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Oasis Inn

Location: The Sandsea -> Oasis Inn

Quests Available

Ne'er Duwell
Rap Scallion
Scown Drell


Sandy: Welcome to the Oasis Inn, <Class>! You are welcome here!

  • Set Home Town
    Sandy: Do you wish to make our humble town your new home?
    • Yes
      Sandy: Very well! You are now a member of our community!

  • Talk
    Sandy: These are trying times for all the people of The Sandsea, but they can all come here and forget their troubles for a while
    Sandy: If you're hungry, we serve scabburgers, fried cactus bites and our famous camel wings in both hot and mild! If you want a drink we've got...
    Sandy: ...water. Hey, this is a desert. Water is pretty awesome around here

    Ne'er Duwell: *mumble mumble mumble mumble* ... *shifty eyes* ... *mumble mumble mumble mumble*
    Rap Scallion: ...I can't understand a word that you just said
    Ne'er Duwell: *ahem* Sorry, it's the mask. It's hard to talk through this thing
    Ne'er Duwell: This is a lot more work than the "Be a Thug: Change your Life!" brochure made it out to be

    Scown Drell: ...So you TOO can live the exciting life of a desert thug! Here... take a look at this brochure!

    Patron: Quiet! Do you want to get us killed?!
    Patron: What? All I said was the Rebellion is doing more for the people than Sek - Duat XV has done...
    Patron: ...They really help the people. They stole a shipment of food for the palace and gave it to the poorest neighborhood in town
    Patron: You DO want to get us killed! I DON'T KNOW THIS MAN!

    Thanks to Voodoo Master for NPCs links and coloring.

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