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Jergal -> Scourge's Rampart (7/1/2005 21:15:01)

Scourge's Rampart

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    Level: 105
    Power Level: 105, Mastercraft
    Price: 150,000 221,020
    Sellback: 100,000 147,346
    Location: Nemesis: Justice Goes Blind - Shop IV
    Element: Neutral

    Melee: +11
    Ranged: +9
    Magic: +9

    Fire: +0%
    Water: +0%
    Wind: +0%
    Ice: -23%
    Earth: +0%
    Energy: +0%
    Light: +0%
    Darkness: -13%

    Whenever you are hit, there's a 20% chance of the shield reducing the damage taken by 25%*, up to a maximum of 67 damage per turn.

    *Your shield flares with the might of the Elemental Lords, absorbing points of damage.

    The shield of the mighty Nemesis acts like a fortified wall against Ice damage. Seeking to protect its new owner, its powerful magic improves your reflexes, occasionally helping reduce the damage you take from enemy blows!

    Image thanks to arcangelgabrel. Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Typo correction thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

  • Koree -> RE: Nemesis Shield (3/4/2011 3:56:59)

    Nightmare Morus Nemesis Shield (Also see Phobos Shield, Deimos Shield)

    Level: 70 75 85
    Price: 300 000 200 000 125,000
    Sellback: 200 000 180 000 112,500
    Location: Yulgar's advanced shop Adder's Forge / Visit Frostvale!
    Element: Neutral

    Melee: 20 15
    Ranged: +12
    Magic: +12

    Fire: -15% -10%
    Water: -15% -10%
    Wind: -15% -15%
    Ice: -10% -15%
    Earth -15% -10%
    Energy: -10% -15%
    Light: -10%
    Darkness: -10% -15%

    A super-durable shield of nightmarish power, made so by the power to bring retribution to your foes. It adds greatly to all defenses, especially melee, ice, energy, wind, and darkness.

    Full Set

    Thanks to Sir.BenjaminLederman, Shadowboy, Legasee, and Crynsos. Thanks to Minion of Poelala for the price changes. Typo correction from Seriyu32.

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