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Nemesis: Justice goes blind

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3/9/2011 16:54:22   

Nemesis: Justice goes blind

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Mastercraft Sets » Nemesis!

  • After each mid-boss battle, you are given two choices: Visit the Shop! or Journey On!
  • Regardless of choice, you'll be led to the next set of choices which are: Continue Quest, Story Mode or Abandon Quest.
  • If you select Story Mode, you receive a message:
      You are about to enter Story Mode. You will be able to experience the rest of the story without any fights - but you will not have the opportunity to earn the higher-level sets. This decision cannot be changed without restarting the quest. Do you wish to continue?
    • Yes, enter Story Mode
    • No, continue
  • Selecting 'Yes, enter Story Mode' at any point skips all remaining battles. You receive replacement dialogue for battles, which are colored light blue.
  • If you selected 'No, continue' instead, you then proceed on as per normal and battle your way to the next checkpoint/through to the end.
    A long time ago, there was a great warrior who was so blessed by the Elemental Lords that he was known as the hand of divine justice... the nemesis of all that defied the gods, whether good or evil. So powerful was this "Nemesis" that upon his death his spirit was sealed away in the deepest and darkest recesses of the earth, out of fear that not even death could stop a force of nature, a harbinger of divine vengeance such as this...

    Though his spirit was trapped deep below the earth, the seal has grown steadily weaker, and traces of his powerful spiritual essence have begun to leak out into Lore. This has caught the attention of unsuspecting villains, who seek to take advantage of this great power for their own twisted ends... but they know not what they are threatening to let loose upon the world.

    For in the vast time that has passed, in the depths of the unknown cavern, the seeds of corruption have begun to take root...

    «Scene: Outside a cave in Greenguard Forest. Calladus enters.»

    The far mountainous edges of Greenguard Forest, several days ago...

    Calladus: I don't know what sort of power lies here, but perhaps if I can harness it, I can finally lead an army of dragons to claim Lore as my own!

    «Calladus enters the cave. The scene fades and changes to Warlic's Shop.»

    Warlic: I'm glad you could come on such short notice. We have a serious problem.
    «You»: What is it, Warlic?
    Warlic: I have detected traces of a very powerful and ancient magic hidden deep underground. The source seems to be coming from the distant edge of Greenguard Forest.
    «You»: You can feel the magic from so away?
    Warlic: Only faintly, but yes. And if this magic is so powerful that it can be felt from such a distance, then it could be quite dangerous.
    Warlic: Worse still, the sensation of its magic has only grown stronger and stronger since I first began to feel it. I feel as though some great forgotten power is awakening...
    Warlic: «You», you must help me find this magic. Whatever it is, it is clearly too powerful to be trifled with. And if such power should fall into the wrong hands...

      If you are Evil (-6 or lower Alignment):
      «You»: And how do you know you can trust me with it, either?
      Warlic: I don't intend to. Whatever is stirring beneath our feet threatens all of Lore.
      Warlic: I will seal its magic away and force it back into dormancy.
      «You»: We'll see about that.
      If you are Good (-5 or higher alignment):
      «You»: You can count on me, Warlic!
      Warlic: No, I can't. Whatever is stirring beneath our feet threatens all of Lore.
      Warlic: Even a hero such as you can't be trusted with such power. Power is the greatest form of corruption there is.
      Warlic: I will seal its magic away and force it back into dormancy.
      «You»: Hmm... That is probably for the best, then, if it's as menacing as you say it is.
    Warlic: I will come with you, to ensure that this power is properly contained.
    «You»: Then let's get going!

    Choice: How will you quest?
  • With Warlic
  • Alone

    Regardless of choice:

    «Scene: Outside of the same cave as above.»

