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Deleted User -> [Deleted] (3/29/2010 19:09:55)

[Deleted by Admins]

KillerB -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (3/31/2010 21:48:41)

Congrats to me for playing. And congrats Jemini

Terosin -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/18/2010 3:50:36)


Vivi is going to be helping us out with a lot of testing and possibly more but he'll be especially valuable because, and he may not even know it yet, he'll be helping us get the C-Mail system in working order! We should optimistically have it up and running next week or the week after that. This week would be fantastic but I have no idea if it's possible yet. So big thanks and congratulations to Vivi.

Hooray for Vivi! ..hihi..

Digital X -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/18/2010 3:56:58)

Busy SoO is busy. [;)] I'm sure Vivi will make a great asset to the team.

Congratulations Jemini! :D

Terosin -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/28/2010 15:06:29)

News from Jemini!

It's Muh Birthday!!! :D


Diark -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/28/2010 15:11:45)

Happy birthday Jemini! :P.

netosmar -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/28/2010 15:14:42)

Jemni's birthday? Happy birthday!

caneyempor -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/28/2010 15:15:24)

hi birth day jemini and many more to come p.s. were coming for you but il give you 3 weeks to run since its your birthday

The lycan leader -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/28/2010 15:18:47)

Happy birthday Jemini.

UltimaKomoto -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/28/2010 15:19:18)

Happy birthday to Jemini! (who isn't exactly a Gemini, who'd have thought?)
Yet another year of mischief, mayham, and stealing, oh dear...

Krillin -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/28/2010 15:25:43)

Happy Birthday Jemini

Count Radec -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/28/2010 15:36:02)

Happy birthday Jemini! Here's a cake for you!
/hands Jemini a cake

runer -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (5/29/2010 7:53:29)

It may be late , but happy birthday Jemini ! I hope the sugar rush broke off before anything bad happned [8D] !

thelegofan -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/5/2010 12:37:36)

Ok i know its really late but i recently joined the forums, anyways happy birthday Jemini even though you stole Warlic's dragonheart shard and as a gift i won't completely annihilate you next time i encounter you

Valnos -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/8/2010 23:08:06)

Well, not sure how my "staff twitter thread" is going to work-out, so I'ma post a bit of it here too seeing as this is probably the official place for it(?) [&:]

This one from MINARtist! <-- Link's in there. <.<

Personally hoping for some D. Gray Man, Basquash and FLCL. [sm=trobble.gif]

P.S. ~ congratz to you, Jem! I hope your B-day was excellent. [sm=costumed-smiley-068.gif]

EinhanderX01 -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/8/2010 23:56:34)

Is there a link to his Twitter, or should I just search him up by his username?

Regardless, more Gundam/Macross/Robotech elements would be nice, along with some Evangelion as well.

Red Komet -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/8/2010 23:59:39)

I do notice the House Mechs look like the Evas

Valnos -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/9/2010 1:51:10)


Here ya go! <-- Link in here. <.<

Personally not one for caring about more obvious mech references. I like em obscure: more fun then if you notice it. [sm=trobble.gif]

Delta 57 Dash -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/9/2010 4:44:24)

Anime references eh?

Archer from Fate/Stay Night is my biggest recommendation.

Any of the several cool characters from 08th MS Team (Gundam) would be cool, like the Gouf Custom or the RX-79[G]Ez8 piloted by the main character.

Also, maybe some Code Geass knightmare frames could be referenced... Guren Mk 2 ftw!

Kuld -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/9/2010 4:52:39)

@Delta 57 Dash:
An Archer mech would be ridiculously overpowered...XD

Galactimecha, the Strider and to a lesser degree the Bladestorm are all Code Geass inspired though.

Delta 57 Dash -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/9/2010 5:04:42)


I don't see a lot of inspiration there... none of them have the mecha-roller skates, or slash harkens, or any of the other tell-tale signs of knightmares.

And an Archer mech wouldn't be that overp-... well, uhm... I still want one!

Links -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/9/2010 5:42:02)

INFINITE BLADE WORKS!!! *foams at mouth*

But....there's a difference between a homage and copying. AE should try to stay clear of that line.

EinhanderX01 -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/9/2010 9:56:29)

The Guren Mk.II did exist... Somewhat...

Oh, a few more Monoeye machines or a few more multi-eyed machines (besides 2-eyed) wouldn't hurt.

And I'm probably more for more mech-related homages, from missions to machines.

In fact, the transforming Starship idea can be considered a homage to Macross/Robotech and their massive Macross battlecarriers which are capable of transforming into a humanoid mode. However, I'm awaiting the moment when the main character can transform their starship and team up with Artix for a Macross/Daedalus Attack against one of the larger ShS warships in an impressive cutscene. Just for those that don't know, the Macross/Daedalus Attack is basically the transformed Macross punching another ship in the bridge (among other areas).

As for an Evangelion homage; the closest would probably be the ShS; being large and somewhat organic, similar to the Angels. However, that's about as far as I'd make a connection, just like Kaiju Scythe being a Godzilla homage/parody.

Delta 57 Dash -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/9/2010 22:10:08)


It's UNLIMITED. UNLIMITED Blade Works... not infinite... *grumble*


Actually, now that I look at it, the strider does kinda resemble a knightmare frame...

Still, I would like a slightly more obvious reference.

Red Komet -> RE: =MQ= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (6/9/2010 22:18:14)

I do notice that Lagos is like Code Geass since Rhubarb is like Zero and the Pirates are like The Black Knights also The Flying Castle is like the Damocles and The Arthuria Uniform looks like Suzaku

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