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The Kindred!

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11/6/2009 9:36:53   
Legendary AK!!!

The Kindred!

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » The Kindred

«You»: Rumors of the Kindred lead back hear to Paxia. If the stories are to be believed, the first Kindred originated in the ancient past...
«You»: But what did the Loremaster mean about parallel worlds, and what is this Reset he and Warlic spoke of? It's all a jumble.
«You»: I really need to stop hanging around the Loremaster and those ArchMagi.
«You»: I'm even beginning to talk in soliloquy a bit too much...
«You»: Ah... here is Paxus now...
Paxus: And so, «You», a great hero of Lore, returns once more.
Paxus: I sense you search for something, so please, ask me what you will and I will answer what I can.
«You»: Very perceptive as always, Paxus! I heard rumor of an ancient order known as the Kindred. Have you heard of them?
Paxus: I have indeed.
«You»: Warlic and the Loremaster both seemed to imply this order originated in a far different place.
Paxus: After a sense, there were strange events in those times, and worlds changed; separate worlds became one, conjoined worlds became separate.
Paxus: The Kindred founders were from within this place but they faced a darkness from without.
«You»: You speak of it as if you know first hand.
Paxus: Perhaps. You explain what you have heard, but that does not explain your presence here in Paxia. The Kindred have long ago passed into forgotten whispers.
«You»: That's just it, I heard that the secrets of the mythical Kindred were found anew, and right here on Paxia.
«You»: I want to find what I may before they disappear once more to the veil of time. Can you help me?
Paxus: I can, «You». Texts and runes inscribed with some of the Kindred's arts were found as far back as half a century ago...
Paxus: Practitioners have revived these once-lost arts with the help of a mysterious instructor.
Paxus: Since then, these practitioners have risen to be numbered among Lore's greatest warriors...
Paxus: They have taken the name of the lost people as their banner.
«You»: I sense a but...
Paxus: But recently, a deadly force has been hunting them one by one. The last of this new breed of Kindred has retreated into the borders of Paxia to seek refuge.
Paxus: Rumor has it that only a scant few remain. Though, I have heard little recently. Perhaps they managed to defeat their dread enemy...
«You»: Why am I not reassured...
Paxus: The cavern where they sought refuge will only reveal itself to one who gathers the essence of beings from each element.
Paxus: Only when you have proven yourself victorious over beings of each element will you arrive at the cavern holding the remaining new Kindred safe.
«You»: Thank you, Paxus!
Paxus: If these new Kindred need help, please do your best to aid them. The world will be lacking if the lost arts of the original Kindred disappear once more...

  • [Element]
    Full Heal
    2 BATTLES:

    Fire Monsters

    Ice Monsters

    Light Monsters

    Darkness Monsters

    Water Monsters

    Energy Monsters

    Wind Monsters

    Earth Monsters

    Capture Element
    Can you capture the essence of this element, or must you fight them again?
    Difficulty: «See below»
    Stat Used: Luck

    «Stat roll difficulties»
    Tier	11	45	60	75	90+
    Diff	41	55	62	68	74
    If you succeed, you may choose another element. If not, you must repeat the element you just did.

    After capturing all eight elements...

    «You»: What is that? Quite a unique shield and sword...
    ???: This is my shield, Devotion, and my scimitar, the Kindred's Prestige. Be welcome, stranger, to my refuge.
    «You»: Your refuge? Aren't there any others? Teachers, students... anyone?
    ???: I am afraid that I am the last to carry the unearthed secrets.
    «You»: !!!
    «You»: The LAST of them?? But Paxus said there were others--
    ???: There WERE others. Before I alone remained, my sister and my dearest friend held fast alongside me. They, too, fell at the hands of the Nefrosanctus!
    «You»: The Nefrosanctus?
    ???: An ancient power born on another world. His appearance was believed by some to be a herald of The'Galin.
    ???: It was proved to be otherwise. This evil has served only its own designs.
    «You»: That doesn't necessarily mean anything. In fact it sounds just like Ryuusei...
    ???: Be that as it may, the Nefrosanctus did not serve him in any sense.
    ???: Some fraction of the original Kindred became sworn enemies of this invading power and sought to seal him away. They succeeded... but...
    «You»: But they destroyed their order in the process, and so became lost to time?
    ???: Yes. I fear that is so, and when we unearthed the secrets of those lost people we reopened the doorway and in punishment all of us have perished as well.
    ???: Perhaps we didn't learn the lessons they had left in preserving their secrets...
    «You»: I-- I am sorry to hear that. Call me «You».
    ???: My name is Iaitsu, and it is good to meet you, «You».
    Iaitsu: Do not feel too sorry for the Kindred. What has happened was as much our forebearers' own doing as anything else...
    «You»: I don't understand.
    Iaitsu: In that time, worlds collided. Lore saw evidence of places beyond this place. Some became terrified... others fascinated. Some did a bit of both.
    Iaitsu: When things normalized many were happy to pretend it had never occurred...
    «You»: ...but...
    Iaitsu: But our forebearers chose to fight against the forces of evil that most people couldn't see, or desperately wished not to...
    Iaitsu: ...Evils that exist beyond the confines of our dimension alone.
    Iaitsu: I suppose, in their arrogance, they denied the possibility that we might discover a creature that defied our ability to focus our attacks and strike the keenest of blows.
    Iaitsu: They lost sight on the precepts on which the Order was founded.
    Iaitsu: When we found their secrets, we made many of their mistakes anew. When the enemy returned, we were unprepared...
    «You»: I see...
    Iaitsu: Now, tell me, «You», why have you come here? It is no easy task to find this refuge.
    «You»: I wanted to get your weapon, armor, and shield-- and the ancient secrets the represent-- before they disappeared from Lore along with the last of you.
    Iaitsu: Ah-- so you were motivated than less than selfless reasons. As are most of us, I'm afraid.
    Iaitsu: Even I, Iaitsu of the new Kindred, have been motivated in such a way.
    Iaitsu: I have put aside the teachings and warnings of my forebearers, those of temperance and restraint.
    Iaitsu: I live now only to avenge my lost brethren of the arts.
    Iaitsu: However, my honor will not allow you simply to take what you seek. Either yield in your search, or cross blades to best me in honorable combat!

