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Aboard Alone

Location: The Locker -> Aquella / Quest Chest -> Quests -> Aboard Alone
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Pirate Attack
Release Date: March 12th, 2010

Objective: That tricky blue ears be tryin' to escape!
Objective completed: Ye found the little elf child. There be no escapin' or callin' for help from the bubble.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Galeocerda
(3) Giant Piranha
(4) SeaMonkey
(3) Unicoral
(1) Aqua Monkee - Boss

Captain Davey

Rusted Plate Helm
Rough Rusted Plate Helm
Minerva Helm
Minerva Medica Helm

Aquella: When Davey had me prisoner some of my other friends tried to help me escape too.
  • Quest!
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  • Become Davy - Loads Davey.

  • Where Is Aquella?

    Captain Davey: Come on out, ye *(mutter)*...
    Aquella: Ok, I'm coming out but don't hurt me... I'm just a kid.
    Captain Davey: Arr... hehe, no I won't hurt ye.
    Captain Davey: Much...
    Captain Davey: What sort of trickery be this? Where are ye?

    *A jellyfish floats behind Davey and stings him.*

    Captain Davey: OW!

    *He slashes the jellyfish and kills it.*

    Captain Davey: Ye better start playin' fair or ye be in fer a terrible surprise when I find ye, blue ears.
    Aquella: Heehee!
    Captain Davey: Yikes!

    *A group of jellyfish start to chase after him and he runs out into the next room.*

    Captain Davey: Hmm..

    *A bucket of water drops nearby.*

    Captain Davey: HA! Ye missed!

    *An anchor drops onto him.*

    Captain Davey: Ye be gettin' on me nerves, blue ears.

    Captain Davey: Arr.. Now where could that little barnacle sucker have gone?


    Captain Davey: ...
    Captain Davey: What in the..
    Captain Davey: ...
    Captain Davey: This puny cage won't be holding the likes of me..

    *Davey knocks the cage away effortlessly.*

    Captain Davey: AAhaahahaaahaaaa!

    *A huge octopus is suddenly dropped onto him.*

    Captain Davey: ImmA GOnna feEEEelll THaaaAAat onne FOrrrr a whillliiiiiiilllllee...


    Captain Davey: ...

    *The floor breaks and falls down below.*

    Captain Davey: Oh, COME ON!!!
    Captain Davey: AAAHHHH!! MORE JELLYFISH!!
    Captain Davey: GET AWAY YE SCURVY DOGS!! AAHH!!
    Captain Davey: P-P-P-play nice now.. ok? Yeah? We’re friends right mr jellyfish?


    Captain Davey: OW!

    *Once you defeat the last monster, Davey traps Aquella in a bubble.*

    Aquella: !!!
    Captain Davey: HAAAHAaaahahaaahaa!
    Captain Davey: Ye gave me a good goin' over but now I've got ye.
    Captain Davey: An' if that hero doesn't bring me locker soon, ye be joinin' the rest of yer kin.
    Captain Davey: AAAHAAAhaaha!

  • Complete Quest!

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for a correction.
    -- Peachii for corrections.

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