    Warlic: The flow of magic appears to be coming from this cavern.
    «You»: There are tracks on the ground here, and they look quite new. Someone got here before us.
    Warlic: We must hurry, «You». If one of Lore's villains has already stumbled upon this strange magical power source...
    «You»: We'd better get inside, then!
      12 BATTLES
      Full Heal after every 2 battles. See below for monster list.
    Warlic: The magic power is still below... and it is still growing stronger.
    «You»: I know... I can feel it weighing down on me...

      Intelligence Check!
      Do you have the magical power necessary to resist the pressure from this strange magic?
      Difficulty: 61
      Stat Used: Intelligence

      «If you fail, then you can choose to defy it, and continue as if you won the save»
    «If you win:»
      «You»: But so far, I've been able to counter the pressure by pushing back with my own magical power.
      Warlic: Oh, indeed? Very impressive.
    «If you fail:»
      Strength Check!
      Lacking the arcane strength, do you at least have the physical strength to soldier on despite this palpable weight?
      Difficulty: 61
      Stat Used: Strength

      «If you fail, then you can choose to defy it, and continue as if you won the save»

      If you succeed:

        Warlic: And yet you remain standing? You must have exceptional physical strength to hold out this long!

      If you fail:

        «You»: Uuungh. I don’t think I can go any further... whatever it is, it’s weakening me and sapping my mana to feed its own strength.
        (You lose 1/4 of your max HP and 1/4 of your max MP.)
        Warlic: Perhaps I can help...
        (Warlic glows)
        «You»: That did help, thanks!
        Warlic: I extended the reach of my own magical shielding so that you could resist the magic’s great pressure, too.
        Warlic: You should be fine for the time being.
    «You»: What a great and fearful power!
    «You»: Let's keep going. Whatever is going on down there, we have to stop whoever else is down here from getting to it first!

    You have survived this far and have discovered a mystical shop! You can either:
  • Visit the Shop - Opens Nemesis shop
  • Journey On!

    «Regardless of choice, you'll be led to the next set of options.»

  • Continue Quest
  • Story Mode
  • Abandon Quest

    Story Mode:
      You continue to battle through the dark tunnels of this cave and its large monster population until you reach the heart of the cave:

      A large cavernous area with a strange stone slab in the center...
      12 BATTLES
      Full Heal after every 2 battles
    Calladus: Ah, the heroes have arrived. But you're too late!
    Warlic: Stop! You have no idea what you're doing!
    «You»: If you break that slab...

    «Calladus raises his hand and the slab breaks.»

    «You»: ... all of Lore could be in danger. *sigh*
    Calladus: Of course all of Lore is in danger! I will now use this great power to conquer all of Lore's heroes, obliterate them, and then take over!

    «Nemesis erupts from the crack.»

    Calladus: What? I thought this slab contained some sort of powerful magic. Who are you? Where is the power I sought?
    Nemesis: I was known by many names... but to those who feared and knew me the most, I was merely called "Nemesis."
    Warlic: ... Nemesis? The magical warrior blessed by the Elemental Lords to exact divine justice on the forces of evil?
    Warlic: But you are just an ancient legend... a few pages in some forgotten text. You were said to never have existed at all.
    Nemesis: I was merely sealed away. The forces of evil feared that even death would not be enough to stop me.
    Nemesis: But now, the seal has been broken...
    Calladus: And you will serve me! I released you from your bonds, and--
    Nemesis: -- Serve?! Presumptuous knave, I serve NONE! You, I will DESTROY!

    «Nemesis hits Calladus, who falls onto the ground.»

    Calladus: Ugh... wh... what... what are you?!
    Nemesis: You, follower of evil, have sown chaos among the world of Lore. Your sinful deeds have left scars on your soul, scars which I can see.
    Nemesis: And now, you shall be brought to justice. For your misdeeds, there is but one punishment: a swift death.

    «Calladus disappears and Nemesis turns around.»

    «You»: ... You... you killed him!
    Nemesis: His death was just. The gods were displeased with him, and the only fate for such a being is death.

