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Koree -> Mystery Mail (6/22/2009 1:43:24)

Mystery Mail

«Neutral Light/Darkness armor. If you have enough SP, you can choose between Normal, Light, and Darkness attack.»

Also see other Contradiction armours ( Anomalous Armor Z, Mystery Mail, Enigma Ward Z, Contradiction Cuirass, Paradox Plate, Nonsense Uniform, Riddle Regalia)

Location: Mystery! AQ Live
Element: Neutral
Level	50
PowLvl	50
MPLvl	50

Price	2688
Sell	1344

Melee	30
Ranged	30
Magic	30

Fire	84
Water	84
Wind	84
Ice	84
Earth 	84
Energy	84
Light 	74
Dark	74

Hits: 1
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
BR%	250
Stat%	430

  • You receive Armor Lean x1.
  • If you have at least 14 SP, you can choose between Normal, Light, and Darkness attack. If you don't, then you automatically use the Normal Attack.

    SPCost	14

    Light Attack!*
    Hits: 2
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Element: Light
    BR%	130.3
    Stat%	224.1
    BTH	6

    Darkness Attack!**
    Hits: 2
    Type: «As Weapon»
    Element: Darkness
    BR%	130.3
    Stat%	224.1
    BTH	6

    *Infuse your weapon with Light and attack! 14 SP!
    **Infuse your weapon with Darkness and attack! 14 SP!

    This armor possesses the power of both light and darkness, forever in conflict!
    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Image thanks to Koree. Correction thanks to afterlifex. Write up thanks to Bu Kek Siansu


    The armor attack starts off as a neutral armor attack:
    Level	50
    PowLvl	50
    BR%	250
    Stat%	430
    BTH	6
    EleComp	1.04218

    The skill receives the listed multiplier to damage as an elemental compensation.

    June 13, 2009: The armor was released.
    March 9, 2014: The armor was updated.

  • Koree -> RE: Mystery Mail (6/22/2009 1:43:45)

    Mystery Mail

    Location: Mystery! AQ Live (Given to characters of level 50+)

    «Otherwise, EXACTLY as above»

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