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Ebony Jathor

Also see other Jathor weapons ( źNormal╗, Guardian, Raven Z, Dark, Sable Guardian)

Level: 110
Price: 270,000 338,555
Sellback: 135,000 169,277
Location: Morgul's Quest Part II - The Obelisk of Darkness

Type: Melee
Element: Darkness
Damage: 8-34 11-46
BTH: 4

Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 510% Base and Random each
Stats: No
BTH: +59
Rate: 12%

All normal player attacks deal 106.25% Stats damage. This also applies to all specials that receive Stats damage.

The axe of Balthor the Slaxe, guard of the Darkness Orb's Obelisk.


Basic stats from PieLover31416 and Alopex Lagopus. Numbers from In Media Res. Also thanks to Blue Revenge. New Prices thanks to In Media Res and BlackAces.

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