      If you are Good (-5 or higher alignment):
      «You»: Don't try to justify your actions here. I've stopped villains before without killing them!
      Nemesis: Then you are a sorry excuse for a hero.
      «You»: If murder is heroic, then I'm proud not to be a hero.
      Nemesis: I have heard enough. Though you claim to follow Good, you are clearly Evil to denounce the hand of the gods!
      Nemesis: Prepare to join your fellow follower of Evil in death!
      If you are Evil (-6 or lower Alignment):
      «You»: Eh, well...
      Nemesis: ... come to mention it, you, too, reek of Evil...
      Nemesis: Prepare yourself... for justice from the Elemental Lords!
    «Regardless of your alignment, you proceed to the battle below.»Lose to Nemesis / Story Mode:
      You struggle valiantly against the powerful Nemesis, but it is clear you are outmatched. You begin to grow weary, while he never seems to get any weaker at all...
    Nemesis: A fair effort. But with the power of the Elemental Lords themselves flowing through my veins, I do not tire.
    «You»: *huff* ... *wheeze*
    Nemesis: Are you prepared to die?
    Warlic: You shall shed no more blood today, Nemesis, least of all that of «You»!
    Nemesis: ... you choose to interfere with my mission? Then you, too, are a follower of Evil, magus!
    Nemesis: Hmm... no. Though you do bear a stain on your soul, I also see the light of the Lords in you.
    Nemesis: Very well, then. If you insist, I will spare this... "«You»".
    Nemesis: But there are others. Many others! I feel that Lore's people have been corrupted in my absence. They will all feel the hand of justice!

    «Nemesis leaves.»

    Warlic: There's something wrong here. Nemesis was never concerned with Good or Evil in the legends of old.
    Warlic: It was said he brought justice to those who had earned divine punishment, Good or Evil, and never killed in cold blood. But this is clearly not how he behaved today...
    «You»: He wanted to kill me without any real reason at all. There is definitely something wrong, Warlic.
    Warlic: He has no doubt gone out to continue his mission. But his mind and mission have been corrupted somehow...
    Warlic: I will stay here to examine this place. Maybe I can find a trace of what caused this. Perhaps I can even find a way to seal him away again.
    «You»: I wish you luck. I have to follow him. You heard what he said-- There's no telling what he'll do to Lore!
    Warlic: That is a good plan. I will endeavor to meet up with you when I have learned something we can use against him.

    ««You» leave.»

    Warlic: Now let's see what this will do...

    «The crack seals and the scene fades.»

    Story Mode:
      You leave Warlic to examine the area for clues, and go off in pursuit of Nemesis, hoping to prevent any more bloodshed. You exit the cave and fight your way through the forests of Greenguard, before finally catching up with Nemesis at the forest's edge...

    You have survived this far and have discovered a mystical shop! You can either:
  • Visit the Shop - Opens Nemesis II shop
  • Journey On!

    «Regardless of choice, you'll be led to the next set of options.»

  • Continue Quest
  • Story Mode
  • Abandon Quest
      12 BATTLES
      Full Heal after every 2 battles
    «You»: Nemesis!
    Nemesis: Do not bother me, «You». Though your mage convinced me to stay your sentence, I assure you that your death at my hands, as with all Evil, is inevitable.
    Nemesis: For now, I intend to visit a shrine that I recall deep in the frozen mountains of the north.
    Nemesis: It was there that I became the harbinger of divine justice... and it is there that I shall renew my vows!
    «You»: You don't even seem to care that you just murdered someone!
    Nemesis: Because I don't. He was a villain. Evil exists to corrupt the world, and I exist to bring it to justice.

