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War on Westion - Fire War 2

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8/22/2011 7:19:45   

War on Westion - Fire War 2

Location: War on Westion -> Tikala -> click on 'Bug War 2 - Replay the Bug War' button
Waves: 900000
Release Date: Aug 14th, 2009

Missions Available:
  • Defend Town
  • Pyras's Cave
  • Fire War Bossfight
  • Fire War Bossfight (Missions)
  • Starship Crash!

    Shops Available:
  • Fire Proofing
  • T-Flan
  • Bugspray
  • NG Bugspray
  • Steampunk Mecha
  • Steampunk NG Mecha
  • Fire Stones
  • Fire Gems
  • Fire Merge
  • Starship Swag - Fire War 2
  • Starship NG Swag
  • Ancient Relics
  • NG Ancient Relics

  • Doom Lord
  • Valoth
  • Xaria
  • Jaania
  • Casca
  • Maegwyn
  • Buckaroo
  • Clyde
  • Tikala


    *Cutscene shows Pyras rising on the surface of Planet Westion*

    Meanwhile... On a Shadowscythe Base in a distant galaxy

    Doom Lord: My Lord, our agents on Planet Westion have reported that a Magma Lord has just awoken and is laying waste to the countryside!
    Doom Lord: He was apparently sleeping beneath our starship and woke up when we took it back!
    Valoth: Muahahaha! This is excellent news! Let's delay our invasion of Westion for a while...
    Valoth: Let's allow the Magma Lord to cause as much destruction as possible before we take the planet!
    Doom Lord: As you command, My Lord.
    Doom Lord: I have also just received news that the ancient Starship has arrived and joined our fleet.
    Valoth: Very good... That Starship carries an ancient device that was developed long ago during the Dragon Wars.
    Valoth: Unfortunately, that ship was lost in a battle before it could be used... Now we can control it.
    Valoth: Commence with Plan 9 immediately!
    Doom Lord: As you command, My Lord.

    As the ancient starship droves near the asteroid... it glows...


    Casca: Ah, so you found a key with the same strange face... I'll bet it is one of the keys that opens that mysterious door.

  • Talk
    Casca: Hello <Character>!
    Casca: As you know, there is a weird door in House Mystraven that we have adopted as our official House Artifact...
    Casca: My curiosity is killing me! I really want to find out what is behind that door!
    Casca: So, I have been reading as much as I can to find out how it works.
    Casca: Dean Warlic has been very helpful to me and has encouraged my research about the door.
    Casca: He told me about the existence of certain dimensional doorways that have lain dormant since the era of Dragons.
    Casca: Each doorway is guarded by a Gatekeeper who requires adventurers seeking access to open the door.
    Casca: The Gatekeeper hides the location of the keys in riddles.
    Casca: Anyway, a few nights ago I was alone at House Mystraven late at night and...get this... The door started talking to me!
    Casca: I thought I was going crazy at first... but I am sure of what I heard...
    Casca: It said: The first key is found within the snoring flames of sand..
    Casca: That made absolutely no sense to me...
    Casca: until I heard Dean Warlic talking about the Vul'Kharim prophecy here on Planet Westion.
    Casca: I am convinced that The snoring flames of sand have something to do with the Magma Lord that just woke up here!
    Casca: So, I booked the first starship flight out here to check it out!
    Casca: Unfortunately, I can't proceed as planned because my mecha was badly damaged in the crash.
    Casca: I would like you to continue my quest and find the first key for our House!

    Jaania: A Drakylon Rune! This is an incredible discovery! I will take this back to GEARS for further study!

  • Talk
    Jaania: Hello <Character name>! As you know, the Drakylon Cube is the symbol of our house!
    Jaania: We have studied the legends of the Cube very closely and have nearly unlocked its mysteries!
    Jaania: The key to opening the Cube rests upon 6 forgotten runes.
    Jaania: These runes come from an ancient sec of Dragons who created the cube long ago.
    Jaania: Sadly , there are no records of their ancient language, so the runes have been completely forgotten by time.
    Jaania: Legends tell that the Dragons inscribed the rune sin various locations across the universe.
    Jaania: After studying many ancient tomes, we now believe that one of the runes is somewhere on Planet Westion!
    Jaania: It is hinted that the locations of the runes are watched over by powerful guardians.
    Jaania: Unfortunately, I am unable to continue my research here because my mecha was badly damaged in the crash.
    Jaania: I would like you to continue my research and find the first rune for our House!


    Maegwyn: You look a bit singed. Perhaps the Vul-Kharim priestess that just arrived in town can help you.

  • Fireproofing!
    Maegwyn: This is the finest and deadliest spray known to man! Who would have thought? ... Mocha Cola...

    Fire Safety?
    Maegwyn: Yeah, er... following safety regulations is important.
    Maegwyn: I have a few canisters of non-flammable bug spray - but those are in very limited supply.
    Maegwyn: I have no way to get more bug spray!
    Maegwyn: So I had to come up with a new plan - er, plan. I'm really excited about my new flan pan ...
    Maegwyn: The Knife and Spork keeps a huge supply of fire extinguishers in the back room in case of kitchen... accidents.
    Maegwyn: ...but they're obviously much too small to be of any use to you in your mecha.
    Maegwyn: So I had GEARS University convert the remaining canisters into mecha-sized fire extinguishers.
    Maegwyn: When developing the coolant and filling the canisters, they made an amazing discovery.
    Maegwyn: Metal acts as a catalyst on perfluorethylene to polymerize it!
    Maegwyn: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) can be used as a coating to provide heat resistance!
    Maegwyn: It also has non-stick properties -
    Maegwyn: ...with this coating on my new pan, making flans is easier than pie! I like to call this substance ... T-Flan!
    Maegwyn: he seems un-amazed... I'd better get to the point.
    Maegwyn: <Character>, you'll also find the new PTFE mod in my Fire Extinguisher shop!
    Maegwyn: Merging the PTFE with your Valor Badges will create a new type of mecha mod - the T-Flan!
    Maegwyn: It will add heat resistance to protect you! You can come back and add more Valor Badges to increase your heat resistance!
    Maegwyn: Be safe out there! When you get back to Soluna City, drop by the Knife and Spork.
    Maegwyn: I'll have some new challenges for you soon.

