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Morgul's Quest Part II - The Obelisk of Darkness

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4/14/2010 10:56:30   

The Obelisk of Darkness - Morgul's Quest Part II

Prerequisite: Completed Morgul's Quest Part I

Event Button > Morgul's Quests! > Speak to Morgul OR Travel Map > Granemor -> Boog's Tavern -> Speak to Morgul

Morgul: You have done well on your mission. The Orb is back in its rightful place. But my master now sees just how USEFUL you may be to her...
Morgul: Now you must go find the Obelisk of Darkness and give Balthor the Slaxe, who guards it, this message: The time has come to fell the Obelisk.
Morgul: Go now, deliver the message!! And if you fail... do not bother to return to me!
  • Deliver the message to Balthor the Slaxe!

    «Scene: Darkovia»

    «You»: A beautiful day in Darkovia, I see... Maybe I'll be able to make it through this cursed forest without being spotted by any--


    «You»: ............... I suppose not.«An undead enters.»

    «You»: Another one, eh! Prepare to be thrashed, undead fiend!
    Grink: *cough* Oh dear me... I just heard you were in the area and thought I'd hobble on over and say "hi"!
    «You»: Oh it's you, Grink! Sorry for almost pwning you...
    Grink: That's alright-- At least you realize who I was before you just jumped in and started hacking away at me. Not that I'd feel anything, since I'm just an undead skeleton.
    Grink: I don't even have nerves or a brain any more.
    «You»: I'm truly sorry to hear that.
    Grink: My arm fell off a little while ago, too. Oh wait-- you were here when that happened.
    «You»: Yes... yes I was. I'm sure that was disappointing.
    Grink: Not so disappointing as thinking about what might fall off ne--
    «You»: OOOkaaayy... Let's be POSITIVE. Uh-- so can you help me? I'm looking for the Obelisk of Darkness.
    Grink: Pointy!
    «You»: Huh??
    Grink: Pointy! The Obelisk. I'm just saying.
    «You»: I never saw it. But I imagine it's pointy. And... dark? Anyway, all I know is that it is west of Darkovia, but--
    Grink: All that USED to be west of Darkovia is different than it used to be... The scar the Devourer left changed the land around it. The Obelisk is in the No Man's Land now...
    «You»: Oh... No Man's Land... full of mutants and reshaped creatures... ugh.
    «You»: So, Grink, can you come along and be a distra-- uh, a guide to help me get to the Obelisk?
    Grink: Wow! Why yes, I would love that. But do you really want ME to go with you? It's not like if you needed a hand I could actually lend you one...
  • Take Grink with you! - Grink will now battle by your side!
  • Go into No Man's Land by yourself...

    Regardless of choice

    Grink: Well, I hope you made the right choice!
    You journey by foot through the shadowy Darkovian forest until you reach the Granemor Wall, where you gain passage into the warped wilderness of No Man's Land...
  • Continue

    «Scene: No Man's Land»

    «You»: Look up the definition of "heebie-jeebies" in the dictionary and there'll be a picture of THIS place there...
    By midnight, you have come to the location of the Obelisk of Darkness. It is indeed quite pointy and dark...
  • Continue
    «Scene: Near the Obelisk of Darkness»

    «You»: Sooooo... There is supposed to be a Slaxe guarding this place. But he's nowhere to be seen... I wonder if this means the Slaxe is being lax in his duties...

    «Balthor enters»

    Balthor: So YOU are the one who defeated Garom Kachere-- at his own pyramid of light, no less! What do they call you?
    «You»: I'm «You», and yes, I am the best there is at what I do. I have a message for you:
    Balthor: From the dark master to Morgul to you, and finally to me, eh? Spit it out, then.
    «You»: The time has come to fell the Obelisk.
    Balthor: .............. That's it? Nothing else?
    «You»: No-- that is all there was to the message. Why? Were you expecting more?
    Balthor: You must be trying to trick me... That CAN'T be all there was to the message. You little-- tricky... trickster...
    «You»: I swear, I told you everything I know. Don't you understand what the message means? I figure it means-- knock down the Obelisk. Like "feeling a tree." "Fell the Obelisk." You know.
    Balthor: Liar!! You MUST know more!
    «You»: Right now, I wish I did. But honestly, I don't.
    Balthor: I will fight you for the truth!!
    «You»: Aw come on-- that's really unnecessary.
    «You»: But okay... I like fighting. You'd better bring it.
    Balthor: Oh, it's going to be brought.... grrrr....
      1 BATTLE
      Level 0-29: Slaxe (10)
      Level 30-49: Slaxe (30)
      Level 50-69: Slaxe (50)
      Level 70-89: Slaxe (70)
      Level 90-109: Slaxe (90)
      Level 110+: Slaxe (110)
      Full Heal
    «You»: So do you believe me now? Please say you do, because I don't want to have to fight you twenty more times just to knock some sense into your head.
    Balthor: Okay, I believe you-- a little. So the Master wants me to knock down the Obelisk now.... I never thought the day would come. Stand aside and watch my display of might!

    «The scene zooms in to the Obelisk, where Balthor begins to strike it. However, no matter how many strikes are made, the Obelisk does not fall.»

    Balthor: This... is not good. I CANNOT fell the Obelisk!! I just KNEW you forgot to tell me something...
    «You»: Hey, I already told you everything in the message. Maybe-- maybe you forgot how to do it?
    Balthor: HA! Never! I -- hm...
    «You»: Just how long have you been guarding the Obelisk?
    Balthor: 5... or 6...
    «You»: Days? Weeks? YEARS??
    Balthor: Centuries.
    «You»: So... you forgot.
    Balthor: Now that you mention it....
    «You»: You wait here while I go find out HOW to destroy it. You SHOULD be able to manage that, right?
    Balthor: Waiting.. Yes, I can wait... *grumble*
  • Continued!

  • Jathor
  • Guardian Jathor
  • Raven Jathor Z
  • Dark Jathor
  • Sable Guardian Jathor
  • Ebony Jathor

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave - Returns you to Boog's Tavern

    Monster lists credits to In Media Res. Write-up thanks to whackybeanz.

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