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The Search

Other name: North

Location: Yulgar's Weapon Shop / Battleon Inn -> Yulgar / "Yulgar" -> Fire War -> North -> Quest!
Requirements: Completion of Aftermath
Release Date: June 12th, 2009

Objective: You head North with Demento.
Objective completed: You've found the caves... but what dwells within?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Frost Goblin
(3) Killguin
(9) Snowball
(2) Tusker
(4) Ursice Savage



Demento: <Character>, Akriloth must be stopped.
Demento: We'll go north and search the frozen wastes there.
Demento: There is a clan of ice dragons, as well as a rumor of something more ancient...
Demento: ...Something that dwells in the glacial caves and collects the frozen remnants of battles long past.
Demento: Will you go with me?
<Character>: Of course, Demento. I... whatever I can do to help bring down that fire dragon.
<Character>: What, or who, are we searching for?
Demento: Long ago, the Elemental Lords placed guardians on Lore to protect their realms.
Demento: It is said one of the ice guardians became corrupted, greedy.
Demento: Instead of protecting the area left to it, it incited battles, it stole treasures... and weapons, including the Ice Scythe.
<Character>: Ice Scythe?
Demento: The Ice Scythe was crafted from the coldest glacial ice, cut from the depths of a lost cavern and enchanted with a powerful special effect.
Demento: I believe that if you hit Akriloth with the Ice Scythe just once, it will drain his power and transfer some of its strength to you.
Demento: It should make the fight fair... but first, we need to find the corrupted guardian's lair.

*You fight your way through various monsters in search of the corrupted guardian's lair, marked by blue sparkles; if decoy sparkles are found, retrace your steps until you find an alternate path, marked by dirt patches; once you find the lair, you rest.*

Demento: Here, look <Character>.
Demento: Do you see them?
<Character>: See what?
Demento: The caves. There in the mountain side.
Demento: We'll camp tonight and explore the mountain side when we're rested.

*You can Demento sit before a campfire as it gets dark.*

<Character>: Demento...
<Character>: I thought all of Galanoth's family had been killed by Akriloth.
Demento: I am not Galanoth's brother by birth, <Character>.
Demento: After Akriloth burned his family's farm to the ground, my family took him in.
Demento: We became blood brother's shortly after that.
<Character>: I see... what happened to make you become blood brothers?
Demento: *laughs*
Demento: Gal was just five years old, but he was already fearless...
Demento: I was ten, and apparently looked like good prey.
Demento: I was out, gathering wood for camp and a wyvern swooped down and grasped me in it's claws.
Demento: Wyverns would occasionally take smaller farm animals to feed their brood, but with Akriloth rampaging... I was much easier prey.
Demento: The wyvern swooped down to carry me off and Galanoth ran...
Demento: Heh, it seemed like he jumped 10 feet into the air... and he grabbed hold of my legs and wouldn't let go.
Demento: Our weight together was too much for the wyvern and she dropped us back down.
Demento: Gal saved me from becoming dragon food and I owe him my life.
Demento: Anyways... it's time to gather our energy, <Character>.
Demento: We have an ancient and corrupt guardian to face tomorrow...
Demento: And we have to convince him to give us the only weapon strong enough to defeat Akriloth!

*Meanwhile, Konnan is still grieving his family's passing.*

Konnan: I...
Konnan: I can't believe they're gone.
Konnan: My whole family wiped out...
Konnan: I've been gone so long...
Konnan: It seems like I've spent years just standing around in Yulgar's forge, when I should have been home. If... if I had been home....
Xan: You would have been incinerated as well, my young friend.
Xan: I understand your pain.
Xan: I lost someone due to the carelessness of someone who I thought was a friend...
Xan: Just like you.
Konnan: <Character>...
Konnan: <Character> had to have tried... it's just...
Konnan: s/he is a hero, s/he has saved Falconreach, faced bandits and monsters, I've heard rumors that s/he even has a pet dragon!
Konnan: How could they lose so badly to this Akriloth....
Xan: Hah, a hero?
Xan: That "hero" and her/his pathetic band should have saved your family. They only look out for themselves though.
Xan: Galanoth only goes after the dragon, he could have saved your family.
Xan: <Character> could have led them away! Instead they were taken from you!
Xan: My own love, my Jaania... was taken from me by that misfit mage, Warlic...
Konnan: Warlic? But... but, he's good...
Xan: That's what he wants you to think!
Xan: But who's here now? Offering to help you, train you, so you can get your revenge?
Xan: Warlic and his little minion, <Character>... they even attacked me! They stole my book of power, called me evil.
Konnan: But... why?
Xan: Jealousy, Konnan.
Xan: Warlic caused the accident that took Jaania from me, and now he tries to steal my power so I can't get her back!
Xan: They're only interested in their own power, not min...
Xan: ...
Xan: Ours.
Xan: You have the gift of magic too, Konnan. I can show you how to bend fire to your will, how to enchant with it, make it live... and make it die.
Xan: No mere fire dragon will be able to defeat you...
Xan: And once Akriloth is gone, you can go after the ones that caused your family to die, the one that took my Jaania away from me.
Xan: <Character>, Galanoth, Warlic... all of them!!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Pop-up headline during the quest:

  • Ohhh Shiny!!Okay...distracted enough
  • This quest received quality of life updates on April 30th, 2021; more information can be found in the April 30th, 2021 Design Notes.
  • Various misspellings of Jaania in the dialogue were corrected on June 23th, 2022.

    Thanks to AztecArcher, Peachii, Stephen Nix, and Voodoo Master for corrections..

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