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Trillionaire -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/4/2009 13:21:16)

Character Info: Non-WG
Char ID (optional)
Char Name (optional) Moarquin
Level: 10

Bug Info: Where did it happen? In Temura's Shop after the cutscene when you ask about her in the WarpGuardian Tower.
Shop: Which shop were you in? Same as above.

Details: It's two bugs. In the shop, it says that the Osprey 10-Z costs tokens, instead of gold. The second one is that the Osprey 10B does light damage not fire damage.
Before Bug occurred: What were you doing prior to the problem? Watching Temura's past cutscene.
After bug/game crash: No
Did the game kick you out? No
What was the error message/code? No

Screenshot link: Bug 1 and 2 link. Rest of bug 2 proof.
Did you try clearing your cache? Before or after the bug happened?: N/A
Did the bug happen again?: (If it did not, no need to post!)N/A

Graphics quality setting: Best
Browser type and version: Internet Explorer
Operating System: Windows XP
Flash version: Latest Adobe version. 10 I think?

Osprey 10Z1 (its new name) does indeed cost Tokens. The Ospreys were supposed to be Light - that's been fixed now, the shop should display the correct element. ~Aelthai

.redsky. -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/4/2009 13:34:08)

not sure were to post this so il put it here.

when u ask about temura past the screen goes black and nothing happens

it works now u just have to wait for a few min

noted. ~Aelthai

ajs777 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/4/2009 13:50:15)

When i go to a shop it says you need to be guardian to purchase it do i need to verify it or somthing
my username is ajs777 i am only lvl 1 cause i couldn't figure out how to buy stuff so i went to play somthing else
(an artix entertainment game of course)

i know it was your first day so you are bound to having annoying things like this come up

Warp Guardianship isn't available yet. ~Aelthai

hisonic62 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/4/2009 13:54:37)

Yeah Same problem as me Trillionaire
Lol i spelled your name wrong its fixed um well your name is not the glitch

The shop should be properly displaying the Light element now. ~Aelthai

Will91 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/4/2009 16:26:06)

On one of my characters, the Intro shop's wares, except the chilled beam sword, are levels 4 or 5, and on the other, everything is level 1!

What gives!!???

Have the one where everything is level 1 log out and back in. ~Aelthai

DarkSky -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/4/2009 16:28:45)

Didn't know where to post this:
After doing the intro AGAIN, you lose you'r main armor, and get the explorer armor again, you keep all the other quests
(You still have the explorer when the intro is completed)
Logout fixes it


When in the intro, at the movie when you look up, my head just floats in the air?

The Explorer armor is a temporary armor - that's how they work. And known. ~Aelthai

Will91 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/4/2009 16:33:47)

Noticed that too did ya? lol. Happens to me everytime I try to go and get Intro wares.

Eragon5240 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/4/2009 16:43:51)

my horns still arent back! logging out didnt do anything!

What is your character ID? What happens when you try to change your face? ~Aelthai

Jacob Alpha -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/4/2009 23:57:34)

I got lvl 10 and it said now i can become a Warpguardian but when i go there nothign happens.

known, WG hasn't been released yet. When it is, your level won't matter. ~Aelthai

earth breather -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/5/2009 1:05:48)


Didn't know where to post this:
After doing the intro AGAIN, you lose you'r main armor, and get the explorer armor again, you keep all the other quests
(You still have the explorer when the intro is completed)
Logout fixes it


Noticed that too did ya? lol. Happens to me everytime I try to go and get Intro wares.

Well dont you have the explorer armor when u start? my point exactly

Knight_Hawk -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/5/2009 1:16:20)

Not sure if this has been noted yet but, when you (Or it at least happens to me) try to sell an equipped item, you get the gold and keep the item (Leading to possible infinite gold gaining maybe?).

