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Baron -> VegiSplatic Dicer (3/7/2010 3:34:42)

VegiSplatic Dicer

Also see VegiSplatic Z, Discount VegiSplatic, VegiSplatic, Guardian VegiSplatic, VegiSplatic Slicer, VegiSplatic Dicer, Julienne VegiSplatic Z, Julienne VegiSplatic

Level: 107
Power Level: 107
Price: 220,000 247,556
Sellback: 110,000 123,778
Location: Germinator: Plantation

Type: Ranged
Element: Water
Damage: 9-31 13-39
BTH: 9% 13

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Water
Damage: 483.5% Base and Random each
Stats: No
BTH: +57 each
Rate: 12%

  • On monster category "Plant", it deals 110% Base, Rand, and (if it gets Stats) Stats damage; and element seeks to the monster's weakness (eight standard elements only). This affects all normal Player attacks and weapon Specials.
  • On anything else, it does 97.5% Base/Rand/Stats damage.

    It slices plants so thin they have only one side. Now how much would you pay for something this miraculous? Don't answer yet...


    Write-up thanks to Blue Revenge. Numbers and message thanks to In Media Res (via Everest). Image thanks to Mystical Warrior. Cost thanks to dragoncrazyxp. Additional thanks to 1stClassGenesis and Ubear.

  • Baron -> RE: VegiSplatic Dicer (3/9/2010 16:28:48)

    VegiSplatic Dicer

    Location: Germinator: Plantation (given to players of level 107-126)

    Damage: 9-31

    <<Otherwise, EXACTLY as above>>

    Write-up thanks to Blue Revenge. Image thanks to Mystical Warrior.

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