      If you are Evil (-6 or lower Alignment):
      «You»: Evil is not mere corruption. You speak as a true follower of "Good"... ignorant of reality.
      Nemesis: Do not try to claim otherwise. The blood of many monsters stains your spirit red.
      «You»: Those who oppose me perish. It is their... how would you put it?... "just reward."
      «You»: They claim to serve some higher calling while calling us outcasts and destroying our livelihood.
      Nemesis: You waste your time complaining to me. I once foolishly believed that good and evil were equal in sin.
      Nemesis: But that was before I came to the realization that the forces of evil are always more corrupt.
      «You»: More ignorance, spoken out of misunderstanding and delusion.
      «You»: I've seen those who serve Good wield their worthless sense of morality to exact unjust ends. It's all a matter of perspective-- and yours is clearly clouded.
      «You»: Or else you might soon become just another one of them. Petty failures, all...
      If you are Good (-5 or higher alignment):
      «You»: What justice is served by killing in cold blood?
      Nemesis: You are hardly one to talk. The blood of many monsters stains your spirit red.
      «You»: But when I fight monsters, it is for a just cause. I do it to defend my home from those who would destroy it. Can you claim the same?
      Nemesis: Perhaps at one time, when I believed that good and evil were equal in sin.
      Nemesis: But that was before I came to the realization that the forces of evil are always more corrupt.
      «You»: By whose standard?
      Nemesis: ... What nonsense do you speak?
      «You»: That which is considered "good" by some can still be "evil" to others, Nemesis.
      «You»: I've seen Good used blindly to exact unjust ends, too. It's a matter of perspective. And your perspective is clearly clouded.
    Nemesis: ... Why am I even listening to you? Your words are meaningless, lies spoken only in a vain attempt to save yourself from my future wrath.
    «You»: No, Nemesis, you're wrong! They are spoken to prevent more death!
    Nemesis: I will tolerate your delays no longer. I make for the mountain shrine. In the meantime, my loyal spirit guardian will take care of you.

    Story Mode:
      You commence an intense battle with Nemesis's Spirit Guardian. The spirit shows no signs of fear or wear, however, and you begin to worry that you might not be able to overcome it. Eventually, however, the spirit seems to admit defeat and flees after its master.
    You have survived this far and have discovered a mystical shop! You can either:
  • Visit the Shop - Opens Nemesis III shop
  • Journey On!

    «Regardless of choice, you'll be led to the next set of options.»

    «You»: Whew, that was quite the fight.
    «You»: Let's see... Nemesis didn't really specify WHERE in the mountains he intended to go. But maybe if I follow his little spirit friend, I'll find him.
    «You»: Get ready to face TRUE justice, Nemesis!
  • Continue Quest
  • Story Mode
  • Abandon Quest

    Story Mode:
      You find yourself battling a large number of ice monsters, as well as the elements themselves, as you ascend into the icy mountains of the north. Following the spirit animal turns out to be a boon, as it leads you straight to the shrine, where Nemesis is waiting...
      12 BATTLES
      Full Heal after every 2 battles
    «You»: I have found you, Nemesis. Here, in this icy shrine, I will end this before you kill anyone else!
    Nemesis: I think not, «You». I AM the power and judgment of the Elemental Lords. I far surpass your capabilities.
    «You»: Your time imprisoned has corrupted you, Nemesis. Powerful or not, I must set things right!
    Warlic: (off-screen) «You»!

    «Warlic appears.»

    «You»: Warlic! I don't know how you found me, but you're just in time. I hope you have some good news.
    Warlic: I managed to find some ancient texts that referred to this shrine as the origin of Nemesis's power. So it would seem natural that he would come here first to awaken his full power.
    Nemesis: You will not stay my hand this time, mage! I am resolved!
    Warlic: Of course you are. I also managed to study the runes carved into the tablet he was trapped within.
    Warlic: I believe I now have a spell that can bind his powers somewhat, making it easier for you to defeat him.
    Nemesis: Cowardice! You would resort to magickal trickery, rather than facing me at my full skill and power?!

    Story Mode:
      Even with Warlic's spell, your battle with Nemesis is long and challenging. The clash of weapon against weapon and armor rings through the chamber. Eventually, you land enough blows to bring Nemesis low, and you are victorious!

