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Niki -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (10/21/2015 2:46:06)

element resistance: Use this page to contact Support:

jonnix -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (7/4/2016 5:24:28)

Hello. I've been playing Adventure Quest for about half a decade now and I've been on and off the game at times.

Being off the game for quite awhile, I forgot my username to my guardian account, so I did what every normal person does--send an email verification for a forgotten password.

In doing so, I have my username that I now remember and my password that I've had remembered since I started playing AQ. I remembered about the free surveys you can do to get free points in exchange for Z-tokens, so I proceeded to click on the link and do some surveys. I link my guardian account with my current account username I remember and I get a window that says, "this account is linked with another Master account:...." I look at the username and then I remember that I created two accounts for separate character links for different battleon games, this and the other master account that I forgotten the email name to that has my guardian account linked to it.

I was wondering if there's any way for Artix/whoever has control over support/technical issues can send me the email name?

If I knew my email name, I would be able to log-in with my password because all my passwords have been consistently the same, with the exception of the as forementioned battle on account.


AQ id: idiotfeare

Dragonnightwolf -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (7/5/2016 18:18:16)

@Jonnix. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it almost reads as if you have 2 Master Accounts. Now there is a way to change the sign-up email account over. Via this link here But in regards to the email-name thing. That would have to be done by an email from them to you.

The link also provides a place so that you can contact AE, Usually there's a form for individual support issues, such as being locked out of an account and the like. Takes a little bit of looking around though.

But this at least should help a little.

wozzen -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (10/7/2016 0:19:55)

I'm a bit confused, but it seems that my Master Account has "forgotten" my linked games; they aren't linked on the "My Games" page and when I try to link those accounts again, it tells me they are already linked to my Master Account. I'm not sure what that means or if there is a way to fix that?

Edit: And now it's fixed...I have no idea what happened and am totally confused...

Vongola the Wise -> RE: =AE= Master Account Bugs (6/22/2019 0:58:30)

Not master account related

but i'm trying to redeem my onevanilla prepaid mastercard in xsolla but it keeps cancelling my payment. Why is this?

Fixed It: just needed to email them for verification

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