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PaperClip OF DOOM -> Pachelbel's Cannon (4/11/2009 4:39:34)

Pachelbel's Cannon

Location: Popsprocket -> Yix -> Quests -> Pachelbel's Cannon
Requirements: Completion of Richard's Gear
Release Date: April 11th, 2009

Objective: Yix needs you to get on top of Sepulchure's Flying Dracolich Castle and slip a magic eye onto one of his flying eyes!
Objective completed: Now you've finally got the upper hand! If the gnomish Magic Eye works the way that it's supposed to (good luck) then you will have a directly line to Sepulchure's Plans!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Flying Eyeball
(1) Mother Eye, (2) Flying Eyeball - Boss


Charged Cog
Brown Chocolate Egg
Green ZigZag Egg
Purple Spotted Egg
Purple Striped Egg
Red Egg
Shiny Gourd
Mighty Shiny Gourd
Glowing Platinum Pumpkin

Yix: Sepulchure's undead minions are crawling all over the city, trying to fight their way to Balthar and the Energy Orb.
Yix: I had hoped that undead would keep the Cyklons busy enough for you to slip past them...
Yix: ...But I was wrong.
Yix: At least we knew what to expect from the cyklons. We can't fight a battle on two fronts, <Character>.
Yix: We need information on Sepulchure's plans and troop movements, and I think I know just how to get it...

  • Quest!
  • Back

    Yix: For the past few years we've been working on a project we call the Magic Eye.
    Yix: It's a machine that can see images, then transmit them through the aether and we can view them.
    Yix: We view these images from a seperate location AS THEY ARE HAPPENING on a viewing device that we're calling a Far-a-vision!
    Yix: Isn't that brilliant?!
    <Character>: Oh, like a crystal ball!
    Yix: *blink*
    Yix: Well, yes...
    Yix: ...I suppose...
    Yix: ...I suppose you could think of it like that...
    <Character>: It sounds EXACTLY like that.
    <Character>: Or a Magic Mirror. It sounds like that too.
    Yix: FINE, YES! ANYWAY...
    Yix: In the beginning the Magic Eyes were HUGE and bulky... nearly too large to move.
    <Character>: That's funny, most crystal balls can fit in one hand.
    Yix: Stop interrupting...
    Yix: It wasn't very interesting seeing what was happening in the next room on a tiny screen when you could just walk in there...
    <Character>: ...Or look into a...
    Yix: RECENTLY... *glare*
    Yix: ...the team has greatly reduced the size of the Magic Eye. Now it is barely noticable.
    Yix: Gaining entrance into Sepulchure's flying fortress would be impossible...
    Yix: ...but we have spotted a flying eye roost at the top of one of the towers.
    Yix: If we can get you up there with the Magic Eye, then you can attach it to one of the flying eyeballs sleeping in the roost.
    Yix: We would have one of Sepulchure's own flying eyes spying for us and no one would even know it!
    Yix: It would also be the perfect field test for the new smaller Micro-Magic Eye!
    <Character>: So you want to get me on top of the flying dracolich castle, without being noticed...
    <Character>: Then you want me to slip a spy-machine onto a sleeping flying eye... ALSO without being noticed.
    <Character>: Then escape? Unnoticed?
    Yix: Hm? OH YES! Escape... that's part of the plan too.
    <Character>: Do I even want to know how you plan on getting me up there?
    Yix: ......
    Yix: ...... No, probably not.

    Moments Later...

    <Character>: Explain once more why I'm being shot out of a cannon.
    Pachelbel: Because our catapult is having some bugs worked out of it by a researcher named Will E. Kaiotea.
    Pachelbel: ... and if we used a rocket, we'd have to either ram you into the castle or detonate the rocket to get you to your target.
    Pachelbel: This method is considered your safest bet.
    <Character>: Being shot out of a cannon is safest... got it.
    Pachelbel: Ok Yix, light the fuse!


    Yix: Fuse lit, retreating to a safe distance.
    <Character>: That's comforting.
    Pachelbel: A few more seconds and you'll be soaring through the air.. the first human to fly!
    Pachelbel: The world will never forget what you did here today, <Character>!
    <Character>: That's what I'm afraid of.

    *3... 2... 1... Blast Off!* *BLAM*
    *A few hours later...*

    Pachelbel: That was an amazing success, <Character>!
    <Character>: I missed Sepulchure's castle ENTIRELY...
    <Character>: I landed in the Doomwood swamp and had to fight my way past lagoon goons to get back to a gryphon...
    <Character>: Explain how that was a success.
    Pachelbel: It was a learning experience!
    <Character>: ... And what did you learn?
    Pachelbel: To use less blasting powder and to equip you with an emergency parachute.
    <Character>: *sigh*
    <Character>: Is this idea going to work?
    Pachelbel: Sure it is... Light the fuse, Yix.


    Pachelbel: ...once we get the trajectory right. We should only need to fire you three more times before we get the kinks worked out.
    <Character>: WHAT? 3 more times?!? You mean, you're not going to get me up there on this try?
    Pachelbel: HAHA! Don't be silly. We've never done this before... we need to calibrate the...
    <Character>: GET ME OUTTA THIS THING!
    Pachelbel: Oops, here comes the fuse. Good luck, <Character>! Fly! Soar like the eagle!
    <Character>: Wait until I get out of this cannon! I'll make you SORE like the...


    Pachelbel: Hey Yix, we lucked out. It looks like he made it this time!
    Yix: We're SO good!

    *After an unknown amount of time spent unconcious...*

    <Character>: Blatharg lithmpule moffub foop... (Stars surround your character's head)
    <Character>: ... No more badgers, please. I'm full.
    <Character>: Ugh! (Stars disappear)
    <Character>: ... I guess I made it.
    <Character>: I hope I'm on the right floor, at least.
    <Character>: Better get moving. The less time I spend here the better.

    *Your Character sees Mother Eyeball and two Eyeballs*
    <Character>: Holy Mother of Eyeballs!

  • Battle!
  • EXTREME - To Battle!
  • Heal

    <Character>: Looks like I lucked out!
    <Character>: None of the other eyes seem to have woken up...
    <Character>: Now all I have to do is slip this...
    <Character>: ... on one of these guys...
    <Character>: ...and... Voila!
    <Character>: This? This is the greatly reduced in size "MICRO-magic eye"?
    <Character>: Well, too late to complain now. I'm sure that noone will notice.
    <Character>: I'd better jump before any of these eyes wake up!
    <Character>: I sure hope gnomish parachutes work better than their cannons do.

    *Your character is seen dropping from the Dracolich Castle and flying towards the ground*

    <Character>: They don't work any better!

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Sitcom

    Thanks to
  • Highlord Sendai for rewards.
  • Peachii for corrections.
  • Stridoom for corrections.

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