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mechquestlord -> RE: =AK= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (10/1/2010 15:38:03)

considering that she stole that teleporter thing thats about accurate except that thyton forgot to add a dragonfist. (dragonguards will know what i am talking about)

Evil13 -> RE: =AK= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (10/2/2010 0:06:22)


Clearly, Thyton does not believe in overkill.

Apparently not.
I wonder how Jemini took it...that picture is just grotesque...
*awaits the revenge*

Hellsoarer -> RE: =AK= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (10/10/2010 19:02:12)


Looking ahead, and speaking of learning things, I have been working with Vivi who has coded up some very nice weapons updates - can't say too much about this just yet, but he is doing excellent work that you will see when the time comes! Also behind the scenes Lyris has some things up her sleeve. Korin has been doing insane things for upcoming weeks and everyone has been working hard & not saying much... yet. I am sworn to secrecy, as is usually the case, but I can tell you that the MQ Team is extremely excited about this season!


Destroy8r9 -> RE: =AK= MechQuest Staff OOC News! (10/31/2011 4:24:04)


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