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Sasuke Uchiha -> Necromancer (11/25/2009 18:53:22)

Necromancer Also known as: Necro/Stupid Necro Guy

Location: A New Beginning, Don't You Remember?, The End?, The Necrotic Generals

Quests given

Shops owned


A New Beginning

Necromancer: Well done my minions. Where ever did you find her?
Necromancer: Really? What was she doing in there?
Necromancer: Oh my. Hmm, what should we do with her now?
Necromancer: Haha! And do what?
Necromancer: You are very far from home, young Pri...
Necromancer: This is the last time I will say this!
Necromancer: In this world...
Necromancer: ...the undead are NOT able to talk!
Necromancer: Kill the intruder, and then bring the girl to the crypt.

Necromancer: Excuse me... Sir Wannabe, you will have to find your own.
Necromancer: This one is mine.

Necro: We have an unexpected guest.
Necro: Magically seal the door. Use the orbs to dispel it later. I am going to put her with the others.
Necro: Shhh. Your would-be hero will make a nice addition to my undead army.
Necro: Mwhaha! So do not take him alive! Got that?
Necro: Let's go.

Necro: Mwahahaha... yelling in here is futile.
Necro: By now your hero has been slain and turned into one of my undead troops.
Necro: The ultimate spell my master is preparing...
Necro: ...requires the blood of a Darkovian Princess!
Necro: Shhh... step back, the portal is opening.
Necro: Master, I have done thy bidding, behold...
Necro: I present the Princess of Darkovia!
Necro: Master?
Necro: M... m... aster?
Necro: !
Necro: ARGH!
Necro: Impossible, you have magical royal blood in your veins!
Necro: I sensed it with my magic...
Necro: and you mentioned your father's knights...
Necro: QUIET!!!!!
Necro: Enough...
Necro: Kill... Kill them all! Starting with her!!!!
Necro: Haha
Necro: KILL HER!
Necro: Hahaha! You missed.
Necro: HOLY ZEUSTER!!!!!
Necro: Grr... HAH!
Necro: What? Freeze spell?
Necro: That was supposed to be darkness...
Necro: What else could go wrong today?

Don't you Remember?

Stupid Necro Guy: I'm a big stupid head and I catched you!
Stupid Necro Guy: Hahaha!
Stupid Necro Guy: You cannot escape my craziness!
Stupid Necro Guy: ...huh?
Stupid Necro Guy: Uh...
Stupid Necro Guy: HEEEEELP!

Necro: Muahahahahaha!
Necro: Meheheh!
Necro: Weeheehee!
Necro: ...?
Necro: YOU! You DARE come back here and disturb my work again?
Necro: Your's and your girlfriend's meddling set me back YEARS!
Necro: Meh heh..
Necro: My power has grown, boy, you won't defeat me again.

Necro: I told you, child, my power has grown!
Necro: Soon I will be even more powerful then Sepulchure! The creation of these lesser doom weapons are only the beginning...
Necro: I've merged souls from the darkness plane with enough weapons for an army!
Necro: HAHAHA! A wave of darkness will sweep over this land!
Necro: You are insignificant now.
Necro: The only thing that can stop me is the Blade of Destiny, which can only be wielded by a knight!
Necro: Now begone, it's time for me to begin raising my army!

The End?

Necromancer: HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Necromancer: My plan is almost complete! Nothing can stop me now!
Necromancer: The master will teach me the language the darkness and this world will be mine!

Necromancer: Hmph.

Necromancer: ...
Necromancer: No.

Necromancer: *smirks*
Necromancer: You're going to need more than the armor to defeat me, commoner. I told you, only the Blade of Destiny can defeat me and you're no Knight.

Necromancer: WHAT!?
Necromancer: IN-
Necromancer: FREAKING-
Necromancer: POSSIBLE!!!
Necromancer: How did a little insignificant squirt like you...actually get a Princess from the plane of light to merge with your sword?
Necromancer: Minions...ATTACK!

Necromancer: I really didn't think I could find a way to hate you more.

Necromancer: ...
Necromancer: No.

Necromancer: Ash, there is something I must tell you.

Necromancer: Ash, I am your father.

Necromancer: Dangit...thought you were one of those orphan heroes with a mysterious unexplained childhood.

Necromancer: Thanks.

Necromancer: I told you that two quests ago.

Necromancer: Kill you, you little pipsqueak. Now, DIE!

The Necrotic Generals

Necromancer: Well, we're necromancers... we tend to do that anyways.
Necromancer: Well, we had help. Noxus did a lot of the heavy lifting. There was also that one time that we went off on our own and tried to take over the wor-
Necromancer: You're talking too! In case you forgot we're all undead.
Necromancer: I'll be good.
Necromancer: Die. And join us in darkness!

Image (The Necrotic Generals)
Alternative Image (The Necrotic Generals)

Thanks to
-- Stephen Nix for the image, the AK banner, and corrections.
-- Peachii for The Necrotic Generals dialog and images.
-- Voodoo Master for dialog, location and coloring.

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