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Snugglefest 2007

Twilly: Hiyas! It's that time of year again-- and Twilly is SOOOO happy! It's a special day after all--
Twilly: It's--- SNUGGLEFEST! Yay! SnuggleFest is the one day a year that everybody is friends and nobody tries to hurt any monsters!
Twilly: Huh? What's that? The monsters are still trying to hurt YOU?? Well okay, I guess you can still fight them. Anyway, Snugglefest is Twilly's favorite day.
Twilly: Want something fun to do? Go on special missions for people in Battleon! When you finish their mission, you become their "Hero"!
Twilly: Okay, I've invited them in so they'll be here any minute! Help all of them and get to go to the special SnuggleFest shop where you can get:
Twilly: The Hero's Heart shield; the Heartbreaker Axe; the Bluestar Rosethorn staff; the Rosethorn staff; and brand NEW this year-- the Cupid pet, and the Candy Hearts spell!
Twilly: Just click on someone to talk to them.

    Artix: Hail and well met! I need some help getting a couple undead brother to either leave Granemor Cemetary! I have a feeling they aren't much for reasoning things out
  • Go!
  • No thanks, I hate fighting undead!

    Artix: and shhh, do not tell anyone, but I cannot take any more pink! I can change the colors for you if you would like *winks*
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink

    1 BATTLE
    Level 65 and Below: Num & Skul (Undead)
    Level 66+: Num & Skul (Undead)
    **Encounter is level-scaled.

    Artix: Thank you so much for helping! I really owe you one Hero! Battle on!
  • Yeah!!

    Valencia: Hey there *wink* Do you think you could help me get a Skraeling Desert treasure I've been wanting for a long time? You just need to beat the Guard for me!
  • Go!
  • Sorry, deserts are too hot for me!

    1 BATTLE
    Treasure Guard (Random Adventure mob with Desert background)

    Valencia: Wow! Great job, partner! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. My Hero!
  • Great!!

    Galanoth: Hail and well met! I need the strong arm of a Dragonslayer (much like my own) to help me clear out a rather annoying fire dragon infestation. Any takers?
  • GO!
  • No, fire dragons might eat me.

    Level 49 and below
    Charr (Dragon)
    Broyl (Dragon)

    Level 50+
    Charr (Dragon)
    Broyl (Dragon)
    **Both encounters are level-scaled.

    Galanoth: Excellent Dragon-stomping! I owe you a debt of gratitude. Uhm, do you mind if I call you my Hero?
  • Of course!

    Safiria: Hmmm... I see you have come before me hoping to gain my favor. Very well. Do my bidding now and you will have it bring me the heads of three werewolves!
  • GO!
  • Maybe later. I value my life.

    Level 19 and below
    Werewolf Warrior
    Werewolf Warrior
    Werewolf Warrior

    Level 20+
    Werewolf Warrior
    Werewolf Warrior
    Werewolf Warrior
    **All three encounters are level-scaled.

    Full Heal after second battle

    Safiria: Ohhhhh--- you actually manage to do it! How exciting I ask and you obey. Perhaps you will make a nice servant for me one day. For now, maybe you can be my Hero.
  • Sure thing!
    Captain Rhubarb

    Captain Rhubarb: Ahoy! Shiver me timbers, you want to help ME, a pirate? I'd be addled to turn ye down! Can you knock that scurvy braken off me hull??
  • GO!
  • Sorry, I'm allergic to seafood!

    1 BATTLE
    Level 59 and below

    Level 60+
    Braken (58)
    **Braken encounter level scaled.

    Captain Rhubarb: Arrr! THAT be some good fightin'! Good work, me hearty! What say ye-- you're my Hero, aye?!
  • ARR!

    Aria: Hihi! Wow, am I happy you're here! I need LOTS of help-- one of my flyrtle pets is under a bad spell by Zorbak and is out causing trouble! Please go out and find him!
  • GO!
  • Sorry... I have a flyrtle allergy.

    1 BATTLE
    Random Encounter

    1 BATTLE
    Level 59 and below

    Level 60+
    **Djube encounter level scaled.

    Aria: Yay! Super! THANK YOU so much for getting Djube back. How could I ever repay you? Oh yeah! Wanna be my Hero?
  • Yes I do!

    Warlic: Thank you for coming to see if I needed assistance. In fact, I do... greatly. A powerful demon was sent to attack me in my home. It will take someone strong in magic to stop it.
  • GO!
  • A powerful demon? Maybe later.

    1 BATTLE
    Level 55 and Below: Grakma (10)
    Level 56 through 85: Grakma (60)
    Level 86+: Grakma (90)

    Warlic: I am very impressed! You have proven your magical abilities. For that, I would be proud to call you my Hero!

    Robina: My oh my, so you want to give me a helping hand? I could always use some gold and experience… go battle a couple monsters for me and give me their gold and XP, please!
  • GO!
  • Go get your OWN gold!

    Random Encounter
    **These encounters do not give XP or Gold.

    Robina: Whoohoo!! Thanks for getting me closer to another level! Hey, I'm a rogue at heart, so what did you expect? You're my Hero, anyway :)
  • Yippee!

«After completing all requests»

Twilly: *snicker* Well, I am just so happy that you helped everyone that I *blushes* would like you to be my Hero, too! Be sure to check out the SnuggleFest Shop before you go!
Zorbak: NOT SO FAST , TWILLY! I have one more challenge for them-- MEHEHEHEHEEEE!!!
  • Oh no!

    1 BATTLE
    Level 19 and Below: Ebil Cupid (10)
    Level 20 through 34: Ebil Cupid (25)
    Level 35 through 54: Ebil Cupid (50)
    Level 55 through 79: Ebil Cupid (75)
    Level 80 through 99: Ebil Cupid (100)
    Level 100+: Ebil Cupid (125)

    Twilly: You did it!! Zorbak and his Ebil Cupid are finished! Wheeeee!!!
    SHOP - SnuggleFest

  • Heartache Axe
  • Rosethorn
  • HeartBreaker Axe
  • Bluestar Rosethorn

  • Squire's Heart
  • Hero's Heart
  • Champion's Heart

  • Candy Hearts
  • Insane Candy Hearts

  • Cupid (10)
  • Cupid (40)
  • Deadeye Cupid

    Twilly: I hope you like the Hero's Heart shield -- it should come in handy when you need it!
  • Battle Ebil Cupid again!
  • Back to Town

    Updated monster encounters Aelthai.

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