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Battleon > Yulgar's Inn > Click on Yulgar > Talk to Hans > Cysero...Returns?

«Scene: Kabroz and his undead minions»

«You»: That's it, Kabroz! Your scheming stops here!
Kabroz: I don...*Achoo* think so.... My magic will *Achoo* put an end to you...
«You»: Are... you okay Kabroz? You sound kinda sick. I don't think I've ever seen a moglin with a cold before.
Kabroz: Don't *cough* change the subject. Of course we get *Achoo* sick... it is much rarer due to our healing natures, but when a cold actually gets through it is all that much worse!
Kabroz: Now stand aside, «You», or I will have to do something you might regret... and I will find very fun!
«You»: Knock it off, Kabroz, before you make yourself sicker. I'll go get Zorbak and you can get some chicken soup or something.
Kabroz: Do you think I'm *Achoo* two years old?! It's silly adventurers like you who run around in bunny jammies with slippers and lame *Achoo* commemorative T-Shirts!
Kabroz: I am a master of *Achoo* dark powers FAR beyond your limited comprehension and I *ACHOO* will --

Zorbak enters

Zorbak: Come along, Kabroz... The soup is ready!
Kabroz: Zorbak, what did I *ACHOO* TELL you about interrupting me?! *ACHOO* ... Fine. But it'd better be Mother's. And YOU! We'll finish this *ACHOO* later!!

Zorbak, Kabroz and his undead minions leave

«You»: ... *achoo* ... oh greheat... I c'ut his culd.
«Scene: Battleon Inn»

«You»: He mucked meh, Yulhg*achoo*ar. I deed a armor far more ubear add fearsum dan usual if I am going to be taken seriously wit dis cold.
Yulgar: Something u... I see. I am not the smith for you. I have only ever known one smith mad enough to make what you desire, but... the cost might be quite high...
«You»: No cost is too high... *achoo* What do I need to *cough* gather?
Yulgar: ... Socks.
«You»: Did you just say "socks"?!?
Hans: Oh no... not him... Yes, he said "socks."
Yulgar: Not just any socks will do. They must be the ultimate socks. That will just be the first part as well.
Yulgar: You can expect to be sent on a few pointless, unrelated and exceedingly difficult expeditions if you even want him to consider making what you want.
Yulgar: And then, of course, you will have to pay a pretty penny, too...
Hans: Isn't the point of going on such a long expedition to earn the set?
Yulgar: Why are you eternally asking silly questions? Of course not. The purpose of going on the quest is just to get the privilege of basking in his glory.
Yulgar: Until you do that you cannot possibly make a request.
«You»: Well, SOCKS it is, then! Now *achoo* where would I go to get some socks?
  • Search for socks!

    You play a mini-game where you navigate through the whole of Battleon to find the socks. You can click on various spots to see if there is a sock there.

    When you clicked on the correct spot...

    Warlic: Never sneak into an archmage's magic shop and look through his stuff! Now, you must SMELL THE SOCK OF DOOM as your punishment!!!
  • !!!!

    A green glowing socks flies in. Click on it and the message "Smelly green sock! Yay!!!" appears!

    Warlic: Ewwww... You actually touched the sock of doom! Your magic must be very, VERY strong...
    Warlic: However, mine is MUCH STRONGER. I am an archmage -- the most powerful archmage. So if you want the sock, I'd like you to do me a favor.
    Warlic: Go slay a couple pesky evil deer in Greenguard Forest. The blasted things have been eating in my grove of Sudsy Lichen, one of my favorite spell components.
    Warlic: Go get rid of them and I won't vaporize you with a flick of my wrist.
  • You got it!

    «Scene: Greenguard Forest»

    Full Heal after every battle

    «Scene: Warlic's Shop»

    Warlic: Nice work, friend. Now take my sock and leave, before I change my mind...

    Warlic leaves
    «Scene: Battleon Inn»

    Hans: But how do I show her that I care? She only barely notices me.
    The Eternal: USE THE FLORIST, young blacksmith.
    Hans: The FLORIST?
    The Eternal: Most young ladies appreciate flowers.

    As you enter, the Eternal disappears.

    «You»: Were you talking to *choo* sumwine?
    Hans: Uh-- Just myself!
    «You»: Right, so I have gotten the socks. What is that strange box doing here?

    Yulgar enters

    Yulgar: I will bring him the socks. Now go and get him a shiny rubber duckie.

    Yulgar enters the phone booth

    Yulgar: I have the socks for you.
    ???: Perfect! Now what was it «You» wanted again?
    Yulgar: Well, I'm not sure I really get it, but "something totally..."

