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Captain Rhubarb -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (2/8/2011 13:38:03)

That alert window is ok.
It just lets the user know that PeanutLab surveys are available, and clicking the alert brings you to a page on our web site.

.Kodaz -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (3/21/2011 14:56:28)

on the Release day of herosmash a while back i was trying to get around when the game was really laggy, i was clicking all over the place and apamming my mouse with 2 fingers (mistake) my herosmash account has been locked for this reason for a long time and with the update coming i really want to get it fixed can someone help me please?

Master account : Kodaz Post the inquiry at the link provided, most likely stick it in the bugs section and see if they can provide an answer. Dnw

bruextian -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (4/7/2011 2:10:57)

Bug Info:
The Master Account (or AE account) is not available. The page is can not be find.

Before bug occurred:
I went to "" then I clicked "Shop" then "Artix Points"

-During Bug:
It redirected me to the link "" but It said "404 - Page Not Found" by Host Gator
After bug/game crash:
-What was the error message/code?
"404 - Page Not Found" by Host Gator
Screenshot link:
Before , During
Server: None
Have you cleared your cache?: Yes
Did the bug happen again? Yes
Browser type and version: Google Chrome (Latest Version)
Internet connection: Broadband
Operating System: Windows XP

EDIT: This problem seems to have been fixed!

bobbyhonkers -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (4/23/2011 14:15:25)

I paid for 4000 battleon points and i clicked confirm payment(i used a UGC)

It didnt do anything so i closed the screen and when i went to retype the code to try again it said
that the card ad already been used and that i should have had my battleon points i guess.
But i got no battleon points from it so is this a bug?

Rotag -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (4/30/2011 22:02:25)

Edit: This has been fixed. Thanks

Kramlor -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (5/4/2011 4:58:25)

Greetings guys. Recently I purchased 2 Artix Cards. Both were 5000 Points.
I headed to the verification page, typed in the code clicked next. When it was verifying, around 1/2 a minute later, it came up with a message. The screenshot should describe it.

Bug Info:
- What happened? What's the bug? Where is this happening? Use detail!

All I did was attempt to verify my card the normal way on Artix Games. Above is what happened. Then the error code (Connection Setup Failed for Card System. Please try again in a few minutes.) Popped up. I'm not sure why this happened, as I have never experienced this in the past.

Before bug occurred:
Everything was fine, running as normal.

-During Bug:
Took a long time for the page to load, until the error message came up.
'Connection Setup Failed for Card System. Please try again in a few minutes.'

EDIT: One of the card networks we use is broken, or blocking our requests.
I am in the process of investigating the problem. ~Rhubarb

EDIT: Thanks Cap, and this is now fixed. Horray! ^-^

Maiden Hardie -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (5/4/2011 7:35:04)

I bought an upgrade card and tried to get artix points with it and it keeps telling me connections didn't load try again in few moments.. there an issue with card system.

: NOTE: Didn't see this dudes post above mine, me and him are having the same issue

And he explained the bug thoroughly better

_Kramlor_ me an you are having the same issue lol.

Please Fix this
it is making me sad...

As for other master account bugs, some reasons me loging on to herosmash causes my char alpha hardie to just show up as nothing but a blue flame.
The second one isn't caused by your master account, I know because I've had the same thing happen to me during alpha phase. What you'll want to do here, is clear out your cache and refresh herosmash and log in again. ~Dnw

Kramlor -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (5/4/2011 7:47:57)

@above, Yea I bought 2 cards. First, I thought it was the store's problem, but D: It turned out that the store had verified the card properly :/. Just the Issue with the Card server. Meh, it'll be fixed soon. As long as it's before ULTRAHAT leaves and Randor coming :/

EDIT: @above, And lol yea, you have to be thorough to report a bug XD


yogangsters -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (5/4/2011 8:32:28)

i bought guardian on normal aq a couple days ago, then i got on my aqworlds account to get guardian and defender class but it said it required guardian verifacation even tho both the accounts are linked to the battleon games account

In aqw, there is a required guardian verification. Just because the two accounts are linked up, This has nothing to do with the actual verifying page. here's the link for verfication please insert the information necessary on that link, and then the guardian shop should work for you.~dnw

Kramlor -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (5/4/2011 8:35:16)

@Yogangsters,This is not a bug. The verification process does not come from the Artix Master account. You need to verify manually with both account details here.

Hope that helps.


@Maiden Hardie. Try refreshing the browser and clearing the cache in your browser. I used to have the same problem with my HS Character. Clearing your cache regularly definately helps a lot with the speed of Herosmash and the Fireball issue.

Have fun!



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Please do not double post, use the edit function next time.~dnw

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It could be that I was typing at the same time you posted. No biggie~Dnw

Axumeus -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (5/4/2011 9:58:06)

I also bought an upgrade card and could not get it to load the first time, so i tried again and it said it had been used

enternalflamer -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (5/6/2011 21:54:54)

Bug Info:
- On my master account, I have done 3 mobile surveys that each cost around 1k+ Battleon Points. I sent all of the surveys into 1 cellphone number and I have gotten all 3 notifications and accepted it. After that, I was waiting for my Battleon Points to come and I knew I have cleared all the requirements to get the Points but for some reason, Only 1 of the 3 of the surveys sent Battleon Points.

