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Initiate's Fealty

Also see other Kindred Mastercraft Items:
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  • Armors: Beast's Cunning Z, Beast's Cunning, Ancestor's Valor, Initiate's Tenacity, Mankind's Moxie, Paragon's Courage, Kindred's Valiance
  • Shields: Beast's Persistence Z, Beast's Persistence, Ancestor's Deference, Mankind's Determination, Paragon's Dedication, Kindred's Devotion

    Level: 75
    Price: 33,000 9,683
    Sellback: 22,000 6,455
    Location: Kindred Set Quest
    Element: Neutral

    Melee: +8
    Ranged: +8
    Magic: +8

    Fire: -0%
    Water: -20%
    Wind: -13%
    Ice: -0%
    Earth: -0%
    Energy: -0%
    Light: -0%
    Darkness: -0%

    During your turn you can click it to heal you*. This counts as a healing spell, so it's Heal element and auto-hits. This costs 208 SP**, and uses a turn. Damages are equal to:

      Hits: 2
      Damage: 29.75 to 87.125 HP, 44.625 to 130.6875 MP
      Stats: 365.5%, 548.25% (Stats equal to END/8, INT/8, respectively)

    *The prayer flags sway in the breeze as you feel the cool magic rush through you!
    **The shield requires additional SP to activate its restorative magic!

    This lesser relic shield cherishes and rewards commitment to protecting hearth and home. Instilled within this defensive banner is the nature of breath and body, bringing forth restoration.


    Numbers, messages, and description thanks to In Media Res. Image thanks to Syth. A huge thanks to Blue Revenge.

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