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Scakk -> =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (9/29/2009 17:20:54)

Cross-Clan Communications: If you are from an opposing clan and you'd like to speak with diplomats from the home clan, please use this thread. WARNING: Be nice and respectful. Do not curse, flame, or antagonize one another.

Universal Rules and Clan Rules apply to each thread. Please see the Clan Rules and Information Thread for important information.


jaketheweirdo -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (9/29/2009 22:37:16)

aaah shiny new thread. don't mess this one up with spam, mmk?
other than that, i haven't checked our numbers in a while and the servers full. anyone know where we're standing?
(yes i'm not a gaurdian. boohoo.)

Riffus Maximus -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/1/2009 12:46:14)

Welcome in my world...

earth breather -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/1/2009 16:59:16)

You mean welcome TO your world

the random warrior -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/1/2009 19:17:05)

Hey Nocturuians. Igneus' elections are going on. We only have one category to vote on though....So, how is Nocturu doing with its elections?


Riffus Maximus -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/2/2009 1:41:35)

I've made the thread this afternoon, I don't expect people to submit their applications before tomorrow or the day after. I don't really know how much people wil try to go for the High Council. Everything seems... dead... as always. But hey, if I remember right, last elections, we didn't had to vote, I think.

@EB: I don't know if it was"it" or "to", but I couldn't care less.

the random warrior -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/3/2009 8:07:36)


Everything seems... dead... as always

The price of having undead slaves.


Maureu -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/3/2009 17:09:35)

Heh, maybe we'll get lucky and a few will leave once I'm gone myself.[;)] Needing my bouyant life force and all to sustain them.
Also, in one moment of parting spam:

mau, i'm not going to miss you.
you will be forgotten...
you will be the person that called me Jack. and i will forget you.
you will be an annoying, and somewhat strange memory which will soon be forgetten.
and you will be forgotten.
how many times did i say forgotten?
well you will be forgotten anyways.

#1: Not going to miss me? Lies. You will miss me greatly.

#2: I will...never be a memory. *SWOOSH*

Welcome to anyone still willing to come to our little lifeless hovel, here.

Sunfyre23 -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/4/2009 7:16:47)

Conclusion: We are a parochial bunch..

Erason -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/4/2009 9:48:05)

Hello, fellow paxians! Geoto is holding a interclan competition. Check it out!

jaketheweirdo -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/4/2009 17:10:31)

*continues to forget maureu and not miss him*
hmmmm there has been a disturbance in the natural posting..
not many posts have been left since i was gone. it IS dead around here. *shoos away undead soldieres*

the random warrior -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/4/2009 20:00:57)


*continues to forget maureu and not miss him*

But if you remember to forget about her, aren't you still remembering her?


jaketheweirdo -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/8/2009 17:11:47)

*is forgetting to forget about mau and has forgotten unknowingly because i had forgotten to forget*

DigDog -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/16/2009 15:36:47)

Greetings to you all of you. Dynami is holding a new contest, so if you are level 130 and want to make your clan proud, enter it: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16798354

It will be lots of fun, trust me.

earth breather -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/18/2009 0:06:29)

So where did mau go?

jaketheweirdo -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/18/2009 15:14:24)


the random warrior -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/18/2009 15:23:27)

*licks the blood of my blade* Oh, her? She went on a little trip.


jaketheweirdo -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/19/2009 20:29:22)

ooh to where? is it CANDYLAND?! i love candyland. take me there!

the random warrior -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/20/2009 11:24:04)

Nah, she went to Neverland! Wanna go there? *before Jake can answer, I pick him up and throw him into the sky*


sacchi -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (10/31/2009 17:39:28)

10 bucks that th e ghost of Micheal Jackson kidnapped Mau in Neverland.

Riffus Maximus -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (11/1/2009 14:28:07)

You guys didn't know Maureu quitted for now? She said she would be gone until Spring time. I saw her on AQWorlds the day before yesterday.

the random warrior -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (11/1/2009 20:37:40)

If she was on AQW, then why couldn't she be on here?


Riffus Maximus -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (11/3/2009 0:15:11)

Mostly because of the inactivity. After all, the only thing we get here is almost 2 or 3 posts a week.

earth breather -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (11/7/2009 0:13:49)

Yah once i left you guys died.. bye!-steals cookies-

Bournne -> RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications (11/7/2009 9:54:14)

Things were inactive here long before you EB, you don't get all the credit [:D]

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