As far as I can tell, you don't keep the item. When you exit the shop everything is deequipped. Is there something in particular that let you do this? ~Aelthai

dragonlover hexxboy -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/5/2009 7:40:53)

well i battle the tronzor and when i win i goto the armour or "battlesuits" and it comes up with the weapons shop from the hanger...i can get in by going to the gauntlet then back in but its annoying me

Please log out and back in, you have an OLD copy of the file. If that doesn't fix it, please clear your cache. ~Aelthai

Kenneth_danish -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/5/2009 9:40:44)

Character ID: 63250579

Lvl: 10

Bug Info: Replaying the Introquest
Where: The shop at the end

Problem: When i redo the introquest, and using the shop to se my current inventory, the "My Weapons" tab is not working. I can't see/sell weapons ind the shop.
Solutions tried:
Tested the other categories, they worked
Tested My Weapons in the VRshops, it worked there
Tried again. Rebooted the machine and triede again

Graphic: Low
Browser Firefox 1.0.7 (that 'could' be the problem?)*
Operative system: Win XP pro
Flash: 9*

*: I normaly plays in IE, but That quest isn't nice to my 8 years old PC - IE frezze here :p

Response edit: Stange. My Male Drakel Striker has the problem... My Female Human Gunner doesn't. (I will find her ID when the Play button gets back). No, the other shops works fine :)

It's ... probably something on your computer, I'm having no problems. Do you have issues in other shops? ~Aelthai

ZilaX -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/5/2009 9:45:24)

hey i bought the dim beam staff
and its special says 0 heal damage for me and my oppent i dont get it

known. ~Aelthai

alchim -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/5/2009 11:00:23)

It doesnt let me buy a new face,
it says:
There has been an error
please try again later.
it has been the same for 2 days
PD:nevermind, it works now

Will91 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/5/2009 11:40:59)

Aelthai, the intro wares are still for levels 4 or 5. The Chilled BeamSword is the ONLY level 1 weapon among the others! Logging out then redoing the Intro doesn't help either!!

It's not a bug. They aer there so that you can go back and get more later - there is one weapon, two spells, a Gauntlet, and a Pet available if you are Level 1. I don't know if more items will be there later or not. ~Aelthai

Thoru -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/5/2009 14:37:10)

Are the "guardian" and "WarpGuardian" different? And how do you get Tokens?

Yes, Guardian is for AQ and WarpGuardian is for WF. They are similar - each is an upgrade of a particular character. Z-Tokens will be buyable. ~Aelthai

Bardox -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/5/2009 18:20:32)

Character Info:
Char ID (optional)
Char Name (optional)
Level: 10

Bug Info: Battle
Shop: Intro shop

Details Dimmed Beam Staff I believe should be dealing out magic damage opposed to melee damage. Also, it's special is bugged. The mana stealing does not work, does zero.
Before Bug occurred: RA
During Bug:
After bug/game crash:
What was the error message/code?

Screenshot link:
Did you try clearing your cache? Before or after the bug happened?:
Did the bug happen again?: (If it did not, no need to post!)

Technical Info:
Graphics quality setting: (Low, Medium, High, Best)
Browser type and version: (Firefox? Internet Explorer? Opera? Another one?)
Operating System: (Windows 98? XP? Vista? Another type?)
Flash version:

Nope, it's Melee. You hit your opponent over the head with it (there may be some exceptions eventually but for now...). You'll notice that the Beam Lance is Melee as well, for the same reason. This is a difference between AQ and WF.
The staff's special is on the big bugs list. ~Aelthai

Phantom Delta 62 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/6/2009 0:10:58)

The Advanced Retro armor seems to be mislabeled, price-wise. I saved up 255 gold, but only 200 gold was removed from my inventory when i bought the Advanced Retro armor (I still had 55 gold after buying it).

