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Jamenja -> Circuit City (9/25/2009 20:33:46)

Circuit City

Location: Runs when you first enter Lim's Weapon Shop, Lim's Weapon Shop -> Lim -> Quests -> Circuits
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: September 25th, 2009

Objective: Trip all the circuits until you have enough Amps. Be careful though, too many amps and you'll blow the breaker and have to start again!
Objective completed: Seedspitters cleared out and all circuits are running! I wonder who let the plants out though? Oh well, Lim's Shop is now open for business!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(6) Seed Spitter
(2) Sneevil-Bot
(2) Tog-Bot


Black Gourd
Small Twisted Gourd
The Great Gourd

Lim: Good day, Adventurer! As the foremost Weapon Artisan in the land, I can craft you a weapon using the power of science!
Lim: I create weaponry through the shear power of science. I've set-up the main portion of my workshop, but I need your help, <Character>.
Lim: I've set up a small power source that uses fuel created through refining the seed oil of the local seed spitter plants.
Lim: It's really quite an ingenious device, if I do say so myself. Sadly, I was only able to set up a few circuits to provide power to my shop.
Lim: The basement of the shop has been overtaken with the samples of the seed spitter I cultivated. I suspect and old rival might have released them.
Lim: If you would, could you venture down there and clear out the area.
Lim: If you could trip a few of those circuits to get the rest of the power on up here, I can get started making weapons as well.

Other information
  • Completing this quest the first time unlocks full access to Lim's Weapon Shop.
  • Complete this quest to unlock For SCIENCE! badge.
  • This quest contains Sugar Springs and Wax-Comb formerly required for Mogloween (Chapter 4):

    Sugar Springs: Entrance -> Right -> Up
    Wax-Comb: Entrance -> 2 Right
  • Directions to find the Blade Case for the May 4th, 2015 release:

    Right -> Right -> Up -> Up

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for other information and corrections.
  • Stephen Nix for information.

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