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Julienne VegiSplatic Z

Also see VegiSplatic Z, Discount VegiSplatic, VegiSplatic, Guardian VegiSplatic, VegiSplatic Slicer, VegiSplatic Dicer, Julienne VegiSplatic

Level: 117
Power Level: 127
Cost: 9,700 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 8,730 Z-Tokens for the first 48 hours, then 4,850 Z-Tokens
Location: Germinator: Plantation

Type: Ranged
Element: Water
Damage: 9-33 12-44 14-43
BTH: 10% 16

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Water
Damage: 673% Base and Random each
Stats: No
BTH: +67 each
Rate: 9%

  • On monster category "Plant", it deals 110% Base, Rand, and (if it gets Stats) Stats damage; and element seeks to the monster's weakness (eight standard elements only). This affects all normal Player attacks and weapon Specials.
  • On anything else, it does 97.5% Base/Rand/Stats damage.

    It slices plants so thin they have only one side. Now how much would you pay for something this miraculous? Don't answer yet...


    Numbers thanks to Everest. Image thanks to Mystical Warrior. Cost thanks to dragoncrazyxp. Additional thanks to 1stClassGenesis and Ubear.

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