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Guardian Staff of Necromantic Control
Also see Staff of Necromantic Persuasion Z, Staff of Necromantic Persuasion, Staff of Necromantic Command, Staff of Necromantic Rule, Staff of Necromantic Domination.

Level: 88
Power Level: 91
Price: 105,000 34,106
Sellback: 52,500 17,053
Location: The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part I - Double Take

Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 7-28
BTH: 9

Hits: 3
Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 238% Base and Random each
Stats: No
BTH: +49
Rate: 15%

  • While wielded, all normal Player attacks and weapon Specials deal 97.5% Base, Random, and (if the attack gets Stats) Stats damage.
  • Once per battle, you "turn undead" if you are fighting a monster with Monster Category "Undead". This occurs automatically the first time that you equip the Staff, or at the beginning of battle if you already have the Staff equipped. When you "turn undead", the monster becomes Afraid* (4 turns, 50% chance of not acting), subject to a save(there is a +20 bonus to the save roll) **:
      Level: 91 vs MonsterLevel
      Major: YourCHA vs MonsterCHA
      Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

    NOTE: The save may be bugged and may not be working properly!

    *The necromantic enchantment on this staff has made your undead foe question it's resolve!
    **Your undead foe's will proves stronger than the staff's enchantment!

    This Brilhado staff, crafted by Amilara Celegra, is enchanted with necromantic magic that can fill undead with fear and hold them at bay! (Guardian Only)


    Write-up thanks to Blue Revenge. Stats thanks to In Media Res. Message and name thanks to ayashi. Description thanks to Karika. Image thanks to Trans21. Description correction and additional message thanks to Overdrive. Correction thanks to BadHulk. Save bonus thanks to phoenixfire555 (via Baron). Error fix thanks to TRB1965.

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