    • Guardian Joy Buzzer
    • Loco's Boon
    • Pop-Out Gun
    • Super Joy Buzzer
    • Joke Gun
    • Loco's Blessing

    • Obvious Red Herring Z
    • Blatant Red Herring
    • Glaring Red Herring
    • Striking Red Herring

    • Empty Cushion
    • False Cushion
    • Razzberry Cushion
    • Whoopie Cushion

    • Play again!
    • 2008: The Rise of the Nerflord!
    • Guardian Tower!
    • Leave

      Write up from whackybeanz.

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