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Location: There's Something About Twilly..., In the Mountains...., We're Gonna Need More Fire..., The Factory, STRIKE!, Plushie Fury

Quests given

Shops owned

Frostval 2009

There's Something About Twilly...

Zadd: They all laughed at me! Laughed!
Zadd: They said I could never make my snowmen come alive.
Zadd: That magic silk hats, and elemental button noses were foolish! I'll show them! I'll show them all!
Zadd: I've discovered the greatest source or power in all of Lore.
Zadd: Magic silk hats have nothing on the power of.... moglin hugs!
Zadd: I will squeeze every last bit of power out of you!
Zadd: Then everyone who laughed at me will know how powerful I truely am. Zadd, the Golemancer, will show them all!

In the Mountains....

Zadd: The power of...
Zadd: Hmph.. I'll show you.

Zadd: Hmm.. yes this one looks like a good one to start with.
Zadd: So.. Do I just go in for the hug? Or.. like, how does this work?
Zadd: Ok, here we go..
Zadd: ...
Zadd: Good idea.

Zadd: Shh, quiet. Now.. to extract the power of MOGLIN HUGS!! Ahahaahaaa!

Zadd: Hmm, we need something with more power..
Zadd: Argh! Still not enough power! There must be a way.

Zadd: Y'know.. I just try so hard..
Zadd: It's probably because of my childhood. I always felt like I was more the villain type. But all my friends were heroes...
Zadd: ... I just wish *sob* I wish I had been nurtured more. If only my parents had been villains as well...
Zadd: Your right. You're always right. *sigh* You know me so well. Thanks friend.

Zadd: It's beautiful, isn't it?
Zadd: Get back in your cage.
Zadd: Muahahahahaaa!
Zadd: Ok golem, release the moglin!
Zadd: You know what I mean.

Zadd: Haahaha!
Zadd: Ok, let's switch this thing on already.
Zadd: HAHAHA, my golems are complete! No one can stop me now, no one!

Zadd: Alright, you blue fuzzball, it's your turn.

We're Gonna Need More Fire...

Zadd: Nonsense, you'll get your hug and you'll like it! I need more power for my golems and you're it.

Zadd: Well, my little friend. You didn't believe I could do it, but I proved you wrong!
Zadd: I proved everyone wrong! Be honored, your shiny moglin magics will power my Super-Snow Golem, Frostenstein!
Zadd: ...
Zadd: I'm so proud.
Zadd: *sniff*
Zadd: HAAAAHAHAhahahaHAhahAhaaa!
Zadd: What... that's it?!
Zadd: Meep.

Zadd: The... the power... it's incredible!

Zadd: Oh no, I have to turn it off before it destroys us all!
Zadd: Nooo! I am too late!
Zadd: The machine! It's been destroyed!

Zadd: !!!

Frostval 2010

The Factory

Zadd: Work faster little moglins. Faster!
Zadd: My army of toys needs to be ready soon! It's almost time for Frostval! My army of toy golems will...
Zadd: ???
Zadd: Wh-WHAT?! How do you keep getting out of your chains?!
Zadd: No, you cannot have a toy!

Zadd: *sigh* Oh fine. Take this one.
Zadd: ...
Zadd: NO! NO HUGS!

Zadd: I said NO HUGS!

Zadd: *ahem*
Zadd: And just what do you think you're doing?
Zadd: Hahahaha, ruin Frostval? This is going to be the best Frostval ever...
Zadd: ...for me!

Zadd: Back to work! My toy golems must be ready in time! Soon they'll be in the hands of people all over Lore and then they'll see!
Zadd: They'll see how great a golemancer I am! Hahahaha!


Zadd: *KSCHT* *No talking.*
Zadd: *No sighing either*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Attention, slaves: Keep working or you will get zapped.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *A lot. Hah!*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *No, it's not. Oh, and uhhh.. I'm awesome. That is all.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Who wants to hear a story? Once upon a time there were some moglins and I pwned them. HAHAAAHAAAHA!!*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Hey wow, I just read that if you exercise your face it reduces the signs of aging.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Twig, stop chewing the machinery.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *No you can't have another toy. Don't make me come down there!*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Hey-- You guys think there will be a Falconreach Idle 2? I'd like to try out for that...*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *FA LA LAAAAALA* *HACK* *COUGH* *WHEEEEEEZE* Oh.. is the microphone still-- Dang, I thought I turned it off.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Attention slaves: Disregard previous announcement.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *No strikes allowed.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *sigh.*

Plushie Fury

Zadd: What did you do....
Zadd: Nooooooo mooooooore tooooooooooooyyyyys foooooooorrrrrr yyoooooouuuuuuu!

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Thanks to
  • Jay for images and corrections.
  • Silver Xoven for additional dialogue.

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