  • Bug Spray!
    Maegwyn: This is the finest and deadliest spray known to man! Who would have thought? ... Mocha Cola...

  • Talk
    Maegwyn: Ed Equine's news transmission of your valor in the war is what brought me here.
    Maegwyn: I said to myself, I know that name! <Character> is one of my favorite customers!
    Maegwyn: During the last Bug War here, you may remember the lucky accident with that shipment of bug spray meant for the Knife and Spork..
    Maegwyn: ...when it crashed in the desert and annihilated countless numbers of bugs.
    Maegwyn: With the intense heat that crater is generating, it is too dangerous to risk such an accident now.
    Maegwyn: The bug spray manufacturers have refused to transport shipments anywhere in the multiverse!
    Maegwyn: The Knife and Spork keeps plenty of bug spray on hand. I consulted with some of the experts at GEARS University...
    Maegwyn: and we developed a cutting-edge technological breakthrough!
    Maegwyn: I brought some for you to use in combat.
    Maegwyn: That spray's got a long shelf life - it's worth it! And I might need bail money!!
    Maegwyn: shhh... Don't tell Chief Duncan!
    Maegwyn: I could be arrested on charges of illegal interplanetary shipping regulations violations...
    Maegwyn: ...and there are no kitchens in those jail cells!


    Buckaroo: Haha! I have finished my Steampunk mecha design! Now, bring me Elemental Embers!

  • Mecha Shops
    Buckaroo: Be sure to tell all of your friends about my awesome Steampunk mecha models!

    Fire Infusion
    Buckaroo: I can infuse Steampunk mecha armor with fire! This will make it even more effective against fire monsters!

  • Talk
    Buckaroo: You may have heard that I am working on a new type of Steam-Powered mecha!
    Buckaroo: I have tons of Shadowscythe Scrap Metal. Now I just need some Elemental Fire.
    Buckaroo: While you're fighting those fire monsters, look out for Elemental Embers!
    Buckaroo: Now I just need to figure out how to harness its elemental properties!
    Buckaroo: I can already smell the mountains of money that will be coming my way soon... muahahaha!


    Clyde: Pyras is on his way to this town! I have a plan to destroy him! Please help!

  • Starship Swag
    Clyde: Check out some of this fine swag for your starship!

  • Talk
    Clyde: Howdy, <Character>! The desert insects are stampeding again!
    Clyde: This time the bugs are really spooked...
    Clyde: It's almost like they are running for their lives!
    Clyde: I don't even want to think about what could cause a Mecha Size ant to run like a baby!
    Clyde: Ever since that Shadowscythe ship took off and left behind that giant crater, I've had a bad feeling...
    Clyde: Now the Vul'Kharim are talking like it's the End of Days!
    Clyde: Anyway, we could use your help in exterminating some bugs! They are stampeding towards town as we speak!
    Clyde: Talk to Maegwyn if you need some help killing those nasty bugs!


    Tikala: <Character>! Your destiny is at hand! You are the chosen one!

  • Shops
    Tikala: These relics are priceless to the Vul'Kharim! They possess great power against Fire...

  • Why Me?
    Tikala: You are not from this planet. You are a visitor. The prophecy clearly states that your hand will awaken the sleeper.
    Tikala: We realize that the Shadowscythe were technically the ones who excavated the starship and awakened Pyras.
    Tikala: However, your arrival on Planet Westion started the chain of events that lead to this fateful event.
    Tikala: Our prophecies also tell that the visitor is a hero who fights valiantly to protect the planet!
    Tikala: The Shadowscythe are a vile scourge that has descended upon us.
    Tikala: They could never fulfill the prophecies. You are the only one who can possibly fulfill this role!
    Tikala: I have studied the prophecies my entire life! I just know that you are the chosen one!
    Tikala: I have come bearing ancient Vul'Kharim weapons that will help your battle against Pyras and his minions!
    Tikala: They are enchanted with the power of Ice and should be highly effective against Fire enemies.
    Tikala: I hope that you find them useful!

  • Prophecy?
    Tikala: The hand of the visitor shall awaken the sleeper and bring doom down from the stars.
    Tikala: This is an ancient prophecy of my people, The Vul'Kharim.
    Tikala: Our ancient legends also speak of a guardian that sleeps within this planet.
    Tikala: He is older than all life on Westion and was once dedicating to protecting the planet from harm.
    Tikala: Our legends tell that this guardian, Pyras, was driven mad by a spear sent from the stars many millennia ago.
    Tikala: We believe that the Spear is actually the Ancient Shadowscythe Starship that was discovered deep within the mines.
    Tikala: This spear impaled him and trapped him deep below the planet's surface.
    Tikala: His rage burned and he covered the planet with fire for nearly a century until he finally collapsed from exhaustion.
    Tikala: He has slept for many millenia since. Many changes have occured on this planet... new life, new civilizations...
    Tikala: When he awakens, he will not recognize his Planet and he will try to destroy everything in his path.
    Tikala: Our prophecies also state that only the Hand of the Visitor will lay him to rest eternally.
    Tikala: You are the one who will silence Pyras. You have been chosen by the Vul'Kharim.

  • NOTE: This war was the original Bug War 2, but later turned into Fire War 2.
  • NOTE 2: The war also turned permanent after it ends.

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