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baja999 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/20/2009 13:07:46)

ok im not sure if anyone has posted this but heres a bug: When you have the armor Warptrooper 1 it changes your hair style to this-------> (click me)

@ torasmash Im thinking some items change your hair style to the one i posted cause you explained the hair style I posted in this one. I think this hairstyle is the default hair for male human.

yep, it's the default head. ~Aelthai

jedimon -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/20/2009 20:08:51)

I got the warp guardian helm at the warp guardian shop
but when i try to use it my head disappears or it's sunk into the chest of my character because i think i can see the points of the helm.

I've got warp guardian battlesuite on with the osprey 10z1 equipped.
sorry for not using the format

anyway if you could please fix this it'd be great.

fixed ~Aelthai

ToraSmash -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/20/2009 22:41:22)

Yeah that is the same hairstyle. I think you are correct. Certain weapons have a bug in them. I have the Osprey light element weapon as well and when I use it once in a while that brown short haired head happens. Mostly it happens when I use the SR5 I think its called.

Actually, I think it's 'Fire Gun' with the WarpTrooper armor. That's why I ask that you use the template - it lets me look and see what else you have equipped :-p
Reminds me, we need a proper Item Bugs thread. ~Aelthai

ToraSmash -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/22/2009 5:07:00)

No actually the Osprey is indeed a light element weapon. I just checked. Its the pistol shaped like a bird on the barrel end. The other weapon I mentioned I looked at as well. its called SR5Z because I used Z tokens to buy it. That weapon is energy based. I am a gunner. Oh and here is my character page so you all can see what I have. Oh for all Gunners. Throwing on a WarpTrooperIIW and having a bunch of DEX gives you a massive double attack boost. I can hit twice for over 60 damage and higher. So just a tidbit of info to help out.

Er, 'Fire Gun' is the name of the label, not the element...
WarpTrooper has been fixed.
The Osprey and SR guns are currently bugged - they do twice as much damage as they should. ~Aelthai

Branden Hill -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/22/2009 17:04:47)

Character Info: Drakel Male Gunner
Char ID (optional)
Char Name (optional) Branden
Level: 10

Bug Info: Virtual Reality Deck
Shop: Tronzor's New Face shop

Details Chose striped Drakel face, but I got a regular blue face
Before Bug occurred: Selecting a face to use on my character
During Bug: No errors, but a graphics glitch
After bug/game crash: Lost money, but face didn't change

Did the game kick you out? no
What was the error message/code? N/A

Screenshot link:
Did you try clearing your cache? Before or after the bug happened?: no
Did the bug happen again?: Yes, retried twice

Technical Info:
Graphics quality setting: High
Browser type and version: Firefox
Operating System: Vista
Flash version: 10

Please log out and log back in. The updating seems to be glitched, but logging out and back in will fix it. ~Aelthai

Zeto Z -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/23/2009 6:51:27)

When I go to Death and go to the option to buy his Gaxaly weapon he says he will sell it after the Beta is over, the Beta is over and he still says that

We need to get that message updated ... or ... well, maybe next release. ~Aelthai

Nightly -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (7/23/2009 8:03:54)

Zeto Z

The staff haven't gotten around to it yet. Please be patient. Thanks!

Bu Kek Siansu -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (8/10/2009 2:54:33)

Character Info: Human Striker
Char ID (optional) 64551230
Char Name (optional) Mysterious Strangeface
Level: 20

I just doubt to post it in Shop Bugs or Items Bugs(?). I hope you won't mind if I'm wrong! Thanks! :)

Here we go:

It's about the Battle Suit Star Knight versions level 60 Z-Tokens, level 30 Z-Tokens and level 80 Guardian in Benobi Shop.

  • The level 60 Z-Tokens should be level 30 Z-Tokens in Benobi Shop.

  • The level 80 Guardian one should be in Benobi Shop.

    ORIGINAL: Mysterious Strangeface

    IMR: There aren't lvl 30Z and 80G in the Benobi Shop, but you listed them in your post, while you just missed the lvl 60G [:D]

    ORIGINAL: In Media Res

    Hmm. Everything on the 60Z version is the same as the 30Z version I gave, except for the Level. It must be a typo - that should be Lv30.

    The Lv80 one should be in the shop. I guess they forgot about it....

    EDIT: @ Mysterious Strangeface - Right, the version which is currently 60Z should be 30Z. This is a bug/typo.

    The Lv80 one should be in the shop. It's properly statted and everything, so there's no reason why it should not be there. This is another bug/typo. --> OR -->

    ORIGINAL: Mysterious Strangeface

    Did you mean that the lvl 60Z should be changed to lvl 30Z which it's just a typo and the lvl 80G should be in the Benobi Shop? :p

    Edit: Ok, I'll report it right now! Thanks! <-- Done!

    Just one question to be sure to know:
  • Where should I actually/exactly post it? Thanks!

    Here is fine - and IMR already reported it to me :-) ~Aelthai

  • Bu Kek Siansu -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (8/16/2009 11:33:46)

    There is a typo about the price of Heavy Gunner Model ZG lvl 60 -> VR Deck -> Buy gear! -> BATTLESUIT SHOP

    The price should be in Z-Tokens instead of Gold

    It's now:

    Heavy Gunner Model ZG
    Location: VR Deck -> Buy gear! -> BATTLESUIT SHOP
    Level: 60
    Price: 3,610 Gold
    Sellback: 1,805

    It should be:

    Heavy Gunner Model ZG
    Location: VR Deck -> Buy gear! -> BATTLESUIT SHOP
    Level: 60
    Price: 3,610 Z-Tokens
    Sellback: 3,249 Z-Tokens for the first 48 hours; then 1,805 Z-Tokens

    ~ Mysterious Strangeface

    Fixed. It was simply unreleased, Z items show up like that when they were unreleased.
    Fixed the L30Z Star Knight while I was at it. Can't move the L80 Star Knight into the shop myself, but that's not available yet - or for a while - in any case. ~Aelthai

    nightshadow989 -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (8/16/2009 19:37:06)

    there is no new weapons in the shops as stated in the front page and even the ice weapon that was there before the new one was released is now gone i dont know if its gone rare but ether way the new weapons is not even in the shops nvm scratch that i found were the weapons were and thay were in enginering not the hanger and the guntlets that are out tho are not anywere to be found

    Yes, a lot of things went into different shops. For the Gauntlets, check the VR deck. ~Aelthai

    Bu Kek Siansu -> RE: =WF= Shop Bugs (8/17/2009 17:50:57)

    Character Info: Human Striker
    Char ID (optional) 64551230
    Char Name (optional) Mysterious Strangeface
    Level: 30

    Is it just a typo in VR Deck - Battlesuits Shop or on the table from IMR and Aelthai(by PM). :p
    I'll do the calculations, but the prices are different which I couldn't use the right price for my Submission WarpTrooper.

    It listed in VR Deck - Battlesuits Shop.
    Lvl ........3 ...12G ....24 ..38G ....18Z ......56 ........70G ......58Z
    Price ...63 ....77 ..139...425 ..800Z ..2576 ...14248 ...3450Z

    It listed on the table from IMR and Aelthai(by PM).
    Lvl ........3 ...12G ....24 ..38G ....18Z ......56 ........70G ......58Z
    Price ...76 ....62 ..122...410 ..800Z ..2561 ...14233 ...3450Z
    Sell .....38 .....31 ....61....205 .......Z ...1280 ......7116 ..........Z

  • Which actually is right? Thanks in advance! :)

    ~ Mysterious Strangface

    Don't know which is right but it will be noted. -Cronc

    The shop's right. ~Aelthai

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