    Earn Lvl 120 and Lvl 135 Sets (Challenge Battle)
  • Fight Unaided - Opens Final Nemesis shop at the end of the questEarn Lvl 90 and Lvl 105 Sets
  • Cast Spell - Opens Nemesis IV shop at the end of the questNemesis: I... I... am... beaten.
    «You»: It turns out that it is I who brought the justice of the Elemental Lords today, Nemesis.
    Nemesis: Indeed... and in defeat, the haze that clouded my mind has cleared. I... was mistaken in thinking that I was serving justice.
    Nemesis: Good or evil, true justice treats both sides of the coin equally. The times have changed... and so have I. Perhaps it is time for another to inherit my role.
    Nemesis: «You»! YOU are hereby charged with my duty! Be the hand of divine justice and bring the wrath of the Elemental Lords to bear!
    Nemesis: If you accept this task, I shall grant you my powers.
    «You»: I accept.
    Nemesis: Then... I can finally embrace death...

    «Nemesis leaves, transparent.»

    Warlic: What will you do now, «You»? You have been granted great power.

      If you are Evil (-6 or lower Alignment):
      «You»: I told you that you would not withhold this great power from me, Warlic.
      Warlic: Yes... and I fear that, though you have aided Lore in the past, perhaps Nemesis chose poorly in the end...
      If you are Good (-5 or higher alignment):
      «You»: Carry on his legacy, the way he would have wanted it.
      Warlic: I do not think Lore could ask for a better keeper of justice than you.
    «End-quest shops open here.»

    And so, Nemesis was defeated and passed his duties to you.
    Whether good or evil, you are now charged with the duty of bringing true justice to the land of Lore.

    Use your new powers wisely, lest you meet the same fate as your predecessor...

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

  • Punisher's Decree Z
  • Punisher's Decree

  • Punisher's Maxim Z
  • Punisher's Maxim

  • Punisher's Protection Z
  • Punisher's Protection

  • Punisher's Escort Z
  • Punisher's Escort
    Nemesis II

  • Vindicator's Edict

  • Vindicator's Precept

  • Vindicator's Shelter

  • Vindicator's Attendant
    Nemesis III

  • Avenger's Judgment

  • Avenger's Principle

  • Avenger's Barrier

  • Avenger's Sentinel
    Nemesis IV

  • Vigilante's Verdict
  • Scourge's Conviction

  • Vigilante's Creed
  • Scourge's Tenet

  • Vigilante's Bulwark
  • Scourge's Rampart

  • Vigilante's Shepherd
  • Scourge's Defender
    Final Nemesis

  • Castigator's Retribution
  • Nemesis's Condemnation

  • Castigator's Doctrine
  • Nemesis's Testament

  • Castigator's Stronghold
  • Nemesis's Bastion

  • Castigator's Champion
  • Nemesis's Guardian

    Monster List

    Random Ice monsters:

    Cavezard (48)
    Corpsicle (40)
    Frost Wraith (40)
    Ice Burrower (35)
    Ice Warlord (55)
    Jotun Executioner (48)
    Quadrus (50)
    Shellzard (50)
    Shellzard (30)
    Tundra Reaver (54)
    Two-Bear (40)
    Yeti (45)

    Nemesis (130)

    Forest monsters:

    Am-Bush (80)
    Deery (82)
    Drakel Swordmistress (79)
    O'Beany (67)
    O'Greeny (65)
    O'Meany (85)
    Owl (78)
    Plant Dragon (75)
    Rabid BURP (80)
    Ravenous Were-Hare (80)
    Sneak (75)
    Wolverine (75)
    Woodland Pack (85)
    Woodland Pack (65)
    Zard X-3 (80)

    Nemesis Guardian (80)

    (More forest monsters)

    Nemesis (100 or 130)

    Write up from ArchMagus Orodalf. Monster list from In Media Res. Updated location thanks to Archlist.

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