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The End?

Location: ArchKnight Falconreach -> The End?
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Into the Void...
Release Date: February 19th, 2010

Objective: Ash has rescued his friend... but can he take down the Necromancer?
Objective completed: Lore is safe! For now...

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 475
Gold rewarded: 28

(1) Bone Fire
(3) Shoulder Blades
(1) Necromancer - Boss



Ash: We're back...
Ash: Ok...you can wake up now.
Ash: Really. You're safe now.
Ash: ...
Ash: What's wrong? I won the game! You should be awake! I...
Ash: I...I don't know what else I can do...
Ash: Wh--What is that light?
Celeritas: By the light! Where have you been?!
Celeritas: Do you have any idea how worried your father and I have been? He's been sending knights out for weeks trying to find you!
Ash: M...Me?!
Girl: I...
Ash: You're awake!!!
Ash: I'm so happy you're back!
Girl: What...what happened?
Girl: Mother?
Ash: ???
Girl: I...I just wanted to see what it was like down here...to explore.
Girl: Then that necromancer caught me...and...
Celeritas: Necromancer?
Girl: It's alright, Mother. This boy, Ash, saved me.
Girl: He threw his sword and knocked out 50 skeletons!
Ash: You remember!
Girl: I am so sorry for laughing when I first met you. Your story struck me as so peculiar and silly.
Girl: Yet no matter what danger we found, you wanted to help me -- even without knowing who I was.
Girl: Thank you.
Ash: !!!!!!!!

Girl: There's just one more thing...
Ash: *Oh boy, oh boy! She's going to kiss me!*


Girl: Try to kiss ME, will you?
Ash: I... am, SOOooooo sorrrryyyyy. So very sorry...
Girl: ARGH! And where's my freakin' hat anyway...
Girl: I like that hat...
Ash: *twitch*
Girl: The Necromancer has opened the darkness portal, he will cover the world in darkness. Now, it's my turn to help you, Ash!
Ash: Help me? But you just got back from Death's Realm!
Ash: You remember what the Necromancer said, too. Only someone with the Sword of Destiny can defeat him and only a knight can wield it.
Ash: I might not be able to defeat him...but I should be able to stall him at least.
Girl: You have the heart of a Knight, Ash.
Celeritas: Indeed.
Celeritas: Very well my daughter. If you wish to aid this boy in his battle against the minions of darkness...it is your right, as the Princess of the Light.
Ash: Wait...
Girl: Thank you Mother!
Ash: You...you...your a Princess...from the Plane of Light!?
Celeritas: You have done well, Ash.
Celeritas: Kneel, and accept your reward...
Celeritas: Rise, Ash...

Necromancer: HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Necromancer: My plan is almost complete! Nothing can stop me now!

Loads Knight Lite

Necromancer: The master will teach me the language the darkness and this world will be mine!
???: Not so fast.
Necromancer: Hmph.
Ash: I realize that you are probably going to just say no, but I felt it would be proper to say it anyway...
Ash: *clears throat*
Ash: Surrender now, villain!
Necromancer: ...
Necromancer: No.
Ash: You're really going to make me get my new armor all dirty?
Necromancer: *smirks*
Necromancer: You're going to need more than the armor to defeat me, commoner. I told you, only the Blade of Destiny can defeat me and you're no Knight.

Princess turns into the Destiny Blade

Necromancer: WHAT!?
Necromancer: IN-
Necromancer: FREAKING-
Necromancer: POSSIBLE!!!
Necromancer: How did a little insignificant squirt like you...actually get a Princess from the plane of light to merge with your sword?
Necromancer: Minions...ATTACK!

Ash: Vorpal Light Knight Throw of Destiny!
Necromancer: I really didn't think I could find a way to hate you more.
Sword of Destiny: Do you really come up with the special move names on the fly?
Ash: *clears throat*
Ash: Do you surrender?
Necromancer: ...
Necromancer: No.
Ash: Seriously, last chance...
Necromancer: Ash, there is something I must tell you.
Ash: ?
Necromancer: Ash, I am your father.
Ash: But my father works on a farm west of Falconreach.
Necromancer: Dangit...thought you were one of those orphan heroes with a mysterious unexplained childhood.
Ash: It was worth a try.
Necromancer: Thanks.
Ash: This is the part where you tell me the secret origin of Doom Weapons and then unleash your darkness attack on me.
Necromancer: I told you that two quests ago.
Ash: Oh...so then what are you going to do?
Necromancer: Kill you, you little pipsqueak. Now, DIE!

Ash: You're going into that portal...
Ash: Where you can never hurt anyone...
Ash: ArchKnight final attack...
Ash: Ultimate ArchKnight Light Soul Flare Beam Splatty Boom Technique!!!
Ash: GO!
Ash: Whew. We did it!
Girl: Yes, that'll teach him to kidnap wandering Princesses.
Girl: I really enjoyed visiting your world. But now it's time for me to go, Ash.
Girl: Thank you for everything.
Ash: Do you really have to go?
Girl: Yes, it's time for me to go back to the Plane of Light. Don't worry though, your adventures are only beginning.
Ash: ...
Girl: Goodbye, Sir Ash!
Ash: Oh no! Wait!
Ash: AAAHHHHH!!!!!

The End?

* Easter Egg: Click on the Chest in the Top-Right Corner of the Screen.
  • Gain access to the Destiny Shop after completing this quest.

    Thanks to
    -- Sasuke Uchiha for the spoiler.
    -- Voodoo Master for coloring and corrections.

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