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Baron -> Perfected Creptus (2/12/2010 17:52:44)

Perfected Creptus

Also see Experimental Creptus, Creptus Z, Creptus, Guardian Creptus

Level: 120
Power Level: 120
Location: Miss Fixit! - Quest for the Creptus!
Price: 125,000 480,626
Sellback: 62,500 240,313

Element: Energy
Damage: 27-74
Stats: 471%
BTH: 30
Training Difficulty: 134
Cha Level: 120

Rate at 0 CHA: 0%
Rate at 134 CHA: 67%
Rate at 200 CHA: 100%

Hits: 2
Element: Energy
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 10.83% Base, Random, and listed Stats each
BTH: +8 plus Stats each
Rate: Occurs if the enemy is not affected with Poison.
Effect: Attempts to inflict Poison status* if both hits connect. Monster gets +20 to Save Roll. Energy-based monsters are immune to this effect**. Also, the following monster categories are immune to the poison: "undead", "golem", "robot", "mecha", and "incorporeal"***.
    Level: 120 vs MonsterLevel
    Major: 200 vs MonsterCHA
    Minor: 200 vs MonsterLUK

*The creptus' toxic breath has poisoned your foe!
**Energy-aligned beings are immune to this poison!
***This monster is immune to poison by its very nature!

Hits: 1
Element: Energy
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 95.5% Base, Random, and listed Stats
BTH: +4 plus Stats
Rate: Occurs if the enemy is affected with Poison.

This recreated chimera has a powerful Poison attack that it will use - if it likes you!


Write-up thanks to Blue Revenge. Description and basic info. thanks to Count Crimson Helx. Image thanks to shintilaberis. Stats thanks to Scakk. Attack corrections thanks to phoenixfire555. Message thanks to el willo. Poison stats thanks to In Media Res. Second message thanks to lonewulfy.

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