    The phone booth door closes

    «You»: Did he say I deeded a *sniffle* rubber ducky?
    Hans: He likes them when he takes his bath.
    «You»: Dis is silly and pointless. *Achoo*
    Hans: Do you want the set or not? Now go get a rubber duckie!
    «You»: Where would I find one of dose?!
    Hans: Well, if I were you, I'd go check with Aquella the Water Elf. After all, she should know everything that has to do with water. I think she is at Azma Lake...
  • Go!

    «Scene: Azma Lake»

    «You»: *sniffles* Aquella! I ab on a quest of da highest importance! I deed your help!
    Aquella: Oh my! What is it?? What can I do??
    «You»: I DEED A RUBBER DUCKY! *achoo!*
    Aquella: .........................
    Aquella: Okay, follow me. But this had better be WORTH it.
    «You»: Worth it? How tough cad getting a *ACHOO* rubber ducky be??
    Aquella: This isn't just ANY rubber ducky. It is the ONLY rubber ducky in existence! Now follow me-- into the lake!
  • Go!

    Aquella replaces your guest slot

    «Scene: Underwater»

    All are random Water monsters.
    Full heal after the first, third, and fifth battle.

    You receive the rubber ducky

    Aquella: The rubber ducky is YOURS! Take good care of it -- It might save the world someday!
  • !!!

    Aquella is removed from your guest slot
    «Scene: Battleon Inn»

    ???: Ah.... you brought my duck. Just in time, too; I am about to take a bath, if I can get number 42 working properly.
    «You»: ......................
    ???: Let's see. I think THIS is the right vial.

    Purple fumes begin to fill up the room and you collapse. Shortly after, you wake up.

    Yulgar: WERE talking to someone Hans. Don't play dumb. ...Oh, it looks like «You» is waking up!
    «You»: ...what happened? Hey, my cold is gone!
    Hans: CYSERO happened.
    Yulgar: He has left to do other things. He did however say that I could give you the armor you asked for if you completed this final task. He's even working on a weapon and shield to go with it.
    «You»: Final task? You mean finding the Sock of Doom and the only rubber ducky in existence wasn't enough? I hope this armor is REALLY fearsome...
    Yulgar: Yes, just one final task. Honestly, I'm amazed, he's letting you off easy. Then again, you did test his catatonia smoke for him.
    «You»: .........................
    Yulgar: Cysero needs you to find a brainfish so he can finish one of his experiments on animal intellect.
    Hans: Apparently these fish are geniuses, and they come by it naturally. He was so amused he made one even smarter than usual.
    Hans: ...Unfortunately, it was so smart it escaped.
    Yulgar: Cysero hopes that the experiments will give us insight into both the Zard and Sneevil issues.
    «You»: I see.
    Yulgar: Speaking of Zards and Sneevils...
    Yulgar: He says the brainfish ended up in a pond in an encampment far far in the western half of the Smoke Mountains. It is one of the last Sneevil outposts this far east.
    Yulgar: There also are some rather fierce and highly intelligent zards in that area.

    A hologram of Cysero appears

    Yulgar: Ah, this is your benefactor! «You», meet Cysero. Cysero, meet «You»!
    Cysero: The socks and rubber ducky were PERFECT, «You»!
    Hans: Your reputation precedes him.
    «You»: Hey!
    Hans: Given all of the creatures there are showing advanced development, could it be something natural?
    «You»: Like what?
    Cysero: It could be something in the water.
    «You»: ......riiiiiiiiiight........
    Yulgar: Fight your way to the brainfish and then convince him to come back here.
    «You»: Can't I just fight him and drag him back?
    Yulgar: Well, you might need to fight him to convince him to cooperate.
    Cysero: -- But I can't study him if he's DEAD! Bring him to me alive if you want what you asked for.

    The hologram of Cysero disappears.

    «You»: ... REALLY fearsome. And there'd better be a pet with that weapon and shield. I mean, I'm already cured, but I'm this far in...
    Yulgar: No cold feet allowed here, friend. YOU called in the Mad Weaponsmith, YOU get to hunt for his brainfish. He's been working hard for you. I wouldn't disappoint him.
    «You»: Why not?
    Yulgar: This man once turned a Guardian Tower into a fish.
    «You»: A whole, big... Oh. *gulp* So, west half of the Smoke Mountains, you say?
  • Brainfish!
    «Scene: Forest»

    1 BATTLE
    Full heal

    1 BATTLE
    Level 0-13: Firezard (1)
    Level 14-23: LightZard (15)
    Level 24-33: MotherZard (30)
    Level 34-53: Grandmother Zard (45)
    Level 54-73: Frogzard Defender (63)
    Level 74+: SmartZard (75)
    Full heal

    «Scene: Waterfall»

    «You»: Flying Brainfish!
    ???: How astute of you! But you OFFEND me with that absurd generalization. I am not just any old flying brainfish -- I am TED.
    «You»: Oh-- sorry for the, uh, insensitivity I showed toward your individuality. Now, please come along with me. I have to take you back to your creator.
    Ted: Why, I am just beginning to discover my independence and assert my dominance over the natural realm! I CANNOT be bothered with responding to every whim of my master.
    «You»: Great! Just the attitude I was hoping for! Now let's fight!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Ted: Just so we are clear on this, I am only going with you because I have determined through many rounds of deep logical thought that it would make Cysero feel good for me to do so.
    «You»: So the fact that I beat the pulp of you doesn't matter?
    Ted: ................
    Ted: No, not at all.

