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Sir Gnome -> =MQ= Farming Discussion (6/28/2012 4:55:02)

This is the thread to use for discussion of all types of Credit and Exp farming in MechQuest!

You can put forward your own suggestions of areas and methods to farm, or ask for advice for your own character.

For Equipment Comparison questions, you need to go to this thread in MQ Q&A.

For Battle Strategy: Something that's likely to provoke a discussion, for example 'How can we farm new Boss monster X', or 'What setup is needed to beat the 100 rooms on Extreme' can be posted as its own thread in MQGD. Anything that is just looking for a quick answer, such as asking about what tactics a boss enemy from a past release uses, or advice on a good setup for an old quest, should be posted in as its own thread in MQQ&A.

Do not suggest or discuss specific IDs or overall Mecha Assault. The PvP is currently bugged and anykind of suggestion or usage is considered as bug abuse.
If you still think you have to suggest or discuss it, you'll recieve a warning. No excuses.

Glais -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/28/2009 15:32:28)

I generally farm Shadow Claws or Skipper.
There is also a weird thing that lets you get the amount of exp for an extreme mode in PVP without fighting extreme mode but that seems like cheating...

stealthwings -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/28/2009 16:02:07)

I Farm Don teis shop with the BC warrior, it is like K&S but it has ShS enemies so the BC gets its ShS only effects.

Venus Djinn -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/28/2009 16:08:37)

I've been farming Soluna X for XP, since it's only level 30 enemies (I'm level 24) and I can easily kill everything but the Decimator. Same applies for credits, if you can win the fights.

End of Life -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 21:24:35)

I just do quests to farm... any quest

Ace Caesar -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 21:42:17)

Im farming credit and XP using my Uber jameson or Warbear so i can easily kill the enemies in PVP extreme mode and im using random fights^^


Ev1l Kn1ght -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:15:49)

I farm at the Crypt in Necryptos. Continuously running into the wrong puzzle piece to get Void Wraiths. 110 XP and 770 credits take <30 seconds with the solar spike and around 30 seconds with broken blade.
EDIT: The 30 seconds include the time it takes to start the battle.

The Reds -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:28:02)

I farm on wars espically the westion war , when u defeat a enemy u get extra credit and exp plus I can get valyor badges (you can get more credit on wars .)

Ace Caesar -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:30:03)

Probobly if you buy the X-boost unlimited in Mocha cola it will give 10% of credit and XP


The Reds -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:34:36)

I will do that if you get me 10 dollars (off topic)
So another suggestion is to beat artix on assult mech over and over again.

Eric Greydawn -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:43:13)

I was just farming Assault Mech.... you would think that the game would be programmed so that it did NOT call Artix a Noob!!!![:D]

@Below. The Assault Mech game. it says...(insert player name) Just pwned the n00b Artix!

The Reds -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:47:22)

Who said artix is a noob ? and I said that because he isneasy to beat .

Ace Caesar -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:50:07)

Artix is easy to beat because he's using Newberton so theres no reason to call him noob!

Eric Greydawn -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:51:31)

Oh I know, but it's just kind of funny. Yeah, looks to me like the Assault Mech game is probably the best place to farm at your own level! certainly a good place for credits!

@Below. I was beating all those challenges with a level twelve Viking, unmodified.

Drazsyker -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:54:48)

Kinda OT:

Should a level 14 be able to farm off K&S Challenge 9?(Level 23 reccomended)

PD -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:56:44)

Drazsyker: That should not be the normal case, but, nowadays, Mechas and the standard of power have gotten much, MUCH higher, so it really depends on the mecha you use. :P

Ace Caesar -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:57:50)

Probobly if you will use a Defensive build like Aegis, your able to win in K&S Challenge 9, i beat it when im level 16 using Sepulchure.


Drazsyker -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 22:59:50)

Frankenmecha OC10(Level 10) with NSC equipment

Defaults except for Ticklish Zorbo and Magic Burlap.

Should I? :)

Ace Caesar -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 23:01:12)

That build will work just equip the Tickilish Zorbo and that own:)


The Reds -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/29/2009 23:02:51)

Ah if u want to, for me , no o will not do that, just go to any war and defeat enemy there it gave you higher exp and credit than anywhere else.

deathkiller -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/31/2009 5:13:54)

just doing ramdom battles because I pwn everything I meet except high lvl mohawk and warbear

Venus Djinn -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/31/2009 5:37:15)

Hmm... Void Wraiths? I hadn't thought of that. I think I just found my new XP source up to 30.

Portgas -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/31/2009 9:37:01)

Now i'm farming at the mobile bases quest. It gives me a lot of XP and credits due to the Xboost and war boost, and with BC you can kill a ShS in 3 or 4 turns.

dslayer265 -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/31/2009 9:47:05)

There was only one place that i used to farm, the k&s challenge. can someone tell me a better place to farm?

Flare Phoenix -> RE: =MQ= Farming Discussion (12/31/2009 10:06:22)

I farm at pvp. It wass super easy credits and xp for NSC, and even better for SC for me
on duel, scale the fights and type the ID of a newbatron (I use 2323)
it gives easy credits for an easy battle
for starcaptains, just raise the difficulty level.
Try it ot sometime!

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