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Time Travel Fairies Time Tours

Other names: War Memorial

Access Point: Falconreach -> Down -> Down -> FalconsNest -> Left, Falconreach -> Down -> 2 Down Right -> Right
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 1st, 2010

Quests Available
Undead Assault
And So It Began...
Ice Dragon Invasion
War At See!
Bassault's Assault
Wrath of Xan
Xan Bossfight
Chaos Weaver Web Site
Beach Vacation Invasion!
Hot Plot
Friday the 13th III
The First Pirate vs. Ninja War!
Sandsea War
Assault on the Necropolis
Monkee War! (Pirate vs. Ninja)
The Final 13th
The Final 13th Waves


War Memento Shop

Time Travel Fairies Time Tours

  • Undead Assault
      DragonFable's first war!
      Meet Sepulchure for the first time!

  • Ice Dragon War
      Attack of the Ice Dragons!
      Meet DragonMaster Frostscythe for the first time!

  • War at See
      War at See!
      Learn about Sepulchure and the Doom Weapons!

  • Wrath of Xan
      Xan Attacks!
      Drakath called in a favor, and Xan destroyed Falconreach!
      This event takes place after The Black Dragon Box quest.

  • Arachnattack
      ChaosWeaver Calamity!
      Someone, or someTHING stole your baby dragon egg!
      The Arachnattack War takes place before your dragon egg hatches.

  • Beach Vacation Invasion
      Not just a day at the beach!
      The Beach Invasion merged with the Friday the 13th war!
      Sepulchure and Xan make secret plans!

  • Pirates vs Ninja
      An age-old rivalry!
      Drakath pits the pirates and ninjas against each other while searching for the Wind Orb!
      This war takes place at the beginning of the Wind Orb saga.

  • Sandsea War
      Save the SandSea's people!
      Emperor Sek-Duat has captured all the townspeople. You need to save them!
      The SandSea war takes place at the end of the Light Ord saga.

  • Assault on the Necropolis
      Assault on the Necropolis!
      In order to get to Noxus, you'll need to take down the guards at the Necropolis!
      This war takes place after the Artix VS the Undead quest.

  • Monkee War
      Enough is enough!
      The greatest of the monkee sages has cursed you!
      Now you have to fight as a monkee!

  • Final Thirteenth
      Undead Attack!
      Sepulchure is attacking Battleon with the full force of his undead army!
      This war takes place after the Havoc quests and Sepulchure Attacks!

  • Souvenir Shop! - opens War Memento Shop.

    Old Appearance

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