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[image][/image]Double, Trouble, Boil and Bubble

Other name: Double Trouble

Location: Amityvale (Books 1 and 2) -> Zorbak -> Quests -> Double Trouble
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Amityvillain
Release Date: December 4th, 2009

Objective: Zorbak is going to try to recruit the Yagas of Amityvale to join his army!
Objective completed: Bubble, bubble, babies are trouble!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Baba Yaga
(4) Dark Drinker
(4) Raven
(2) Yaga
(6) Yaga Sister

Baba Yaga

Yaga Bone Band
BatSkull Cord
Glittering Yaga Band
New(t) Sash
Yaga Girdle

Zorbak: You owe me for destroying the majority of my army, <Character>. But I'm going to give you a chance to make it up to me.

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    Zorbak: <Character>, I haven't entirely forgiven you for demolishing my other army.
    Zorbak: You can start trying to make it up to me by finding me some more men to put in the field!
    <Character>: Why do they have to be men?
    Zorbak: Meh, I suppose they could be skeletons, too.
    <Character>: What about women? Or rather, yagas? I know some in the area who would know the lay of the land. And they might join up.
    <Character>: With the right encouragement, that is.
    Zorbak: Yagas? Mehehe. You might have something there!
    Zorbak: <Character>, I think you might have a knack for this war/baby-sitting thing.
    Zorbak: I think we'll call you Lieutenant Nana!
    <Character>: AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

    Zorbak: Mehehehe. Hello pretty ladies!
    Baba Yaga: ...
    Baba Yaga: Just WHO are you calling *gag* "pretty"?!

    *Zorbak lowers his head in embarrassment*

    Zorbak: Oooookay. So that didn't work.
    Zorbak: Hello you warty wonder-yagas!
    Baba Yaga: That's a BIT better. But still a bit too reeking of desperation.
    Baba Yaga: What do you WANT, you little blue rabbit-thing?

    *Zorbak smiles*

    Zorbak: Only to welcome you yagas into my most Glorious Army of Dracoliches!
    Baba Yaga: Dracoliches? You mean those disgustingly cute bony babies ranged behind you?
    <Character>: Nothing is too cute to be ebil, I've heard.

    *Zorbak turns and looks at you grimacingly*

    *Zorbak turns back to the yagas*

    *He closes his eyes in frustration*

    Zorbak: My army is mighty!
    Baba Yaga: Your army is grotesquely adorable. The cute is stinking up our lair. Get out!

    *Zorbak turns and looks at you*

    <Character>: Don't you talk about the babies like that!

    *Zorbak stares blankly for a second*

    *His eyes grow wide*

    *Everyone ducks and the dracoliches fly in*

    <Character>: Whoops. Zorbak, did you forget their leashes?
    Zorbak: You don't leash an army! You send it charging into the fray!

    *They break and tip over some things in the lair*

    <Character>: From the looks those yagas are giving you right now, they're ready to flay your hide, then fray the fringe!
    Zorbak: ...
    Zorbak: Babies! Take care of this mess! I'm going to go make a list of better allies.
    Zorbak: <Character>, make sure they get home alright.

    *Zorbak teleports*

    Baba Yaga: ...
    <Character>: What? Hey don't look at me...

    Arrival at Zorbak's Hideout:
    Zorbak: .... <Character>, you're demoted!
    Zorbak: Report for potato-peeling duty in the kitchen, stat! And don't forget to salute on your way out, PRIVATE Nana!
    <Character>: Look, Zorback. I'm here to protect these babies, and that's what I'm going to do.
    <Character>: If you want to KEEP these dracoliches, that's fine, so long as they don't get hurt. But remember, I'm NOT your minion.
    Zorbak: *grumble* *mumble* We'll see about THAT, mehehehe...
    <Character>: What was that?
    Zorbak: Fine, fine. You can be a Lieutenant again. But the next phase of my plan had better go more smoothly.
    Zorbak: We'll be taking a little trip deep into the heart of Amityvale and visiting a special friend. Mehehehe!
    Zorbak: You and the babies will come along to provide muscle and intimidation! Meh. Maybe not intimidation.

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    Thanks to
    -- Niki for rewards and corrections.
    -- AssadBlaze for reward information.
    -- Stephen Nix for link.

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