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Fire War Bossfight

Location: War on Westion - Fire War 2 -> Clyde -> BOSSFIGHT!
Requirements: 100% of War Meter
Release Date: 28 August 2009

Missions Available:
  • East Tower
  • West Tower
  • North Tower
  • South Tower
  • Pyras

  • Clyde

    Clyde: I have an foolproof plan to fight Pyras. It's dangerous though... Can I count on you?

    What Plan?
    Clyde: Pyras has started his march towards this town! We must stop him at all costs!
    Clyde: This will not be easy... He is virtually unstoppable. If you try to fight him, he'll just roll right over you!
    Clyde: I have a plan to stop him. There are drilling stations all over the desert.
    Clyde: Each station has a large coolant tower for keeping the drills running cool in the desert heat!
    Clyde: Since Pyras is composed mostly of lava, I think we can use these towers to temporarily harden his outer body.
    Clyde: There are 4 Coolant towers near Pyras's current location!
    Clyde: All you have to do is run through a rain of fire, and then hurl the towers at him....
    Clyde: I think that will slow him down enough for you to engage him in battle...
    Clyde: Oh... One more thing...
    Clyde: When you do engage Pyras with your mecha.... make sure you have some sort of Fire Resistance.
    Clyde: We had another pilot try this before you and... GULP...
    Clyde: Pyras literally ate him!
    Clyde: I think that Fire Resistant mecha armor will give him indigestion though...
    Clyde: Maegwyn's T-Flan really seems to upset that guy...
    Clyde: Good luck... And Remember... Fire safety first! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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