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CMC - Dec 09

Location: Lymcrest (Books 1 and 2) -> Tog (CMC) -> Quest -> Code Monkey Challenges? -> December 2009 Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: December 31st, 2009

Objective: Its the Code Monkey Challenge for December 09.
Objective completed: You...beat it? Wow.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(135) Nerd Tog



  • What?!
    <Character>: Okay... We've got two jobs to do today, Rolith
    Rolith: Oh! You don't normally break the fourth wall first! Alright, what do we have to do?
    <Character>: First, there are SOME players who have no idea what this is...
    Rolith: Oh, Easy! This is a Code Monkey Challenge! Players will work together on the forums to solve the puzzle.
    Rolith: It's sorta a big mind-teaser designed to ONLY be beaten by working together to figure out the solution! What is the other thing?
    <Character>: There are like THREE people who are going to want to know what happened after we helped you escape from the prison.
    <Character>: Basically, "Where's the Togicide?!?!"
    Rolith: Oh... That...
    <Character>: And?
    Rolith: "Just repeat to yourself it's just a game and you should really just relax!"
    <Character>: You realize that MST3k was off the air before most of the players were born, right?
    <Character>: "We might see the end of the TogSlayer story sometime...but not this week" would have been enough, you know.

  • CodeMonkey Day?
    <Character>: What's this about CodeMonkey Day?
    Rolith: It's a really really weird forums joke, so don't think about it too much and you'll be better off!
    <Character>: But... isn't celebrating an event in your honor a bit egotistical?
    Rolith: Who's celebrating? I'm WORKING! But in all seriousness, I am deeply humbled by the players who enjoy the work I do.
    Rolith: This is more me taking the chance to say thank you to them than any ego trip. Honest!
    <Character>: That was almost respectable. I'll buy it.

  • This Time?
    <Character>: So, what's the deal with this challenge?
    Rolith: Well, Alac has some pie, I want it. You guys are going to find it, I know it's SOMEWHERE in this mountainside!
    <Character>: ... We're hunting for pie?
    Rolith: Yup, I think she said it was Keylime.
    <Character>: You do realize that players who don't read the design notes and the forums are not going to get this joke.
    Rolith: Right, and the entire point of this thing is to get them to do exactly that.
    <Character>: Your logic is... something to behold.
    Rolith: Thanks!

  • Heal
  • Reset

  • Solution:

    01 02 03
    04 05 06
    07 08 09

    Floor 1:
    Part 1: 03, Down Staircase, Door.
    Floor 2:
    Part 1: 09, 01, Down Staircase, Door.
    Floor 3:
    Part 1: 05, 09, 04, 06, 03, 07, Down Staircase, Door.
    Floor 4:
    Part 1: 05, 02, Down Staircase.
    Part 2: 02, 09, 01, 08, Down Staircase, Door.
    Floor 5:
    Part 1: 07, Down Staircase.
    Part 2: 04, 03, Down Staircase.
    Part 3: 00, Down Staircase, Door.
    Floor 6
    Part 1: 06, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, Down Staircase.
    Part 2: 05, 06, Down Staircase.
    Part 3: 00, Down Staircase, Door.
    Floor 7
    Part 1: 05, 06, 07, 01, 02, Down Staircase.
    Part 2: 00, Down Staircase.
    Part 3: 02, 09, 01, 08, Down Staircase.
    Part 4: 00, Down Staircase, Door.

    Thanks to
    -- Peachii for dialogue information.
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections.

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