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Chaingun(L55), Chaingun Z(L55Z), Recharged Chaingun(L70), WarpGuardian Chaingun(L85G),
Overcharged Chaingun(L100), Overcharged Chaingun Z(L100Z)

Location: The Bridge > Queen Pra'Mithia > WARPFORCE SAGA! > HAVEN'S GATE
Note: You must be Level 55 or higher to take on this mission!
Level: 55
Price: 1,115 Gold
Sellback: 557 Gold

PLvl: 55
Damage: 9-27
BtH: +7%
Element: Wind
Type: Ranged

    Hits: 2
    Damage: 109% Base and Random each
    BtH: +0% each
    Stats: No
    Element: Wind
    Type: Ranged
The power source for Lord Terror's chainguns is a closely-held secret.


Thanks to AVA. Numbers thanks to Aelthai.

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