Before bug occurred:
First, I went to My master account.
Then, I went to "earn Points"
After that, I went the "Gamecoins"
Then, I clicked on 1 survey and did all the requirements needed like sending the number and the pin
I did the same for the other 2 surveys that were completely different but foudn in "gamecoins"
After that, I waited and the points never came. But nothing crashed or anything.

-During Bug:
The Points wasn't able to be sent to my Master account even though I did do the requirements.

After bug/game crash:

-What was the error message/code?

Screenshot link:

Have you cleared your cache?: Yes
Did the bug happen again? Yes, this was the 3rd time
Browser type and version:Google Chrome
Internet connection: DHCP
Operating System: Windows 98
In the offers page, there should be a button at the top right corner that says "offer help" or some such. See if you can find one in that specific sponsor. What happens is in those offers, if you can prove to the help team that you've got the verification, they'll investigate it further.~dnw

matheusya -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (5/8/2011 21:02:54)

my char dont load in MQ and DF, i buy a star lord and dragon lod, more i dont can play...

then you'll want the help pages for those two games.. Dragonfable help pages mq help pages. Use the 2 provided links to find your specific problem.~Dnw

Rodrigobd -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (5/27/2011 18:42:23)

I'm trying to acess my Master Account. I'm sure I'm using the right password,since I used the "forgot password" option to check.
I just don't seem to be able to log in. It always says that either the Login or the password is wrong.

Nevermind,got it to work somehow.

Congratulations, I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue :)~dnw

Deimos... -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (6/5/2011 8:11:45)

Bug Info:
- What happened? What's the bug? Where is this happening? Use detail!
The bug is that when I try to change my email and pass with a temporary password I got from the website "" It says that it won't let me change it because it says "The Password you typed does NOT match your current password." Which makes no sense because I just logged into my master account.

Before bug occurred:
(Step by step details please)
Before bug occured I could change my password because I had my normal password at first.
-During Bug:
During bug I cannot change my password with the temp password I got. I got the temp password because I was hacked. Now the hacker can still get me! Help! I want to change my pass! I already have a temp pass but it just not work! (Temp pass works to log into Epicdue in gamel and into master account)
After bug/game crash:

-What was the error message/code?
It said "The Password you typed does NOT match your current password." and it also said "Old password does match current password on account."
Screenshot link:

Have you cleared your cache?:Yes, I thought then it would let me change my pass but no it didn't work.
Did the bug happen again? (if it did not, no need to post!)Yes over and over
Browser type and version: (Firefox? Internet Explorer? Opera?) Firefox
Internet connection: (DSL? Dial-up? Cable?)Cabel
Operating System: (Windows 98? XP? Vista? Another type?) Windows

Winter Darkness -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (6/7/2011 22:27:53)

Im trying to put 3 adventure quest upgrade cards onto my master account but I keep getting this reply. Btw I just baught them an hour ago.

Message: Connection Setup Failed for Card System. Please try again in a few minutes.

My cache was cleared btw.

I've tried bolth mozilla and enternet.

Windows 7

sayrone the good -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (6/14/2011 13:39:09)

Hello, i am having a problem reaching my old master account with my aqw membership account my starcaptin account and dragonlord account, if at all possible Could a Staff member reach me at my new email for this fourm account thank you in advanced Sayrone the good

daph101 -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (6/23/2011 13:03:12)

I'm trying to link my dragonfable account to the master account I just created and it keeps telling me that my drangonfable account is incorrect so I retrieved my password for drangonfable using the the forgot my password option and logged into drangonfable and it worked so I tried to link it to my master account again and I still get the same message.

kreem -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (7/14/2011 17:03:54)

what stores could i buy an AE upgrade card

Besides, Depending on where you live, the amount of stores that sell Upgrade cards varies. (By live I mean in usa or outside usa) ~dnw

zz blacksoldier -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (7/24/2011 8:23:36)

if i go to aqw i need to wait since gisterday 60 second wait is that a bug?

Let me see if I understand this correctly, is it that your getting kicked out during a battle or something? or is it that your not able to log in?

tigerrobot5 -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (8/15/2011 16:54:02)

Bug Info:
- What happened? What's the bug? Where is this happening? Use detail!

Before bug occurred:
(Step by step details please)
i typed in the a artix entertainment card and then it wouldn't verify it or something i get an error code
-During Bug:

After bug/game crash:

-What was the error message/code?
Connection Setup Failed for Card System. Please try again in a few minutes.
Screenshot link:

Have you cleared your cache?:yes
Did the bug happen again? yes
Browser type and version: Firefox (newest one)
Internet connection: Cable
Operating System: (Windows 7)

MegaDarien -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (8/15/2011 19:02:14)

I bought 2 upgrade cards each have 5000 points i typed the pin in and it said "Connection Setup Failed for Card System. Please try again in a few minutes." i really would like this fixed now please

tigerrobot5 -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (8/15/2011 19:20:47)

yup got same problem as you.
now i'm starting to get pissed now, i didn't buy cards for nothing gonna see if i can bring this to their immediate attention

and for the AE staff... At LEAST tell us what's going on because i'd hate to have just pace around the room and trying every 5 minutes

MegaDarien -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (8/15/2011 21:13:40)



"Connection Setup Failed for Card System. Please try again in a few minutes."

so i try and try again and it keeps saying that i dunno whats going on but i would like it fixed please i saved up a lot of money for them :(

harlequin1337 -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (8/16/2011 5:40:37)

I have the same case with golden1231, I have the achievements I'm not supposed to have to yet.

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