I can't say it wasn't a pleasant surprise, though [image][/image]

I just checked, and the price is actually 250, the same as it has been. Are you sure you didn't misremember how much gold you had? ~Aelthai

popbob111 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/6/2009 16:26:20)

the shops take forever to open my computer on most AE games takes 1 second to open a shop on warpforce it takes almost a minute

Can't duplicate, it's quite quick for me. Is this one shop in particular or all of them? ~Aelthai
mainly stormfront's shop

Atrox222 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/6/2009 17:45:21)

Trainer Shop:
1. Unable to train Intelligence, because "Attack" is disabled. I tried this with both my Drakel and Elf characters, just in case one race was not supposed to be able to train INT.

2. Effectively unable to train Charisma, since trainer's resistance to Melee, Range, and Magic are all 80, and he can virtually never be hit. I tried attacking with each type of weapon and each tactic, with same results. Perhaps you don't want us to train charisma until our character is very high level?

3. Note: training STR, DEX, CON and LUK all seem to be working fine.

1. Not a bug, you need to use IMP or Bisecting IMP for now. The idea is that you are training INT, you should use something that uses INT.
2. Yeah ... he's supposed to help your Pet and Guest out so that they beat him for you (since you are training CHA).
We're going to take a look at Tronzor. ~Aelthai

Will91 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/6/2009 18:32:29)

Atrox, I have a theory about the Trainers (including ones from AQ) that the 80 everything goes only for the character but not allies or pets. I found it hard to hit the Wizard Trainer but my Nerfkitten found it QUITE easy. It's same for allies as I noticed Queen Safiria hitting him quite easily as well. So try getting the pet to go up against Tronzor, maybe that'll solve your problem. Just make sure you keep healed up or else Tronzor may finish you before your pet weakens him enough to get the training completed, or else!

Atrox222 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/6/2009 20:04:46)

Re: Training Charisma
Well, good in theory, I guess, but I was only able to get the trainer down to 64 points, after a very long fight in which I used all three MP potions, allowing maximum use of healing spells, and all three HP potions. But my guest and my pet were almost as poor as I was in hitting the trainer. I suppose if my charisma had been higher, they would have been more effective, but that is a Catch-22, since without their being effective, I cannot raise charisma. So charisma-training still needs a little fine-tuning, I suspect.

On the other hand, the suggestion about using bisecting IMP for INT training worked just fine.

Glad Bisecting IMP worked. We're definitely going to be taking a look at Tronzor. ~Aelthai

Link354 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/7/2009 17:35:40)

Character Info:

Level: 5

Bug Info: Where did it happen? Selling pets
Shop: Which shop were you in? Hanger deck, Stormfront's low level shop

Details What happened? After selling Glador for 5 Gold, it remains in combat What's the bug? Pet remains in combat after being sold, and Pet menu in Combat shows "hide my glador," but no selection to equip the pet. Going to the sell menu in shops shows no pet dropdown (probably because there is none to begin with)
Before Bug occurred: Selling unneeded items
During Bug: No issues during bug, mostly an aftereffect.
After bug/game crash: No problem with missing items, rather not missing pet.

Did the game kick you out?
What was the error message/code?

Screenshot link:
Did you try clearing your cache? Before or after the bug happened?: don't think it matters.
Did the bug happen again?:Clicking hide my glador gets rid of it for good.
More tests---
If Glador is bought then sold immediately, it doesn't show up in battle at all, and buying, fighting with it equipped, then selling duplicates the glitch

(deleted technical info section.. irrelevant)

Duplicated. Most strange. ~Aelthai

saatan45 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/8/2009 17:10:40)

Not sure if its a bug, train your stat to lvl takes 2 tokens !To buy lvl 5 weapon it take almost 800 tokens. I think the price is not balanced so well[8|]

A Level 5 Z weapon costs 565 Z-Tokens and has the power of a Level 42 weapon. Since you can get that power at Level 5 .... there's a reason they start out so high. You're expected to have a stat at 40 by ... oh, call it level 10 or 15 ... but you're not expected to have a Level 42 weapon until Level 42. That's a VERY big jump. ~Aelthai

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