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Visit Frostvale!

Location: Travel Map > Frostvale OR
Location: House > Painting > Frostval, Rise of the Frost Kingdom and The Frost King

  • Return to Battleon
  • Hunt Ice Monsters!
      2 BATTLES
      Monster List below
      Full Heal after battle #2
  • Chilly: You can find Chilly's second cousin, Chico, in Darkovia. Talk to Chilly to learn about Frostval!
  • Dobo: This young Moglin loves playing on rooftops and in trees.
  • Kleemus: Kleemus loves inventing powerful weapons and magical armors!
  • Viola: Viola is a great artist specializing in postmodern Moglin sculpture.
  • Chilly's Shop: Here you can find loads of Ice items!
  • Mab's Home: Mab has been gone for a while, but something has gotten into her food cellar!
  • Grumbo's Hut: You hear a scary noise coming from behind old Moglin Grumbo's place!

    Clicking on either Mab's Home or Grumbo's Hut leads you to the following battle:
      2 BATTLES
      Monster List below
      Full Heal after battle #2
    Chilly: Heyas! Frostval is about to begin! We are so very very happy!
  • What is it?

    Chilly: The holiday of Frostval started here almost a century ago, when my great-great-granduncle Hummus thought it would be nice to, well, start a holiday!
    Chilly: But "Hummus Day" wasn't very popular, so he gave up making everyone celebrate it. Then, my great-great Aunt Floe decided to cheer him up--
    Chilly: She started a holiday everyone loved! She called in Frostval, after our town of Frostvale.
    Chilly: Frostval happens in the winter of every year, and we - the Moglins of Frostvale - build magical items to give to every good person in the land!
    Chilly: But it ALWAYS seems like BAD people and monsters try to ruin Frostval every year. At least you are here to help us stop them!
  • Thanks!

    Clicking on Chilly's Shop opens the Frostvale Village Shop.

    Chilly: Thankees for shopping at my little store! I hope yah come on back again sometime!!
  • Okay!
    Monster List
    * - Kibbles the Happy Elf is a seasonal monster and might not be encounterable all year.

    Dirty Snowman (0)
    Clang Clang Monkey (4)
    Jotun Shevite (5)
    Frost Berserker (5)
    Frostval Giant (6)
    Helves (8)
    Gnome Enforcer (10)
    Tree Slugger (10)

    Corpsicle (20)
    Jotun Knight (22)
    The Mings (22)
    Dirty Snowman (25)
    Toy Chest (26)
    Helves (28)
    NPC-in-a-Box (30)
    BlockMan (30)
    Frostval Giant (31)
    Frost Trooper (35)
    Frost General (35)
    Jotun Shevite (35)

    Cymbal Monkey (42)
    Jotun Executioner (48)
    Helves (48)
    Gnome Enforcer (50)
    Tree Slugger (50)
    Frost Berserker (55)

    Corpsicle (60)
    The Mings (64)
    Dirty Snowman (65)
    Toy Chest (66)
    Helves (68)
    Gnome Enforcer (70)
    NPC-in-a-Box (70)
    BlockMan (70)
    Frost General (75)

    Jotun Shevite (80)
    Frost Trooper (85)
    Jotun Raider (88)
    Helves (88)
    Tree Slugger (90)
    Frostval Giant (91)

    Corpsicle (100)
    Rhythmic Cymbal Monkey (102)
    Frost Berserker (105)
    Frostval Giant (105)
    Dirty Snowman (105)
    Toy Chest (106)
    Gnome Enforcer (110)
    NPC-in-a-Box (110)
    BlockMan (110)
    Frost General (115)

    Jotun Marauder (124)
    Tree Slugger (130)
    Jotun Shevite (130)
    Dirty Snowman (135)
    Frost Trooper (135)

    Corpsicle (140)
    Tundra Reaver (144)
    Frostval Giant (145)
    Toy Chest (146)
    NPC-in-a-Box (150)
    Gnome Enforcer (150)
    Frost Berserker (150)
    BlockMan (150)

    Kibbles the Happy Elf (30)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (50)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (80)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (100)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (120)
    Kibbles the Happy Elf (140)
    Items removed from the Frostvale Village Shop:

  • Phobos Mace (now known as Avenger's Judgement)
  • Deimos Mace (now known as Vigilante's Verdict)
  • Nemesis Mace (now known as Scourge's Conviction)

  • Phobos Plate (now known as Avenger's Principle)
  • Deimos Plate (now known as Vigilante's Creed)
  • Nemesis Plate (now known as Scourge's Tenet)

  • Phobos Shield (now known as Avenger's Barrier)
  • Deimos Shield (now known as Vigilante's Bulwark)
  • Nemesis Shield (now known as Scourge's Rampart)

    Original monster List by In Media Res. New monster list by Scakk. Update thanks to rsberzerker. Correction thanks to Archlist.

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