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Back to the Past

Location: Falconreach -> Cysero -> Quest! -> Back to the Past!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Choose Your Own Adventure Quest
Release Date: January 1st, 2010

Objective: Cysero.....
Objective completed: You managed to make it back after fighting Biff. Well... you think you did... with Cysero, you're never sure....

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 2010
Gold rewarded: 75

(1) Biff, the Time Tyrant - Boss


2010 Fireworks
Ethan's Green Garbage Truck
Forgotten Paper
Jacob's Spider Shirt
Manure Truck
Mom's Turkey Pan
Runeox Cubit
Colorful Treasure Chest
Light Treasure Chest
Shaking Treasure Chest

<Character>: Cysero?
Cysero: Hmm... I know it's here somewhere...
Cysero: Maybe... YES!
<Character>: Uhh...
Cysero: Awesome! This'll be the perfect power source!
<Character>: Power source for what?
Cysero: <Character>! Perfect timing! Check this out, I can do science too!
<Character>: Umm... Cysero...
Lim: Cysero!
Lim: Cysero!
Lim: What do you think you're doing?
Lim: I'm missing a significant amount of plutonium and the green, glowing footprints lead all the way to your Superstore!
Cysero: I am making.... SCIENCE!
Lim: ...
Cysero: I have created a.... FLUX INDUCTOR!
Lim & <Character>: A what.... ?
Cysero: A Flux Inductor! It will cause a lag in information to the transductor!
Lim: ...
<Character>: Why would you want to do that?
Cysero: For SCIENCE!
Lim: ...
<Character>: Maybe we should... not do that...
Cysero: Of course we should! If you can think it up, you can do anything!
Cysero: I'm-a go switch it on.
Lim: ...
<Character>: So... How's it goin?


Cysero: Can you guys check outside?
Serenity: And then, out of nowhere Ash came running in and started asking about princesses...
Ikea: Poor guy.. He's cute though.
Serenity: I know, right? So anyways..
Serenity: ...
Lim: Everything has stopped...
Cysero: It works!
<Character>: I... wow... Wait, why can we move?
Cysero: Because of the transponder in the translocation of the transformer! I named him Optimus One!
Cysero: Hmm, well, that's interesting.
Lim: Interesting? INTERESTING! You've torn a hole in time, you crazy fool!
Cysero: Ooooh cool!
Lim: ...
Cysero: I should probably figure out how to close it, I guess. And make everyone start moving again.
<Character>: /facepalm
Cysero: You should totally go explore it though, <Character>! Have fun!
<Character>: Hahaha. Yeah right.
<Character>: CYSEROOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!

*Thump! Some time later...*

<Character>: Oooooh, I feel sick.
Biff: Time is my realm, human. How dare you disturb it.
Biff: I am the great Biff. The Tyrant of Time! I rule all! I know why you came here and you're not going to get your hands on my book!
<Character>: I... your book?
Biff: Don't play innocent, you puny kid. Now why don't you make like a tree and get out of here! I have more things to conquer.
<Character>: Yeaaaahhh. I don't care what time it is, that isn't happening.

Battle Biff, the Time Tyrant.

Cysero: Oh awesome! Remind me later to go back in time and put that manure cart there.
<Character>: Cysero! You found me!
Cysero: Huh? You were lost? I just came to grab that one sock I lost ages ago. Funny thing is, it was just sitting there with my other sock!
Cysero: So I grabbed it for safe keeping. Never know who would try and take it.
<Character>: Well... can you take me with you back to my time.
Cysero: Sure thing! I remember that Lim was looking for some plutonium he lost, I can grab it for him.
<Character>: Is that safe....
Cysero: We'll find out!

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for Next Up info and corrections.
  • PaperClip OF DOOM for rewards.
  • Stridoom for corrections.

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