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Live and Let Dye

Location: Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) -> Ash -> Quests -> Colorless -> Live and Let Dye
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dye Another Day
Release Date: August 14th, 2009

Objective: Voltabolt's dye-abolical plan has turned into a do or dye situation!
Objective completed: Phew! Everything is back to normal! AND you got a little Rummage monster as a pet!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(4) LED Kleen Masheen
(4) SprayBot
(4) Trash Kompaktor v1.0

Dr. Voltabolt
Mysterious G.

Dire Sword
Diabolic Sword
Diamond-edged Sword

Dire Staff
Diabolic Staff
Diamond-edged Staff

Dire Dagger
Diabolic Dagger
Diamond-edged Dagger

Black Dye
Minty Floss

<Character>: ... So that's my plan. What do you think? Will it work to fix Voltabolt's dye-abolical mistake?
<Character>: It really IS a do or dye situation. *snicker* Ok, I'm done.
Yix: If you can find a volunteer willing to masquerade like that, you're welcome to use them.
Yix: It's a shame Voltabolt- *whisper* (or Bolty, as I called him) - has fallen so far. So very, very far. He had such promise.
<Character>: You know, I never did understand why you gnomes think Dentistry is a dark art.
<Character>: Oral hygiene is very important!
Yix: You know dentists stick sharp, pointy tools into people's mouths? And who knows WHAT they do with all the teeth they pull out?
Yix: Besides, we can never get minty-flavoured dental floss here in Popsprocket.
<Character>: *gasp* That IS a tragedy!
Yix: Go, find a volunteer. Watch out for the cleaning machines, though.
Yix: They're recycled Cyklons and every so often, they short out and attack people. We really need to fix that.

Zank: Hello, <Character>. I see you made it past our broken cleaning bots.
<Character>: Zank! Boy, do I have a favor to ask of you!

*long, involved description of the situation and plan to fix things*

Zank: ... It's an interesting plan. That WOULD be pretty amusing, if we can pull it off.
<Character>: With enough green dye and the proper accessories, no one will be able to tell!
Mysterious G.: Looking ahead, I see this plan succeeding.
<Character>: Is he always this mysterious?
Zank: Yep. We're pretty fond of it, actually. Keeps things interesting.
Mysterious G.: *Harrumph*
<Character>: And you think the machine should be easy to fix?
Zank: It's really a simple problem. For one of my talent? Definitely.
<Character>: Then lets go! We've got to get you ready still.

<Character>: Voltabolt, may I introduce you to Sneex? He's, um, a sneevil engineering genius. *crosses fingers*
Doctor Voltabolt: Vat?! I had no idea ze sneevilz had engineering knowledgez!
Sneex: It's a pleasure to meet you. And I can see from here that you need to tighten the flux-valve on the depigmentation unit and-
<Character>: *COUGH*
Sneex: Ahem. Depigmentation flux-valve need to be tighter. Also, wrap hole in tube with tape made from ducks. Good, sticky tape.
Sneex: I tweak other things. You be fine. You pay me in gold, yes?
<Character>: Yes! Gold! Gold... boxes. You want BOXES, Sneex. Remember?
Sneex: *sigh* Gold... boxes. Sneex love boxes. Want boxes as payment.
Doctor Voltabolt: Ah, yez. Sneevilz crave ze boxez. I haf metal boxez, not gold. Vill zat verk for you?
<Character>: That will be just fine! Now, Doctor, would you please hand Sneex the dyes?
Doctor Voltabolt: No, <Character>. I expect you to hand him ze dye.
Sneex: Sneex not care who! Sneex just needs dye.

*tinker* *tweak* *spit* *KICK*

With a shutter and a sputter, the machine comes to life.

After a couple hours pass...

Doctor Voltabolt: Ze machine! Eet verks!
<Character>: And it looks like the forest has returned to normal, too!
Sneex: Sneex do excellent work, yes.
Doctor Voltabolt: Vould you conzider coming and verking wis me? I could use an azziztant!
<Character>: Erm... I don't think that is such a good idea.
Sneex: Sneex VERY busy. King has MANY plans. No time to help... Dentist.
Doctor Voltabolt: Ah, vell. Zat iz too bad. But zank you for ze help! And you, too, <Character>.
Doctor Voltabolt: Now zat ze machine ees verking again, ze Druids vill have ze dye zey need for zeir clothez.

Robina: <Character>, I'm so glad things are normal again! And Dr. Voltabolt sent over this adorable little metal thing as a thank you for your help.
<Character>: That? That's a monster from the dumpsite!
Robina: He says he rewired it so that you can use it as a pet.
<Character>: Awww. For a dark Dentizt, Voltabolt's not such a bad guy.
Sneegol: Pfft. Sneevils better.

  • Rummage pet - Opens Rummage Pet shop.
  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • This quest contains Sugar Springs formerly required for Mogloween (Chapter 4):

    Sugar Springs: Entrance -> Right

    Thanks to Jay, nightslayer321, Slayer Zach, and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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