    «Scene: Battleon Inn»

    «You»: That was crazy!
    Ted: You are telling me... anyway, I told her if she could not figure out differentials, then we really did not have anything in common. Fish like her are always after the bad boys--
    Ted: -- like the salmon. Just because they are macho and swim upstream for romance. I told her, nothing good ever comes of fish who drop out of the school.

    Cysero's hologram appears

    Cysero: I think I got the pipes fixed, Yulgar. And oh, cool, you found Ted. Let me just finish this test first, and then we'll--
    Ted: I think you will find that you do not want that magenta one, you want the--

    The cutscene shows Cysero pouring the vial containing a magenta solution into another vial, then fumes erupt from it.

    Ted: ---oh my---

    The fumes spread through the whole room, and you collapse again. Shortly after, you wake up.

    Yulgar: ...That is one strange story, Hans. Oh! «You» is waking up!
    «You»: Where are Cysero and Ted?
    Yulgar: They went somewhere to discuss philosophy.
    «You»: ..................
    Yulgar: He did leave what you requested... a totally ubear set. This one is patterned after a circus bear.
    Hans: I like the grizzly and polar ones better.
    Yulgar: Yes, but they were not quite «You»'s style. You heard earlier-- «You» likes things like bunny jammies.
    «You»: Wait-- Ubear? U-BEAR?? That's not what I said!
    Hans: Oh-- oh my-- you had a COLD, remember? Stuffy noses are notorious for making you sound different. Oh well, Cysero did his best! I guess you will just have to GRIN AND BEAR IT!
  • Puntastic!!
    Ubear Set

  • Fairy Floss Lance Z
  • Candy Floss Lance Z
  • Fairy Floss Lance
  • Candy Floss Lance
  • Fairy Floss Spear
  • Candy Floss Spear
  • Cotton Candy Spear

  • CircuZ Ubear Form
  • Performing CircuZ Ubear Form
  • Circus Ubear Form
  • Performing Circus Ubear Form
  • Dancing Circus Ubear Form
  • Cycling Circus Ubear Form
  • Shooting Circus Ubear Form

  • Miniature Box o' PeanutZ
  • Small Box o' PeanutZ
  • Miniature Box o' Peanuts
  • Small Box o' Peanuts
  • Box o' Peanuts
  • Large Box o' Peanuts
  • Huge Box o' Peanuts

  • Model Big Top Z
  • Teeny Big Top Z
  • Model Big Top
  • Teeny Big Top
  • Pygmy Big Top
  • Mini Big Top
  • Lil' Big Top

  • Play again!
  • Leave

    Here are all the clickies you can find throughout the search for the sock of doom!

    Battleon Inn
    Main entrance
    No sock for you!
    Nice guess, thinking a sock might have been hidden behind a painting on the wall-- but no.
    Potted plants don't need socks!
    What would an AXE be doing with a sock?!
    This bag was cleverly disguised as a dirty laundry bag -- but you're wrong anyway!
    Socks are waaaay too comfortable for Yulgar to wear!
    Hans is only an apprentice -- He can't afford socks yet!

    The table says: The sock went this way! The stool says: The sock went THAT way!
    Lots of ashes -- some may even be from burnt socks.

    Room with Mousehole
    There are some boxer shorts in these boxes, but no boxer socks.
    There are such things as socks with holes in them. But there are NO holes with socks in them.
    There are some baggy pants in these bags, but no baggy socks.

    Blackhawke has not seen any socks today...
    The meaning of life is behind this door, but not any socks.
    Nothing in here... If anyone were to leave socks in the restroom, the shower monster would surely take them.

    Bishop Finch wears socks, but if you try to take them, he'll cut you...
    A box of rocks, a box of locks, and a box of smocks... but no box of socks!
    Easy to see how you might mistake a spider web for a sock...

    Outside Battleon Inn
    The Guardian Tower is closed for sock-hiding day! Just kidding-- it's closed while it is fumigated for fire ants.

    Aria's Pet Shop
    Trobbles often use socks as hats, but not this trobble, and not today.
    Rascal here ATE a sock last week, but you DON'T want to touch that one.
    Something tells you that Aria's socks are not the socks you're looking for...

    Warlic's Shop
    I have never heard of a sock pot -- have you?
    No socks are hidden among Warlic's many spell components!

    Thanks to whackybeanz. Location update thanks to Windy

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