    1 BATTLE:
    Level 0-44: Iaitsu (15)
    Level 45-59: Iaitsu (45)
    Level 60-74: Iaitsu (60)
    Level 75-89: Iaitsu (75)
    Level 90-104: Iaitsu (90)
    Level 105-119: Iaitsu (105)
    Level 120+: Iaitsu (120)
    Full Heal

    Iaitsu: You have defeated me fairly. Perhaps you are worthy of the Kindred's legacy after all...
    «You»: I've heard these relics embody complex concepts, but I am not sure I see why these concepts are based within their alignments to Water.
    «You»: If I am truly worthy... could you enlighten me as to why that is the case?
    Iaitsu: Ah! That was a mystery for some time, «You».
    Iaitsu: The relics and secrets took time to decipher, and many asked the same question given what we hunt. It goes back towards the concept of Temperance.
    Iaitsu: The slightest disturbance and agitation of water creates waves of force, but the greatest waves come from striking the calmest of waves.
    Iaitsu: The lessons of the Kindred contained a great deal of depth than this simple metaphor, but they build these lessons into their relics.
    «You»: I... I think I understand, Iaitsu. The Kindred must have had many lessons in their secrets.
    Iaitsu: Indeed they did, but worthy as you might be, I cannot give up these relics while the Nefrosanctus still threatens Lore!
    «You»: I would like to offer to help, if I could. Arrogance and shortsightedness may have been the downfall of your fellows...
    «You»: Perhaps, however, if the two of us join forces, we can beat this Nefrosanctus creature and avenge them!
    Iaitsu: Yes... Yes, your arrival, and victory, must be no mere coincidence. It must be fate! I have known of this creature's present lair-- it's lair in THIS dimension, at least -- for weeks.
    Iaitsu: I have trained and waited, for I could not hope to defeat it on my own... but now...!
    Iaitsu: Follow me, my new friend-- to victory!!!
  • Battle On! Iaitsu joins you.

    2 BATTLES: 1 Light Monster as above, then 1 Darkness Monster as above.
    Full Heal

    Iaitsu: The Nefrosanctus's lair is directly below us now.
    «You»: Let's go end this-- in the memory of your lost kin!
    Iaitsu: NEFROSANCTUS! This time I have come to you! Show yourself! Destroy me and all Kindred will once more be vanquished!
    Nefrosanctus: Iaitsu... Finally I will destroy your meddlesome cabal! With all of your kind gone, the barriers between my dimension and yours will fail, and we will rip the life from the marrow of all Lorians!
    «You»: Wow-- hey, I take offense at that...

    1 BATTLE:
    Level 0-44: Nefrosanctus (15)
    Level 45-59: Nefrosanctus (45)
    Level 60-74: Nefrosanctus (60)
    Level 75-89: Nefrosanctus (75)
    Level 90-104: Nefrosanctus (90)
    Level 105-119: Nefrosanctus (105)
    Level 120+: Nefrosanctus (120)
    Full Heal

    «You»: What will you do now that Nefrosanctus is gone, Iaitsu?
    Iaitsu: I claim his lair as my own, my friend. The work of the new Kindred is never done, for things like the Nefrosanctus are always waiting-- searching for a way into this dimension.
    Iaitsu: And now that you have earned the honor of wielding the relics of the Kindred, I hope that you will help me continue neverending battle against such foes...
    Iaitsu: ...and perhaps we may remain more balanced and temperate than we have been in that pursuit...
    «You»: I will, Iaitsu, I will...
    ???: A grand experiment takes a new twist... perhaps Lore is ready for the return of the true Kindred after all...

    Kindred Set

  • Beast's Innocence Z
  • Beast's Innocence
  • Ancestor's Reknown
  • Initiate's Respect
  • Mankind's Regard
  • Paragon's Dignity
  • Kindred's Prestige

  • Beast's Cunning Z
  • Beast's Cunning
  • Ancestor's Valor
  • Initiate's Tenacity
  • Mankind's Moxie
  • Paragon's Courage
  • Eidolon's Heroism
  • Kindred's Valiance
  • Kindred Spirit's Valiance

  • Beast's Persistence Z
  • Beast's Persistence
  • Ancestor's Deference
  • Initiate's Fealty
  • Mankind's Determination
  • Paragon's Dedication
  • Kindred's Devotion

    Write-up by ArchMagus Orodalf. Monster lists and stat rolls from In Media Res. Corrections thanks to Windy and Archlist.

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