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ILmaster13 -> Caran (3/19/2010 19:01:33)


Location: As You Lie Dreaming..., Descent, The Bottom, Risen, Morning Falconreach (Book 3) -> 2 Right

Quests given

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As You Lie Dreaming...

Caran: Haha, Davey was always a bit off, even when he had his skin. Right, sis?

Caran: Just goes to show, you can never really avoid your final destination, right sis?

Caran: Like I said, Davey was always a bit off. After one peculiar pillage though... it got worse.

Caran: Even worse was the fact he started talking to himself. Arguing with thin air most of the time, it seemed.


Caran: <Character> always seemed to be a bit off, right sis?

Caran: Stop quoting the Yogi.

Caran: Score for the unresting Death Knights?

Caran: It might be time to head for dry land, sister.

Caran: Everything mortal is going the way Davey did.

Caran: It's not something we can fight, we're the only sane ones left.

Caran: It's not a perfect world, sis.
Caran: If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be.

The Bottom

Caran: Hey, boss.

Caran: Ahem... and you're doing any better?

Caran: Heh, as the great yogi said...

Caran: Davey's done, you already took care of these other monsters, what else is there left to do?


Caran: For now at least.

Caran: Things like... that... never really seem to die. Whatever Kathool is... it's ancient... and, I think, confused.

Caran: Kathool is defeated for now. I suspect that it will be eons before it attempts to rise again. The Protector will have to be ready when that happens.

Caran: You won't be alone. We'll be here.

Morning Falconreach (Book 3)

Caran: Do we know you?


Thanks to
  • Jay for image and corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for additional dialogue and location link.
  • Stephen Nix for correction.

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