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As Good As Gold

Location: Lucky Day - Gild the World Gold War -> How it all began... As Good as Gold!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 12th, 2010

Objective: See how Baron Au'Mydas got obsessed with gold and acquired the powers which led him to attempt to gild the world!
Objective completed: Gold tastes shiny! What a golden opportunity!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience gained: 0
Gold gained: 0


The Irismancer


Au'Mydas: One! Ahahaa!
Au'Mydas: TWO! Ahahaa!
*Clink* *Clink* *Clink*
Au'Mydas: Three! Four! Five!
Au'Mydas: Ahahaha!
Au'Mydas: Gold, gold, gold! I love the sight, the smell, the sound...
Au'Mydas: ...
Au'Mydas: ...the TASTE of it!
Au'Mydas: Who needs friends? They just leave you. Who needs family? They just argue incessantly, then THEY leave you, too!
Au'Mydas: But not gold. Oh no, no no no. You can save it, store it, count it over and over.
Au'Mydas: Just LOOK at it!
Au'Mydas: And it's mine. Mine! Or it would be, if it weren't for that philanthropic old cointosser of a King!
Au'Mydas: Giving away all my gold! It IS mine! Who knows every pound of it, every pence? Me!
Au'Mydas: It's mine by right of familiarity!
???: Of course it is...
???: But why bother with the piddly fortune of an obtuse and foolishly benevolent King...
Au'Mydas: 465... 466... 46--
Au'Mydas: Huh?
???: ...When everything you've ever wanted could be yours at the snap of your fingers?
Au'Mydas: Who's there?! Who are you?
Au'Mydas: ... Can you really give me that?
The Irismancer: Of course I can, with the help of my Master.
The Irismancer: IF you do me a small favor.
Au'Mydas: Anything! Just give me GOLD!
The Irismancer: I will do better than that. Much, much better!
The Irismancer: Hehehe!
Au'Mydas: Hahaha!
Au'Mydas: Haha. Ha...
Au'Mydas: Ha.
The Irismancer: ...
Au'Mydas: Enough stalling. Give me my gold!
The Irismancer: ...
The Irismancer: I'm not just going to GIVE you gold. Any fool can collect gold.
The Irismancer: Thanks to the power of my Master- and soon to be YOUR Master- has granted me, I will MAKE you gold: your body the essence of gold.
The Irismancer: Your very BREATH will be gold!
The Irismancer: In fact... since you said you love even the taste of gold...
Au'Mydas: I do! I do, I do!
The Irismancer: Whatever you kiss from this moment on will BECOME gold!

*The Irismancer casts a spell on Au'Mydas*

Au'Mydas: HAAAAhahahaha!
The Irismancer: In return, you will teach those foolish heroes...
The Irismancer: And especially <Character>...
The Irismancer: ...The power of gold!
The Irismancer: he/she might have shamed me once, but YOU will teach him/her the folly of his/her hubris!
Au'Mydas: ...

*Au'Mydas kisses the floor to make it turn into gold*

Au'Mydas: Yes! Yesssss. Preciousssss... GOLD!
Au'Mydas: I will cause golden meteor showers, volcanic eruptions of molten gold...
Au'Mydas: The world will end in a gilded cataclysm!!!
The Irismancer: *(sigh)*
The Irismancer: Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of a war.
The Irismancer: Turning monsters to gold, gilding the cities of Lore, distracting <Character> that way while some...
The Irismancer: ...other plans...
The Irismancer: ...are put into motion.
The Irismancer: You know, a LOGICAL use of your newfound power.
Au'Mydas: Ooooh. Oh yes. Yesssss! A war. A golden, glittering WAR!
Au'Mydas: Ahahahaha!
The Irismancer: *mutter* Madman! Madmen and fools. Master was right when he said that's all he had to work with...
The Irismancer: Now, if only <Character> is kept busy enough!

*Photos are revealed showing Au'Mydas kissing monsters and turning them into gold*

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for rewards and corrections.
    -- Peachii for location.

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