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Into the Void...

Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> Into the Void...
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Princess-napped
Release Date: February 5th, 2010

Objective: Can you save her?
Objective completed: You faced down Death and saved the girl! Are you ready to face the Necromancer?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Ghost
(2) Necroslime
(2) Red Spectre
(6) Shadowhound


Carved Soul

Ash: Not even Death will stop me.
Ash: I've gotta save her.

Ash enters Black portal on ground and fades away, falling down a dark pit.

*Oh, come ON!*

Ash: Ugh.... What, no spider?
Ash: *Peers into the darkness*
Ash: Mental note: Ask Warlic to teach you a spell for illumination.
Ash: Man, I can't see a thing...


Ash: Sneevil-butts that hurts!
Ash: There's gotta be a more heroic way to do these things.
Ash: Maybe this way...

*After you defeat the monsters*

Death: Foolish boy, I told you, it is not your time. Why would you venture into Death's Realm?
Ash: I... I had to.
Death: Hahahaha, had to?
Death: Unless I have pulled your soul to become part of my collection, then you did not have to. You've risked your very life to follow me.
Ash: I... I am not afraid. I have to save her.
Death: "Her"? Do you even know her name, mortal?
Ash: No. It doesn't matter though!
Ash: She is my friend, no matter what her name is. This is least I can do after everything she's gone through in our adventures.
Death: Death knows no friends, no debts. Time is the only thing that counts. Her soul is mine now, boy, and a mortal such as yourself cannot change that.
Death: Too many souls have been stolen from my grasp lately and I will not let this one go.
Ash: You have to.
Ash: I... I'm going back and I'm taking her with me.
Ash: ...
Death: Is that a challenge, mortal? Hahaha, if you're that insistent, then we can play a game.
Death: If you win, you can take your friend and go back to the land of living. If I win, then her soul is mine... and so is yours.
Ash: ....
Ash: Alright, but I get to pick the game.
Death: Hahaha, as you wish, boy. I prefer chess, but the ages have seen other contests attempted in a bid to escape my grasp.
Death: Whether you choose chess or checkers, a golden fiddle or Twister, I shall have two souls for the price of one.
Ash: Tic-Tac-Toe.
Death: ...
Death: ...Really?
Ash: I've never been more serious.
Death: ...
Death: As you wish.

TIC-TAC-TOE game starts. Keep playing until you win a match.

While playing:
Death: Where do I want to go?

If the game ends in a draw:
Ash: Rats
Death: I think you mean cats
  • Reset!

    If you lose:
    Ash: Wait wait wait... can we start over?!
  • Reset!

    If you win:
    Death: What?! NO!
  • Continue!

    After you win:

    Ash: YES! I win!
    Death: But...

    *Ash walks to the princess*

    Death: I...
    Death: Impossible!
    Death: I demand a rematch!
    Ash: No.
    Ash: The deal was one game. Let my friend come with me, we have a necromancer to stop.
    Ash: Who knows how many Doom weapons he's made by now...
    Death: A necromancer?
    Death: Go then, hero, and rid the world of one more soul-stealing magician.
    Death: Know this though, we will meet again and, next time, I choose the game.

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: The End?

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections.
    -- Peachii for coloring info.

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